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So few remain - however remain emotionally attached to thai360.com.


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I just popped in, like some others it would seem, to reminisce about Suadum but it's really nice to see a few familiar names back here again.  

Seeing Flashermac up there took me back to the first gatherings I attended with the veterans of soc.culture.thai and then on to asfo and the first 'convention' (there were 3 of us) before all that really took off and every weekend became party time.  Nanaplaza, Nanapong ...... we were truly blessed.

I was doing OK in Bangkok before all that, working with a couple of old hands who led me into a lot of trouble!  The internet took things to a totally different level though, met some of the finest people I've ever met and made some of the best mates I could wish for.

Marvellous times, jumpers for goalposts .........

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