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Not only sports - but Darts!


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No Pro boxers allowed now in Olympics


I think it's less than 8 pro fights, 


One of the Aussies from Tokyo went pro and has returned to amateur


You forget Tennis


Pure pros allowed there, 


I also the surfboard/skateboard?


Pro boxing is so different from amateur - it's a sprint Vs a marathon

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I stand corrected myself, since 1986 Professionals have been allowed to compete in the Olympics except for Boxing and Wrestling, shows how much interest I pay to the Olympics.

Why 86 I don’t know it wasn’t  an Olympic year, it was Football World Cup in Mexico, Maradona a hand of God goal, cheating Argie Bastard.

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2 hours ago, My Penis is hungry said:

No Pro boxers allowed now in Olympics

That all changed in 2016

Justis Huni is a perfect example of that. He earned over $200,000 for the Gallen fight and was still eligible for the Olympics

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How to go nuclear at darts

Joe Bennett

January 10, 2024


A week ago, 16-year-old Luke “The Nuke” Littler reached the final of the World Professional Darts Championship, attracting vast publicity and a global television audience.

It has since emerged that Luke is an alumnus of the St Helens Darts Academy. I had not previously heard of this institution, but now, by a masterstroke of columnar sleuthing, I have managed to acquire a copy of the academy's end-of-term examination.

Could you be the next Luke The Nuke? Take the test now. Choose the best answers in this nine-dart multi-choice questionnaire.

1. The great game of darts originated as

a. a means of introducing young men and boys to the art of warfare

b. a high-intensity weight-loss programme

c. a pub pastime that gratified men's competitive instincts while they drank beer

d. who cares?

2. The last word in the title “St Helens Darts Academy” is

a. an inadvertent commentary on 21st century culture

b. an excellent joke

c. derived from the name of the garden where Plato established the school that laid the foundations of Western philosophical thought

d. all of the above.

3. Luke The Nuke made headlines because his story

a. is redolent of David and Goliath

b. plays out a psychological archetype of hopeful regeneration

c. suggests the possibility of easy wealth to pasty teenagers

d. all of the above.

4. Luke The Nuke is

a. already many times richer than any of his high school teachers

b. addicted to playing computer games on his Xbox

c. devoted to fast food, especially doner kebabs, with one or more of which he habitually celebrates a victory

d. all of the above.



5. The live audience at the World Professional Darts Championship is

a. mainly students of ballistics

b. appreciative of the finer points of darts

c. hushed and reverent in the presence of athletic excellence

d. drunk.


6. The loose-fitting shirt traditionally worn by professional dart players, emblazoned with the names of sponsors and the players' mythologising nicknames (The Nuke being an example), is known as

a. a tent

b. a girth-mask

c. a Demis Roussos

d. a loose-fitting shirt.


7. In the history of child prodigies, such as Mozart who wrote his first symphony at 9, Picasso who was exhibiting paintings at 13, and Bobby Fischer who won the US men's chess championship at 14, Luke the Nuke ranks

a. up there with the best of them

b. No.1 because they're all dead

c. irrelevant because genius defies ranking

d. one hundred and EIGHTy


8. Darts is popular on television because

a. the audience see themselves in the players

b. the rules are bone-simple and the game is devoid of subtlety, complexity and even tactics

c. the action is non-stop, and there are frequent micro-orgasms within the macro-orgasm of the contest

d. all of the above


9. Televised professional darts is

a. a wonder of the world

b. the beginning of the end

c. no different from any other sport, the essence of all sports being a struggle for supremacy, mimicking the combative nature of existence, but without the nasty consequences of combat such as death. Darts also appeals to our love of skill, regardless of whether that skill has a practical value beyond the sporting arena, because it is the acquisition of skill that is the stamp of our species and the trait that has enabled us to proliferate.

d. bull



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On 1/5/2024 at 2:51 PM, My Penis is hungry said:

Is it any wonder there are 5 posters left?


I hated when the board and a few members started all these other non Thai threads 


And it just gets worse


I like darts


A Oz champion practises in my office which I don't like


And now in here


Come on


Try and keep something Thai SEAsian oriented

My wife and I went to play Pool in Bangkok recently and met a young Thai lady who is on the rise as a professional pool player on the South East Asia circuit. Her name is Paa, very nice lady, gave my wife, who had never played before, a few pointers… 

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There's some serious female pool players in Bangkok. I consider myself pretty handy on the table. I started playing competition snooker when I was about 19 or 20.

Been seeing this girl for the last 3 or 4 years. Never beat her once. We used to have sexual reward wagers. Bust always ended up with a sore jaw 😔

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14 minutes ago, bust said:

Been seeing this girl for the last 3 or 4 years. Never beat her once. We used to have sexual reward wagers. Bust always ended up with a sore jaw 😔

Was she a Ladyboy and you had to give “her” too many blow jobs? 😵

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She told me she used to be a Christian which I thought was odd being a predominantly Buddhist country.

I said it didn't really matter to me to which she replied "That's great, I much prefer being Christine" 😳

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