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My Corona Diary December 2020 - 2021


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5 hours ago, Coss said:

I kind of liked you with the long hair and beard, very Ernest Hemingway...

Thank you, Coss, for the compliment, "very Ernest Hemingway" 5555

But the female members of my family object to such a look! They are outraged, they scold and there is thunder.
Long hair and a beard have to be looked after. Grooming can be very elaborate and can be very time-consuming.

I prefer it short.


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For a week now, the calendar spring has reigned in Central Europe and thus in Germany.
It is 4 o'clock in the afternoon - Saturday 27.3.2021 - and I am looking out of the window. A shower of hail and sleet pours over the Hamburg region and for a few moments everything turns white: roofs, streets and paths, yards and gardens. Parked cars turn into poorly built snowmen in a few minutes. Passers-by stretch out their umbrellas to protect themselves against the snow and hail, but the gusty wind blows the umbrellas out of their hands and bends them over. I watch the scenery and I catch myself feeling a sense of Schadenfreude – malicious glee - coming over me.

I shiver, I feel cold, I turn up the heating in my living room again. Full blast! Full whack!
We are still far from spring, from spring feelings, at least this weekend.
The weather forecast promises faithfully that next week it will be warm like spring. Let's hope.

I turn away from my window and sit down at my desk and computer. I beam myself into warmer climes.
There are only a few vlogs about Pattaya, for example, that one can occasionally watch with pleasure.
I mean those videos about Pattaya in which the author and cameraman comment on his video images, his pictorial reportage, interpret them, give additional explanatory information, put his video reportage into a linguistic context.
Most video bloggers walk, run or drive through the streets of Pattaya or stroll along the beach streets of Pattaya and Jomtiem without a commenting and explanatory word. Only occasionally is it shown by a superimposed writing where one is at the moment.

I am writing here for a predominantly Anglo audience.
Here is an Englishman whose vlog I can recommend.

Buzzin Pattaya


Here quiet good; about the Nightwish Group and their bars on Soi 6:


For the German-speaking crowd, I state:
Mot & Frank in Thailand

and here the Swiss guy Mario:
MyLand Thailand

My recommendations and ratings are subjective and very invidual. Others like and prefer other video reports.

It's midnight now; it's 3 degrees outside! It's freezing cold.
I know a place where it is warmer and more pleasant now.


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I can't stand it any more! I am slowly but surely going crazy.
For the last 10 days or so, Central Europe has been experiencing freezing cold weather.
A recurring combination of high and low pressure areas brings cold polar air to Germany.
Here in the Hamburg area it's temperatures around zero degrees at night, and during the day the thermometer barely rises above 9 degrees. That is much too cold for mid-April. The weather forecast predicts snowfalls and snow showers for the northwest and west of Germany in the next two to three days.

What is this? That doesn't make any sense! Where are you, spring?

That might still be bearable, but at the same time the government has decided on another lockdown.
No restaurants are open, no pub, no music club and no beer garden. No cinema, no theatre, no opera, no museum.
I can't go to my favourite pub to have a beer in the evening and make small talk with the other guests.
I am isolated in my own flat. My own flat continues to be a miserable prison.
I dance and sing the Jailhouse-Rock with Elvis.
ok. we've been through this before.

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On 3/28/2021 at 12:01 AM, Nasiadai said:

and here the Swiss guy Mario:
MyLand Thailand



Nasiadai, you will for ever have reserved a place deep in my heart for posting this link. What I found there is a floating market somewhere in Petchaburi. Which is one of these things I love Thailand for. I swear by my eyelight that next time I shall be able to hit the kingdom I take a trip with the most lovely Pam and my appointed taxidriver Tana to pay this place a visit. Thank you very much again.


Maybe I even make it to Pattaya one day.

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Some thoughts about the Corona situation.

We - humanity worldwide - will have to live with the Corona virus for a long time.
It could even happen that the coming holiday season for Thailand from October 2021 until the end of March 2022 will also fall victim to the virus. It is likely that the vaccines offer only limited protection; they seem to be almost ineffective against mutations of the Covid-19 virus in particular. Even doctors and virologists don't know anything for sure.
However, the danger of this virus strain and its mutations is grossly overestimated!
In historical times, plague, smallpox, cholera, etc. wiped out up to a third of the population; the mortality rate was thus over 30%.
In comparison, the mortality rate of the coronavirus is ridiculously low; downright harmless.
If the population in Germany were to be contaminated, we would expect a maximum of
* 125,000 to 150,000 deaths. Certainly not more. The age at death of the vast majority of corona deaths is around 80 years and older.
* in addition, 20,000 to 30,000 people with severe consequential damage.

Some comparative figures from the Federal Statistical Office: we had in
2017 approx. 932,000 normal deaths
2018 approx. 955,000 deaths
2019 approx. 940,000 deaths
2020 approx. 970,000 normal deaths.

Now, with us humans, mortality is 100%. That is unfortunately the case.
I have not heard of anyone who has outlived his life or who has returned from the void, the afterlife, paradise or nirvana because he did not like it there.


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Just keywords:
The political leaders are in a dilemma, a quandary. Whatever they decide is wrong. They want to avoid the horror news and misery pictures of overburdened hospitals. That is the reason for the ongoing lockdown measures. At the same time, they lose sight of the proportionality of their measures.

I'll point out: our national economy is being run into a brick wall to avoid horror pictures, gruesome news and perhaps 125,000 Corona deaths.

In Germany - not only due to the lockdown measures - economic output is falling, unemployment is rising and wages and salaries as well as pensions are stagnating or falling. In addition, the Euro remains weak due to the gigantic expansion of the money supply by the ECB, state financing and zero interest rate policy, and debt borrowing at dizzying levels. The Western currencies have lost about a third of their external value in recent years, including the Euro.
What German, what Westerner will then be able or willing to afford a three- or four-week holiday in Thailand?
What retiree will then be able or willing to spend three, four or five months wintering in Thailand?

I am limiting myself to German tourists.
The number of those in active life - those who are employed - will stagnate or continue to decline.
The number of retirees - those over 60 or 65 - will also stagnate or even decline.
This is the outlook for German holidaymakers.

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46 minutes ago, Nasiadai said:
The number of retirees - those over 60 or 65 - will also stagnate or even decline.

By default anybody over 55 without a job is, to all intents and purposes, a Retiree   ... We are on the scrap heap

<<< Over 55 without a job getting used to being retired

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