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Heeee's Baaaack :-)

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Yes, Hugh Hoy has returned to find his favorite "sandbox" of years gone by still alive, if not kicking.  LOL   Hugh tried for a few years to get back on Thai 360 in his original incarnation, but grew frustrated with trying to overcome some "glitch" of one kind or another.   Then, I discovered Facebook.   But it seems that the pantyhose-wearing censors over there can't handle my politically incorrect comments or graphics.  Screw 'em.

I hit my 80th birthday last month, so like many of the original members of this board, "things have changed".  I got wrapped up in a 25 year relationship with a great/"normal" Khmer "girl" and still manage "conjugal" activities with a former dancer at the Darling Bar from the 1980's (NOT the Tilac, but the Darling Bar that later became Rawhide).   That doesn't mean that I don't enjoy hitting the bars these days.  I go there for the eye candy and get my appetite up, but return to my old standby's to eat.   No need blather on about how the "sanuk" scene has changed.   We all know how and when and why.

I recognize a lot of the monikers here and can actually put names/faces to some.  LOL   

I've booked what will be my last trip to the LOS for Sept.-Oct. 2022.  8 weeks from now I will land in Phnom Penh and spend a few days before heading to Siem Reap.  I'll make SR my base camp, as that is where Ms. Hoy resides.   At some point during my 5+ weeks, I'll be heading over to BKK for up to a week.   Sort of a last hurrah for this old man.   If the stars are aligned correctly, maybe a few of us can get together for a lunch some place near the NEP and have walker races afterwards.  LOL


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It sounds like we are just going to miss each other.  I'm flying in in late August, DEROS 8 Sep.  If you will get in before I leave, first round is on me.

Us founding members of the DVT/PE Survivors League - Bangkok Charter gotta stick together...


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On 9/7/2022 at 8:40 AM, bust said:

Welcome back. Been a while. Wonder if I'll be posting when I'm 80 :applause:


On 9/18/2022 at 7:39 AM, Flashermac said:

I'm getting damned close to that myself, though I'm thinking of demanding a recount.  The nice thing is not having to work for a living anymore .  Social Security and Veterans Disability payments provide me with more each month than I often made when I was a university lecturer!  :) 


I too am in my 8th decade of life.
I want to come again - despite significant problems with my high blood pressure and problems with the cardiovascular system.
From about mid-November 2022 to the end of March 2023; about 130 days.

I can also die in Thailand; that might be better than in cold, dark wintry Germany.
My body will be cremated, the ashes will go into an urn and my family can collect the urn and then a burial can take place at a cemetery here in Hamburg. 55555

I plan to spend the first few days after my arrival in Jomtiem in Soi Welcome with two of my Thai friends.


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Flashermac, do you remember our encounter at the Lucky Luke Bar at the entrance to Nana Plaza?
I was with one of my Thai friends, the Thai Airways pilot.
I met this friend twice in Frankfurt this year 2022.
In January and in June.
He came with his plane from Bangkok and flew back one day later.
Of course it was sold out, the plane was full to the last seat.


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