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BBC research has cast doubt on the timing of the positive Covid test Novak Djokovic used to enter Australia to try to compete in the Australian Open.

It was provided to exempt him from rules barring unvaccinated people. 

However, the serial number on his test on 16 December appears out of sequence with a sample of tests from Serbia over this period gathered by the BBC.

It is also higher than for his second (negative) test result from six days later.

His visa application was ultimately rejected, but not on these grounds.

These findings raise questions over what impact a later positive test result would have had on his ability to enter Australia.


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On 1/15/2022 at 5:53 PM, Mekong said:

On the “Had Covid” line, is there any proof he actually has had Covid apart from his saying “I have Covid”  a couple of days after it first emerged he wouldn’t be let in last month, all very fishy to me.

I was questioning the validity of his so called tests a couple of weeks back

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