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The Covid-19 thread


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1 hour ago, baa99 said:

This depends on Thailand's CV-19 testing to be adequate. Also what do you think will happen when Thailand opens the border to Malaysia, Cambodia, Laos, Burma, and China?

According to this forecast, the world reached its peak COVID-19 cases in mid-April; the cases are now declining; and 99% of cases in the world will end by mid-June. COVID-19 looks short-lived based on this forecast.  But who knows what the future will bring.

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45 minutes ago, buffalo_bill said:

All I am dreaming of  right now is an open Thai border and a plane.

The nanny state is still locked down. Curfew will be for all of the month of May.

I checked and some flights are available but for me, too many lay overs and long travel times. Maybe you will have better luck to/from Germany. Chok dee!

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If I would be the Coronavirus and keen to expand as it then would be my driving force, I would warn all my trillion companions to settle on any of the Trump family to keep them talking like, quote chief advisor Kushner :

Presidential son-in-law Jared Kushner went on Fox News Wednesday to declare victory over coronavirus.

"We're on the other side of the medical aspect of this," Kushner said. "We've achieved all the different milestones that are needed. The federal government rose to the challenge, and this is a great success story."
Hehe, keep on the good work dear fellow virusmen *** , is what I would say. We won´t find greater idiots.
*** viruswomen added after rethinking
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Yes I saw that,

"keep Donald up to the cheeseburgers," they said

"but who are we going to get to push our message?" they said

"Jared can do it, he hasn't got maccas sauce, dripping down his chin" they said


and as Coss once said, "when the polls turn"


"Perchance, he for whom this bell tolls may be so ill, as that he knows not it tolls for him; and perchance I may think myself so much better than I am, as that they who are about me, and see my state, may have caused it to toll for me, and I know not that...."



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I post the following, in the spirit of camaraderie, to hopefully change a few minds, that are supporting the current USA administration's political efforts, to kill more Americans.

The Death toll in America due to Covid-19 is increasing, by more than a thousand, daily. https://coronavirus.jhu.edu/map.html

There are trucks in New York, with dead bodies decomposing in them and leaching the resulting fluids onto the pavement. One link.

As people die, the folk that have been elected to run large parts of the country are thinking with their political heads and bowing to popular pressure to re-open as much of their purview as they can, to retain popularity. Popularity won't continue paying a salary if your people are dead. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-health-coronavirus-usa/georgia-businesses-free-to-reopen-as-other-u-s-states-begin-unwinding-shutdowns-idUSKBN22D5QA

And if you think the virus is not coming for you, https://graphics.reuters.com/HEALTH-CORONAVIRUS-USA/0100B5K8423/index.html


Gentlemen, Ladies, Cav, it's staying the obvious to say: Suck it up, stay at home, for a few weeks or 2-3 months, stop the spread of the virus and emerge from the other side, blinking into the light, alive.

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Thailand has a piss poor testing capability. As evidence of this, note that Thais returning from overseas are put into 14 day quarantine. Instead they should be tested, held for 5 days and tested again. If negative then let them go. I see no progress in Thailand of increasing testing or of developing tracing capabilities.

Also people dying at home in Thailand are not tested for CV-19.


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About 3 million people died in US last year, about 8,000 people per day on average. Covid-19 has been killing 1,000 people per day lately – approximately 12% of the last year’s average number.

It seems that the healthcare system would be able to handle a 12% increase. At the height of the pandemic in NYC, President Trump sent a hospital ship to lessen the load there, but the ship soon left because it sat empty most of the time and was at most 10% of capacity.:dunno:


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4 hours ago, zzzz said:

Covid-19 has been killing 1,000 people per day lately – approximately 12% of the last year’s average number.


Mr. zzzz,

again I may point out that these are people who died and were positive tested as infected. Whether they died from the virus or because they ate too many hamburgers nobody will ever know. The only true fact is that Covid 19 makes it more difficult to keep on living for people with additional disease.




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