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4 hours ago, khunsanuk said:


> Our board member, Waerth (Walter) fell and broke his hip.

Not the hip actually, the round knob at the top of his femur. He's got a titanium screw in it now and is healing well. Still in hospital.



At least he's young enough for it to work. The older you are, the more difficult that surgery is likely to be successful.

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Well, has  been 3 years now, so long I forget that I ever smoked, whatever possessed me to start in the first place I will never know, probably peer pressure and trying to look cool / hard as a 15 year old.

I used to have weird dreams after I stopped smoking, not sure of the full context but always involved going somewhere and I was dreaming “I can’t go, I have no smokes” and wake up looking for them, but they stopped after some time. That was probably the time I realized I was over the, for good.

On the positive side, I have seen a Pulmonologist, the old lungs still at a decent capacity for my age and x-rays come back totally clean.

He can’t believe I smoked for 40 years and at the end over 2 packs per day.

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I’ve refused to see a Doctor for as long as possible but will see one on Monday.  In November, I saw a Dentist to finish what he started before Covid. Before starting, he checked blood pressure and said mine was at 189.  My fear isn’t dying but having a massive stroke and living for an additional 10 years in that state.  So, it looks like this 68 year old will have to take my health seriously, go on blood pressure medication, probably go on diabetes medication (a Doctor that I saw 5 years ago said I was a borderline diabetic).  Whether I’ll get my first colonoscopy remains to be seen.  As long as I make my son’s high school graduation, I’ll be satisfied. However, making my son’s college graduation at age 77 would be better.

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