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My Corona Diary December 2020 - 2021

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When the low season gradually started after March 2016, she went back to her town. There she fell in love with a married Thai man who already had two or three children. The end of the story: today she has a sweet four-year-old daughter.

When she told me about the affair with the married Thai man and its consequences, I was disappointed and horrified, but at the same time I was happy for her.
Last October, November, she got involved again with a married Thai man from her town. He had promised to leave his wife and come to her. He did not keep his promise. He stayed with his wife and children.
Thank Buddha, this relationship remained without consequences.

For months she has been complaining to me that she is single, that she has no boyfriend.
What can one say about this female behaviour? I don't understand the logic of her behaviour.
Why does she get involved with married men? She has shown me photos or sent them to me.
Sure, they are handsome men; they look good. But married? She must be aware that she is destroying a marriage, that she is taking the father away from small children.
Rich? None of them were rich. Maybe an income slightly above the average men earn in Isaan.
She is so pretty, so attractive, very sexy(!!!). It must be very easy for her to find a boyfriend who is single like her.

What could be the deeper reasons for this weird logic of her heart?
Could it be that she wants some form of revenge? Revenge on her fate of growing up without a father?
One would have to read Sigmund Freud again ...



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We are still in a current of freezing cold polar air.
In the evening after sunset the temperature in the Hamburg area drops to 3° degrees.
During the day the in-flowing cold air is "warmed up" to about 9° degrees by the already high position of the sun 5555,
9° degrees. Fantastically warm.
When I went shopping earlier, I bought the first ice cream of this young season: "Cremissimo Stracciatella".
Wonderfully creamy, interspersed and sprinkled with little pieces of chocolate. Guys, a real treat.

Just now, in the evening, after the 8 o'clock TV news "Tagesschau", I ate the whole ice cream in one rut, no, I enjoyed it, celebrated it. 900 ml, 520 g.
It was also so cold in my room that I warmed up on this cold ice cream - fresh from the icebox of my fridge!
Now I feel sick! I have a stomach ache.
There is nothing else I can do: I turn the heating up to full power!





22 April. It's enough to make your teeth chatter.
Where, pray tell, is global warming?
The meteorologists tell us we are experiencing the coldest April in Germany for almost 100 years.

And there is no end to the ice age in sight.
It's supposed to get even colder.

Hey, local expats, can't we make a deal?
You give us 10 degrees of warmth and we give you 10 degrees of cold.
Then we would have a fair compensation and we would have pleasant spring temperatures,
and it wouldn't be so hot and oppressive in Pattaya.


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Back to the corona sick girl.
She tells me that she had the usual symptoms of a cold for about four to five days: fever, aching limbs and an unpleasant dry cough; long-lasting painful coughing fits.
Since today, the fever has gone down, as have the coughing fits. The body aches are still there, but are becoming more bearable.
In other words, she has obviously overcome the illness. She is on the road to recovery.
However, she has to stay in the quarantine ward for a total of 14 days.
Only then will she be released.
She sent me this picture. It shows her lying in a hospital bed, with part of the hospital room in the background.


She looks quite strained.

Girl, come back to life. You'll make it. I am sure.



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She thinks she has overcome the Corona disease.
She sends me this picture as proof. She says she has hardly any pain, fever, cough or other symptoms of illness.
Now she just has to endure a few more days in the quarantine ward and then she will be released.

I am also very happy that she has overcome the disease.

But where and on what occasion did she catch it?
She spent many months in her hometown, a small provincial town about 70 km west of Udon Thani. There she started a love affair with a married Thai man, father of two small children. He, however, separated from her and returned to his wife and children.
She did not know what to do. Pattaya was almost devoid of tourists, the bars and gogos were almost all closed.
Nevertheless, she went to Pattaya at the end of March to work as a service girl in a Thai pub to earn at least a few Baht.
This Thai pub is actually only for Thai guests; farlangs do not go there.
The place belongs to good friends of hers who offered her this job.
But after about 2 weeks she realised the futility of her trip to Pattaya and returned home. Even a few Baht could not be earned there. Because the Thais who frequented this Thai pub are all employed in the Pattayan tourism industry and therefore had no money to go out there in the evening.
About 8 or 9 days after her return, she developed flu symptoms; she went to the local hospital and the examinations revealed the terrible diagnosis: Corona! She went to the quarantine ward and received medical treatment and now she has beaten Corona.
That is the whole story.
Her trip to Pattaya - carried by the desperate hope of earning some money - gave her the corona infection and the disease.

What is the moral of the story?
What can be learned from it?
Watch out, keep your distance, get vaccinated quickly and hope you don't get infected yourself.

Regards from Jöroman  Bakwahn - Nasiadai



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