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So few remain - however remain emotionally attached to thai360.com.


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On 2/16/2022 at 7:53 PM, paul101 said:

I remember Sarisin from those days, a real ego maniac but a lot of fun, especially his new years eve champagne do at Tilac bar. Unfortunately 'exposed' by that scumbag Scottish gutter journalist for having a an ASFO hat and going out to have a good time. He also had a few threats to somebody else on here, better not mention him 🙄

I remember a few ugly issue with people threatening to "out others"as party animals as if that ios so awful. also Happened with that guy named "Gaulke: or something, name was taken from an Ayn Ryand novel as I recall.Then there was the "con man" of sorts always opening a bar in Pattaya, but never was able to say where or when it was going to open etc...all sorts of BS over the years...

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On 4/25/2022 at 4:20 AM, Pom Michael said:

Agreed - once or twice a year type of event would be good. 

Anyone remember the name of the venue where we had the Server Party?  On Soi 11 if I remember correctly.

I still remember and have video and pics somewhere of the party we had ob Soi 7/1...I think the bar was called "Tequila" or something?

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I still remember my first Friday afternoon cat up at Gullivers. That was 2005. Still in touch with one member I met on that day. Couple lost touch with and one who I frequently caught up with here in OZ has passed away.

Seems to be a few still around from when I first joined.

One I haven't noticed around lately is Flash.


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