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No men with them. They were out doing whatever it is that men do in Sydney these days.


"The restaurant’s licensee, Sunhwa Kim, has been issued a first strike under the NSW Government’s Three Strikes disciplinary scheme, while NSW Police has fined the Gangnam Station $2,200 for permitting intoxication. The bar’s closing time has also been wound back, from 2am to midnight."







Gangnam style ...

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Sheep not good enough for ya?

..Aussie bikies accused of stealing alpaca and having sex with it..

Strike Force Raptor Acting Sergeant Nathan Trueman told the court the police received information in April 2014 'that the Gypsy Jokers had stolen an alpaca and were having sexual intercourse with it'

...Two months after the police received information about the alleged animal cruelty and bestiality, the clubhouse was raided and a female alpaca was recovered from the property...


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Illegal boat runs aground in Queensland crocodile swamp


An illegal fishing boat has run aground and been found abandoned in crocodile-infested waters in northern Queensland, Australia.

Authorities have found 11 people and think more are hiding in mangroves near Daintree, north of Cairns.

It is unknown if those on board were illegally fishing or if they are refugees, but border force officers are on the scene.

About 40 people are thought to have been on board, reports say.

The Department of Home Affairs said the first priority was to confirm all those on the boat were safe.

Queensland state MP Michael Healy told ABC News that the situation was unclear but officers were at the scene.





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A boat found abandoned in crocodile-infested waters in Australia is believed to be a "people smuggling venture", the nation's government says.

Authorities have detained 15 people and think more are hiding in mangroves north of Cairns, say police.

The boat, believed to be from Vietnam, is the first people-smuggling vessel to make it to Australia "in more than 1,400 days", according to Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton.





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