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The Covid-19 thread


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By definition how?

"Approved"? By the UK?

In China a friend got jabbed many weeks ago when many of key personnel got the jab with Chinese version, he was a bit of a loss why he got picked, turns out his company has lots of business in various places and recognizes he will need to travel a lot ASAP. Could have been salt water for all he knows when I asked if it worked or not.

He said he was in with first 500K vaccinations been made available.


Russians jabbed a bunch of key people also with sputnik as well, Putin I think got jabbed?

Morocco is about to start jabbing

Someone needs to remind those nasty Brits hey are stretching things a bit there



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According to some, people with asthma, type O blood, along with those who take melatonin, have better chances of surviving covid.  Melatonin is also suppose to help people with sleep problems.  But, in my case, I didn't have sleep problems until I started taking melatonin a few days ago. Now, I'm waking up several times during the night.  I have asthma and type O blood, so I'm thinking that, along with melatonin, maybe I will survive long enough until I can get jabbed.

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Typical Daily Mail, headline should read Pfizer Vaccine, the Chinese one will only be used in China and the Russian one only in Russia whereas the Pfizer one will be global.       https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-55227325

it was approved buy UK regulators for use in the UK last Wednesday https://www.nytimes.com/2020/12/02/world/europe/pfizer-coronavirus-vaccine-approved-uk.html

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Russian President Vladimir Putin hasn't been vaccinated against the coronavirus yet, months after he announced his country's Sputnik V as the "world's first" approved Covid-19 vaccine and said his own daughter had taken it.

The Kremlin said Tuesday that Putin cannot get a vaccine that has not yet finished the final stage of trials, even though the jab has already been given to some Russian frontline health care workers, teachers and several top level officials outside the clinical trials.

"The President cannot use an uncertified vaccine," Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov said during a call with reporters. Peskov did not explain the difference between the vaccine being "certified" and "approved," but said: "Mass vaccination has not started yet. And, of course, the head of state cannot take part in vaccination as a volunteer. It's impossible."

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