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My Corona Diary December 2020 - 2021


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And here we go with some beautiful and pleasant memories in difficult times.

My topic today: Driving through Bangkok with Ott

We start in front of his mia noi's house somewhere in the north of Bangkok.
Yes, indeed. Ott has a mia noi, a little concubine. She is a stewardess.
We spent the whole of last day and evening at her place, spent the night and had breakfast together the other morning.


Here is my night's lodging at Ott's mia noi.

His mia noi left for the airport to start her service and Ott and I decided to spend the day in Bangkok at Chayo Praya and go to the jazz place "Brown Sugar" in the evening.



Every time I get into the car with Ott, it's like:
gather up all my courage, get in, buckle up and pray.
Hopefully, some guardian angel will keep an eye on us and intervene to help.
We drove from Nana Plaza to his home a few times around 3 a.m.; drunk as skunks.
Those were crazy rides, pure madness.

My dear Ott, you often confuse your cars with your beloved Phantom F5, which you used to fly at supersonic speeds through Thai airspace as a daredevil and swashbuckler.
In most cases, however, he is slowed down by the dense, slow-moving Bangkok traffic. Thank Buddha.

to be continued ...



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A story from Charly's short-time den

It's 6.15pm in Bangkok; dusk has set in, soon it will be dark. We - my friend Ott and I - are on our way to the “Brown Sugar” on Phrasumen Road. This place is the meeting point for
Bangkok jazz lovers. Ott wanted to listen to a certain band. We left his car in a safe
car park and got into a songthaeow that took us the last two kilometres along Thanon Phrasumen quickly and safely. The songthaeow was well occupied; but the inmates moved a little closer together so that there was room for us to sit. We rolled slowly along in the traffic; then a stop at a traffic light, after which the way was clear and the bus picked up speed. I estimated it to be about 60 km. Suddenly there was movement among the passengers. We see an interethnic family, father, mother, two small children of kindergarten age, 4 and 5 years old, a girl and a boy. The family's happiness could not be greater. Suddenly the Thai mother calls loudly and with clear emphasis in her voice (in German):

„Wir sind am Ziel. Wir müssen raus! Aussteigen, aber dalli dalli - zack, zack!“
"We are at our destination. We have to get out! Get out, but dalli dalli - zack, zack!"

dalli dalli = get a move an! Pronto, pronto!
Zack zack = look sharp! Jab jab!

Ott and I both look at each other in astonishment and wonder at the barracks court tone with which
this Thai woman commands her family around in German like a sergeant commands his company.
Her dozing husband gets a strong push with her elbow so that he wakes up, then she grabs the children and off they go.
When the family has got out, the father has paid the driver, we bend our way through the
bars of the songthaeow outside, and Ott calls out in German with unmistakable irony in his voice:

„Familie, stillgestanden! Im Gleichschritt marsch!“
"Family, attention! Forward march!"

Now the astonishment was on the family's face. The woman quickly regains her composure and, with a laugh on her face, she says to us:

"Yes, sometimes I have to be very German in order to keep our family together in a more or less organized way.”

Our Songthaeow slowly started up again, threading its way into the traffic. We waved goodbye to the to the family and two minutes later we too were at our destination. While Ott pressed the
bell button causing the driver to stop, he called out to me with a grinning face:

„Raus hier! Dalli, dalli – zack, zack!“
"Get out! Dalli, dalli – zack, zack!“

The other passengers - all Thais - looked at each other in amazement, unable to understand what was going on. An elderly man asked a question in Thai, which Ott answered briefly. I only understood the word "Jöraman", which means something like German or Germany.
The old man had obviously asked about the language spoken with the family during the exit scene.

The concert was great. I only drank water, while Ott was so excited that he drank seven or eight bottles of Singha. Don't ask me how we got home in his Jaguar. It was a hell of a drive through Bangkok at night. Ott didn't drive a car, he was finally flying his Phantom F5, his beloved girl. So what?

I always have a prayer on my lips for such situations; the famous 23rd Psalm.

The Lord is my shepherd, I fear no evil; for he is with me.
He makes me lie down in green pastures
Thy rod and thy staff protect me”


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My topic today: Webcams in Bars

A few days ago - in March 2021 - an Anglo-American beer bar operator in Pattaya reported the following incident:
A couple of young ladies asked him if they could work in his bar. He said yes. Then the girls looked at the bar, discovered after a few moments that this bar had no webcam. The ladies asked if he could install a webcam.
!!! They would only work at his place if the bar was equipped with a webcam!!!

Some clever, resourceful bar operators have installed webcams during the long months of the worldwide Coronalockdown. Now the bar is connected to the world online via various communication platforms such as Facebook. Men from all over the world can now contact this bar directly. The business idea: these men take part in what is happening in the bar, they can see the girls, they can communicate with the girls, and they can spend ladydrinks online.

This offer has obviously been gratefully accepted by many guys, who cannot come to Pattaya because of Corona. Many a bar in Pattaya owes a considerable part of its turnover to this technical facility. And the girls benefit as well, because they get about 50% of the price of a ladydrink.

Now there are discussions on the few remaining Pattaya boards; also German ones.
Some bar operators also want to install webcams or they already have them in use. Others refuse to do so.

On the side of the male guests, there is a large group who strictly reject this and another group who would use this offer or have already used it several times.

The discussion is being fought with no holds barred. Some guys do it loudly and with strong swear words: Idiots, fools, assholes are still the most harmless insults.

to be continued


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My point of view:

The Pattaya bar business is a market and operates on capitalist market principles.
Only those bars survive and do well in business that adapt to the ever changing rules and circumstances.
I predict:
Webcams will be an integral, normal part (not in all) but in many of Pattaya bars in the near future.
Note: the whole bar does not have to be in view of the webcam, but only 2 - 4 square metres (or so), so that a certain intimacy and discretion is guaranteed.

One thing is clear - whether we like it or not - there are thousands of male Pattaya holidaymakers who want contact with the bar girls via webcam and are prepared to spend ladydrinks. We can insult and despise these Pattaya brothers like some guys do it . However, it doesn't help. They want the contact and they are willing to pay.

Case in point:

After an exciting and adventurous three-week holiday - we all know what is meant - our Herr Mustermann, Mr. John Smith, John Sample is back home in Farlangland in his daily routine and boring everyday world.

He thinks about his three or four girls from different bars he carried on with.
He has the names of the bars, their addresses and bada boom bada bing he makes contact with the girls chatting and laughing and flirting and paying a few lady drinks online.

It does his soul good and he feels great.

Times are changing.

While it used to be strictly forbidden to take pictures or videos in GoGo bars, that could soon change.
Depending on the spatial conditions in a go-go bar, a (small) dance floor of the go-go could be in the area of a webcam.
Men from all over the world can log on to this webcam for a fee, can additionally pay for Ladydrinks for their favourite dancers.
What I am outlining here is a possible business idea for gogo bar operators who are willing to experiment. And at low cost.
I'm not just thinking of Western men here, but East Asians like Chinese, Koreans, Japanese, Singaporeans, etc.

It may be that webcams will be a part of the Pattaya bar business. I am sure of it.

But: „Making predictions is difficult, especially when they concern the future.“

to be continued





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A few shards of thought I would like to add.

Check out the activities of Phil Ross of Le Pub on Facebook.
All of his activities are born out of necessity, but they seem to ensure Le Pub's survival in austere times of need.
He does live broadcasts from his bar via webcam:

the girls playing pool
the girls at four connect
the girls dancing and spraying good humour

And the watching men in Farlangland pop a few ladydrinks.
That's what I call ingenuity. Phil is innovative and creative.
He doesn't sit passively in his bar night after night waiting for customers who don't come.
He does something, he develops imaginative activities to get sales and money.


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Have I given out ladydrinks via webcam in the past weeks and months?


There is a very weighty reason 555555
I haven't been to the hairdresser for over 6 months! Corona related. Barber shops are closed.
I haven't shaved in over 2 months!
I look like the most horrible character in a horror movie.
Girls would be scared to death if they saw me on screen.


But basically now: I wouldn't do that. No.

If I know a girl who has got into financial difficulties because of the Corona crisis, then I help with a money transfer.
I did that several times in the past months.
I have transferred from 1,500 baht to 10,000 baht to very specific girls whom I have known very well for years (including their personal, family circumstances).
Once again:
Only to girls I have known very well for years and who don't lead me down the garden path. (ein X für ein U vormachen – in German)

So, now I can be flamed by you …


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No Flaming, you're the voice of reason. I'm sure there are many of us who've been on the giving end, of money transfers to folk in need in SEA.

As to watching Web Cams of girls in bars,  when I'm next in LOS, I'll be able to go to a bar, and watch girls perform, for a web cam/s.

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Mekong, I anticipated this objection.
I wrote the following as a possible alternative for the use of webcams; I quote myself:

"Note: the whole bar does not have to be in view of the webcam, but only 2 - 4 square metres (or so), so that a certain intimacy and discretion is guaranteed."

I know from reports via Facebook, Youtube and other social media that this offer has been used by many Pattaya holidaymakers prevented because of Corona.
Many have laughed, joked, flirted, talked and spent lots of ladydrinks for the bar girls via webcam.

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