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The Covid-19 thread


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With Selective Coronavirus Coverage, China Builds a Culture of Hate

The state propaganda machine highlights other countries’ mistakes while suppressing China’s, fueling anger toward foreigners and domestic critics alike.


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Snopes promoted the criminal charges. They shaped their message to add a bias.

There were no criminal charges. She never did jail time. She was never convicted.

Khunsanuk, have you stopped wearing ladies' dresses? My question is formed to add a preconceived idea to those reading this. This is just an example of how they present themselves
to detract and add bias.

Please put down the play station (555) and listen to the podcast. I think you will have a different view of the matter.

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...and this...

Do You Trust Snopes? You Won’t After Reading This.

The big players in the GMO and agrochemical industry – Monsanto, Bayer, Dow, Syngenta, DuPont – are engaging in an extensive public relations, advertising, lobbying and political campaigning to make sure that genetically engineered crops (GMOs), and the chemical pesticides they require, continue to proliferate in the U.S.

To improve their public image, they are attempting to manipulate everything we see and hear about GMO crops and pesticides in the media and on TV, the internet and print articles – using propaganda-laden commercials, “mommy-blogger” articles, farmer endorsements, hired operatives to change Wikipedia, and front group websites. The biotech industry is feeling threatened, and their profits hang in the balance. They are trying to silence the truth

We now have evidence that the website Snopes.com is being manipulated by the industry too. But first, let’s examine what Snopes really is…


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...and this...

Q: Is Snopes.com run by “very Democratic” proprietors? Did they lie to discredit a State Farm insurance agent who attacked Obama?

A: A chain e-mail that “exposed” Snopes contains falsehoods. And in fact, the site is run by someone who has no political party affiliation and his non-voting Canadian wife. A State Farm spokeswoman confirms what they reported about the Obama-baiting agent.

This widely circulated e-mail contains a number of false claims about the urban legend-busting Snopes.com and its proprietors, Barbara and David Mikkelson, who started the site in 1995 and still run it. They’re accused of hiding their identities, doing shoddy research, producing articles with a liberal bent and discrediting an anti-Obama State Farm agent out of partisanship.

The Trouble with Bud 

We’ll deal first with the most specific allegation, which is that the Mikkelsons fabricated an account about State Farm agent Bud Gregg.


At issue is a sign Gregg posted last summer outside his office in Mandeville, La. It said, “A taxpayer voting for Barack Obama is like a chicken voting for Colonel Sanders.” Snopes.com wrote it up in an article headlined “Chicken Hawked.” The e-mail writer says that “they claimed the corporate office of State Farm pressured Gregg into taking down the sign, when in fact nothing of the sort ‘ever’ took place.” But that’s exactly what did happen, according a company representative.

In her article, Barbara Mikkelson didn’t actually use the word “pressured” as the e-mail claims. What she said was:


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Hereby I accuse the Khunsanuk-Jigger softwaregang of wasting my precious time and thus destroying my daily fruitful routine  : I was sure to have put Cavanami on ignore but it does not work. Now I am involved in researching the Mikovits-case which did mean nothing to me til I found it here.

Translated comment from a German website that follows up presumably fake phantasies:

" Obwohl Mikovitz möglicherweise die Unterstützung der wissenschaftlichen Gemeinschaft verloren hat, scheint sie in der pseudowissenschaftlichen Verschwörungswelt eine neue Heimat gefunden zu haben. "

"Although Mikovits probably lost the support of the scient´s community she seems to have found a new home in the pseudo-scientific world of conspiracy theories "

And there she met Cavanami, where else. It shall remain a mystery to me how a western educated individual could ever become a serial victim of such absulute shite.

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4 minutes ago, cavanami said:


Result is, one doesn't know what the hey to believe!


Wrong. If you check the general ambience around an internet author you know very soon where to go. I had this morning no idea who Mikovits and the other fellow is but it takes minutes to get aware of the background. On condition that you are open to either opinion and not desparately stick to what you like to believe which is what you do with your Dr. Corsi and others.

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