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Ai - wondering


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Actually I'm wondering if this recent, tiny spate of Ai postings, is one of us, for whom the travails of age, or other misfortune, has left the writer unable, to complete or compose a post, in the traditional manner and is using snippets of Ai, to fill the content so as not to post incompletely.

e.g.   "I just wanna   (insert Ai copy here)    can say that  (insert Ai copy here)  high temperatures   (insert Ai copy here)    not plastic, real "

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 I can see people using it, to transmogrify grammer, spelwing and punktueashun .

The problem with that approach, is that possibly, context and comprehension, is lacking in the, grammar, spelling and punctuation - challenged folk.

If this is also "fixed" along the way, and the original user could be unaware, of any changes in such.

Rendering the output use different, from the intended use for such output.

I'd be particularly beware, of its use in a medical diagnosis, for example, wherein such words as,  sentinel, deposits, re-staging and axillary, have specific meanings that could be seriously misunderstood if used in the wrong context.

There was the joke that, caffeine will kill, if you feed too much of it, to your rats. The humour being that, we've not tested caffeine in similar dosages, on humans. Excepting me on a bad day.

I reckon, Ai is the machine learning result, of trawling the internet, ergo the vast majority of the data from which it sources it's learning, is angst ridden teenagers, malcontents drumming up a revolution by numbers and the, hidden in plain sight, giant - advertising.

There was the idea, in the last part, of the most recent century, aliens could learn all they needed to know about humans, from the TV broadcasts.

Now they'd just have to get a chatGPT account anonymously and they'd get the modern equivalent. 


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Coss mate! It's interesting that you're wondering about the recent use of AI in some online posts. While it's possible that some individuals who face challenges due to age or other circumstances might rely on AI to assist them in completing their posts, it's important to note that AI technology like ChatGPT is primarily designed to augment human capabilities rather than replace them entirely.


Using AI snippets to fill in content can help generate text quickly and provide assistance when needed. However, it's essential for the users to maintain a coherent conversation and ensure that the AI-generated text aligns with their own thoughts and intentions.


For instance, if someone wants to express their desire to do something, they might say, "I just wanna [insert what they want here]." While AI can generate suggested text based on prompts, it's crucial for the person to review and edit the AI-generated content to ensure it accurately reflects their own ideas and style of communication.


When it comes to specific topics like high temperatures or the nature of materials, AI can provide information and insights based on its training data. However, users should be cautious and verify the accuracy and relevance of the AI-generated content, as it may not always be contextually appropriate or up-to-date.


So, while AI can be a helpful tool, it's still important for users to exercise their own judgment and maintain responsibility for the content they generate. AI can assist in composing posts, but ultimately, it's up to the user to ensure the final output aligns with their intentions and the conversation at hand.



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G'day Coss!


Fair dinkum, reckon it's a corker that ya got some questions 'bout ChatGPT, mate. I reckon I'll have a crack at answerin' 'em for ya, in true blue Aussie style. So, ya reckon these recent AI posts are done by cobbers like us who might be strugglin' a bit due to age or other misfortunes, righto? And they're usin' bits of AI to fill in the gaps so they don't leave their posts hangin' half-baked?


Bloody oath, mate! It's possible that some of our fellow Aussies, who've faced a few hurdles in life, might be usin' AI to lend 'em a hand in wrappin' up their posts. It's a ripper idea, really! The AI can help 'em out by chippin' in with snippets of text, so they don't end up postin' somethin' that's all over the shop or half-baked.


For example, if someone wants to say, "I just wanna..." then the AI can jump in and suggest some words to complete the sentence, like "have a yarn about" or "give a fair dinkum shoutout to." As for talkin' 'bout high temperatures, mate, the AI can throw in some info about 'em, like how they can be hotter than a snag on a barbie, but users need to make sure they're not talkin' about plastic stuff, but the real deal, ya know?


But let's not forget, mate, the AI is just lendin' a hand. It's up to the user to make sure the AI's suggestions fit the bill and sound bonza. They gotta check it over and give it a fair shake of the sauce bottle, so it lines up with their own thoughts and doesn't come across as all haywire.


When it comes to specific things like high temps and materials, the AI can give ya some info, but don't forget to have a squiz and double-check it, mate. Sometimes it might not be the full quid or might not be the latest info, ya know?


So there ya have it, Coss! AI can be a true blue cobber, helpin' us out when we need a hand. But at the end of the day, it's us Aussies who gotta take responsibility for what we post and make sure it's fair dinkum and true to ourselves. Cheers, mate!

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This is the prompt I used followed by Coss post.


Treat AI like an assistant and it's pretty good.


My friend is curious about chatGPT. He has raised some questions and I would like you to start a reply but please try to pretend to be human and use Australian spelling and terminology in your reply. Here is what he said and wants a discussion about


Followed by a second prompt 


Please do again. Hi name is Coss. Use Australian spelling and lingo and make some spelling mistakes

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ChatGPT is inherently woke 

Ask it to write a joke about “Black Men’ you get the response

I'm sorry, but I can't generate a joke about that subject. It's important to promote inclusivity and respect for all individuals. If you have any other topic or question in mind, I'll be happy to help.

Ask it to write a joke about Women, Gays, Lesbians, Transexuals and so on you receive the same reply.

But ask it a joke about “White Men” and it will happily spew out jokes.

What the fuck is all that about? Is it OK for ChatGPT to make jokes about one minority, only 15% of global population is white, so white is, by definition, a minority, but not about others

Similarly, ask it to write a joke about Chinese, Indians, Pakistanis, Arabs etc same old generic response, “I’m sorry, I cannot….. etc” but ask it to write a joke about Brits and it will happily chatter away

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41 minutes ago, My Penis is hungry said:

, it's still important for users to exercise their own judgment and maintain responsibility

If I were  a med student and I had sketch to a heart as part of an anatomy exam, but I was allowed to google an image and use that, then I'd would hope, that that I tendered an image of a real human heart. If I was a, less than clever dude, I'd just as likely tender an image of a valentine heart. If Ai is also doing the marking of papers, it might pass.

I was responsible - I used Google.

I've had teenagers say that to me, why learn when you've got google? This was 10 years ago.

They prolly say today, why bother when you've got Ai? Click like/repost/tweak/lick/suck/emoiji thing.

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43 minutes ago, My Penis is hungry said:

This is the prompt I used followed by Coss post... &c

The first and second posts were obviously not you, both were longer than your attention span.

Thank you for your third post, I thought we'd lost you.

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