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    For the azzclown... JFK's inaugural parade.
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    I bought the ticket! I start on January 2, 2020. 3 months holiday in SOA. I didn't report on my last trip in 2018/2019 on this board. I did that on another English speaking international board. Maybe I will return to this forum. How does Franz Beckenbauer say? in Bavarian dialect: "Schaun mer mal" Let's wait and see ... Nasiadai alias Bakwahn
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    They haven't got around to figuring it out yet. So many sheep to shag.
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    I'm pro Immigration BUT with the proviso that migration is managed. You want the right sort of people coming to your country. Opening the border up to all and sundry as seems to be happening in parts of the world seems like a recipe for disaster....and I guess that is one of the reasons why Germany has a few issues. Of course, Western countries need to acknowledge that birth rates are low and if they don't encourage migration then they face a similar situation to Japan, population-wise...and all of the economic issues that a stagnant or falling population brings with it.
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    I thought I was making it clear I was just echoing what both generations are doing. I invest and try and provide for myself no matter what the environment as best I can. If it seemed like I was agreeing with the baby boomer generation that wasn't my intention. The most recent 3 generations (Gen x, y and millennial) have not done as well as the generation previously and that's a first for America.
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    Too Many UNSUBSCRIBE is enough
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    Re: Kamala I watched a bit of her performance. And whilst I am not in a position to argue the truth or otherwise of Kamala's statements, I note this - when she teared up a bit, talking about her being a little girl... She waited, until there were the right amount of tears, in her eyes and then turned to camera and gave, right down the barrel of the lens, her best "I'm a victim the world is terrible what you gonna do about it" look, that any father who has had daughters, can recognise from a mile away. I know that politics is theatre, but this was so calculated as to have me disbelieve her, from now on in. cheers , Coss, who has never experienced racial segregation, when I went to school us white boys got caned right along with the Maori blokes.
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    p.s. Oh, yeah ... betcha didn't know that California used to have segregated schools. You've been taught to believe that only those nasty folks in the South did that, even though the Brown vs Board of Education et al. involved Topeka, Kansas and the state government that was taken over by the KKK was Indiana's.
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    Truth? We doan need no steenkin truth. This is politics! On Thursday night Kamala Harris took on former Vice President Joe Biden on his past record on segregation. Kamala lectured Joe on how she was in the second integrated class in Berkeley, California. ... "Harris said she was a student in only the second class to integrate at Berkeley public schools. "Not true. "Kamala’s parents were successful professionals. Kamala went to school in Berkeley for only 2 years. She then moved with her mother at age seven to Canada where she attended grade school and high school. "Kamala Harris was born in 1964 "She claims she was only the second class to integrate at the Berkeley public schools. "Kamala lied. Actually the classrooms in Berkeley were already integrated in 1963 — before she was born. Here’s a photo from the 1963 Berkeley yearbook. https://www.blabber.buzz/conservative-news/604455-she-lied-kamala-harris-says-she-was-in-second-integrated-class-in-berkeley-but-yearbok-pictures-prove-shes-lying?utm_source=c-am&utm_medium=c-am-email&utm_term=c-am-ATT&fbclid=IwAR388AFi1X4NM3oDRly
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    I barfined a girl from Shark about 2 months ago, no issues. Gave her the cash for the BF one night and arranged a meet up another night about a week later. This was just for some research, no sex, though I wouldn't mind, just wasn't part of what I was doing then. But no issues with the BF. If the whole Cowboy M.O. has changed it probably wont last, one or the other. But today all you need to do is spend a night or two hitting lots of bars, find the ones you like, collect the phone numbers and connect through some sort of platform. If that's what you're looking for you could probably spend 2 nights in bars and the rest of a two week holiday fucking a different girl every night without ever going near another bar. P.S. Thermae is a current favourite. Still plenty of Japanese guys but lots of cuties and and most willing to go with Mr white guy for some much needed respite.
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    Actually , you have inadvertently, made a very good point Cav. 🖖 Though the world's interpretation , of the recent events surrounding Iran and whether or not Trump did or didn't order a strike, or call it back, or even know about it, will undoubtedly differ from your views on the matter. Trump himself, has said, that he called it back, didn't need to call it back, was briefed only 10 minutes before the bombs would have hit and various permutations on these themes. My and other's view, is that Trump is so loose in the goose, that just about everyone, think's he's ineffective, ergo, with him in charge, the USA will not go to war.
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    555 on a tangential note, I went to a social occasion in Auckland here, last Saturday. It was for Immigrants to meet and greet. As I have one (MLG) I went too. Afghanis, French, Philippines, German, Iranians, Indians and such. Tedious speeches by Local councillor and Maori, lotsa good food, interesting people. Then as it was ending, the 7 Iranian girls (30-ish to 60-ish in years ) plugged an iPhone into the P.A. and dancing ensued, these Iranian girls are naughty naughty naughty... Maybe outside their homeland, they get to get going.... MLG was one eyebrow up, then joined, as did all the females in the hall. Us men, standing back, wondered what fresh hell, would be unleashed on us, when we got home...
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    Flashermac, I sent my buddy from El Salvador the Maga pic you posted. He saw the humor in it..
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    I should rephrase that to "First Bar he had alone in Thailand" of course before Jools he was in partnership with Peter and opened a little place in the Nana Plaza called Woodstock's
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    Fletch has retired from Jameson’s a few months ago he now has his retirement hobby bar called “Fletchers Folly” on Soi Siam Country Club. I know Jameson’s very well 2005 until 2008 I literally lived over the bar, my apartment was right above the bar, at least I didn’t have far to go home Fletch first bar in Thailand was Jools which he sold to “Big Dave” aka Fatso of Fatsos bar in Stephen Leathers amusing tale (what he wrote was true names were changed to protect the guilty) Next he was working for Woody in Patts managing TQ2 on Soi Diamond until he landed the position at Delaneys a pseudo Irish Bar then Jameson’s in 2005
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    Curiously, apropos of the above, I went to the airport recently, I used to like airports, for the people watching, very interesting and enjoyable, now I don't, I hate 'em all.
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    Trump: 'A nation must care for its own citizens first' https://www.bbc.com/news/av/world-us-canada-48686337/trump-a-nation-must-care-for-its-own-citizens-first
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    7 according to Tinternet?