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    Same with Bill and Hillary...couples stay together for money, power and influence!
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    Gentlemen, I just discovered that I deserve the Thai National Watersaver Medal in Gold. According to governmental announcments the Thai people are requested to shorten their water usage by 1 minute/session for example when cleaning teeth or body in general. I may therefore let the Thai people know that I regard myself as the leading watersavingforce as I have traditionally requested the lovely Pam to share the shower whenever possible with myself. Focus on using less resources to preserve the natural wealth of the intra urban klong waters. Just to let you know
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    I'm not sure if many Thais understand Christmas even today.
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    Anyway, I am hopeful that some president will come along to normalize relations with Iran in return for them not supporting militants and pursuing nukes. As trade increases they will be less likely to jeopardize that money financing groups that will hurt that. Money talks. It will also empower its people as they get more access to not just capital but exchange culturally with other people.
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    The new NAFTA deal is only slightly better. Noting of consequence. It is not revolutionary in any sense of the word and deed. It alienated two biggest trading partners. Is it better? Sure. Should Trump get credit for a better deal? Sure. But again, its not as big as advertised. For what we got out of it, the vitriol and bad taste left to our biggest trading partners wasn't worth it. The same deal, slightly better deal, could have been gotten with less overt aggressive politics. So, its better and it should be applauded. But its being overstated for what it is. https://www.pbs.org/newshour/show/what-are-the-differences-between-nafta-and-the-usmca
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    The Bernie article about socialism is a 'meh', article. It has no bearing on his reputation. Bernie has raised the 2nd most money of either party candidate with NO CORPORATE donations. The media does not tell that story. That is HUGE obviously. Trump, and most of the Dems except Warren have accepted a huge amounts of PAC money and big money donors, etc. The well over 100 million dollars Bernie has raised with small donations is unprecedented and is being under reported because Faux..er..ah..I mean Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, are all part of big corporations that buy off both parties. That is why they are scared as hell about Bernie because he is proving (along with AOC and the squad) that not only can you win without taking bribes you can raise just as much money doing it. Republicans don't have that ability. The first Republican candidate who can manage that will be able to use that as a platform to rise. So, trying to paint Bernie as fake or whatever, even if its true, is a non starter. It's falling on deaf ears. He came out of the Warren, sexist thing recently getting even more support. Warren lost that PR battle. Trump got impeached going after the wrong candidate, like the dunce he is. Bernie, not Biden was the real threat. He will lose against Bernie, and lose fairly big. This will depend in part on Bernie's running mate. If I had to suggest a person for Bernie, I'd say Julian Castro, or a moderate woman but not Warren.
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    Where is the wall? And why isn't Mexico paying for it? Ever feel robbed or taken advantage of? I still love that bit where he was addressing the UN and the whole world laughed at him. An especial schadenfreude because he'd claimed before that the world was laughing at America. Then there was the excruciating part where he came out of a meeting with Putin who is fully two feet smaller than Trump, but somehow he managed to look smaller, walking exactly like a dog with a tail between it's legs. Not quite how I'd expect a leader of the free world to behave.
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    I agree, Obama did his best. Although he expanded the drone program - ok let's just call it what it is - the extrajudicial killing program (and basically paved the way for Trump to assassinate Soleimani). But he cleverly enacted the ACA or Obamacare which was instrumental in finally driving a wedge into the greedy corporates that litter the health industry in the US. Such initiatives are incredibly popular with the public - the Republicans tried to put the genie back in the bottle but it was too late. Trump has made Obama like a rock star because people miss having a highly intelligent, well spoken, well meaning President. Well the one's who aren't racist that is.
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    Trump on Starr during the Clinton investigation.He was a 'lunatic' back then to Trump (who was a Democrat back then) but now its different. All prior impeachments were wrong EXCEPT this one. it's not even worth debating. Debating the veracity of this is a waste of time. It's akin to arguing 1+1=2 to someone who is adamant the answer is 3. This administration is a complete shit show. Many said it was going to be bad, but it exceeded most people's fears. https://www.cnn.com/videos/politics/2020/01/17/trump-comment-ken-starr-lunatic-newsroom-vpx.cnn
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    Sol while Trump will likely be exonerated, I think he will lose the election. The fact remains that there are far more people who are Democrats or willing to vote Democrat than there are Republicans. That's why the Republicans are hanging on dearly to the electoral college. Which I think eventually will be done with. Anyway, Bernie will get the nomination and will beat Trump fairly easily. The big question is if the polls in the summer show Trump has an insurmountable mountain to climb to get to re-election ,what will he do? Cornered rats are the most dangerous. Will he find some ready excuse like bad health? Will he start a war? Will he use the government to indict his enemies? The only saving grace is that there is more of "us" than there are of "them". Trump will end up costing Republicans future national and state elections. What will define the near future for any Republican candidate is if they supported Trump. I think that may happen. Just like how voting for the Iraq war has come back to haunt both Dems and Republicans. The same will be for Trump. If you notice no Republican talks about his or hers support of Bush. And the Dems, politically weak, do not play that card.
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    I post this only to note, that Boris at least has some class :: Boris Johnson refuses to comment on 'royal showdown' Can you imagine Trump, not commenting, on something like this, if it were happening in 'merica?
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    Lived in Maine many years. Dafoe, as usual, has the type down perfect.
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    Hi, My wife mentioned this last night. Had not seen the clip yet. Utterly brutal and pointless killing for probably not more than a few thousand $. This will almost certainly result in a death penalty when they catch him. And they will. Thai cops can be pretty useless, but if they really want to get someone they can also be very effective. Sanuk!
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    I think he beat Reagan's record. https://www.cnn.com/2019/12/31/politics/trump-golfing-vacation/index.html Trump spent 1 of every 5 days in 2019 at a golf club
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    Cs you seem to be obsessed by Melania as Cav by Hillary. I propose to trade one for the other and drop the matter.
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    And Hillary was just copying Hitler and Stalin. Fair enough point, you'll see that in this, my obverse statement, I am not defending Hilary by denigrating Trump, see? a non binary action.
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    How about changing the name of the Board to USA Thread.com? With at least 95% of all board activity in the USA Thread forum this is clearly the topic of most interest to members and the name change might attract a few more?! 😲 😉
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    If Bernie wins the nomination and I expect he will, he will beat Trump fairly handily.
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    I know its joke meme but this Clintons killed Epstein narrative really doesn't make sense seeing that he died in Trump's custody. Trump is the main one logically that should be tied to his death.
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    My Iranian friends, say that the mood of most citizens in Iran, is one of joy and relief that military commander Qasem Soleimani is dead. A deeply bad man, whom the protests of recent times have been directed toward. When people went to get the bodies of their sons and daughters back, after they were killed in the protests, the authorities demanded money. FFS, has Trump done something inadvertently right? He thought he was diverting attention from his impeachment trial troubles, but he actually made the world a better place. Fuckwit.
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    What country? Well, not Japan. Ex-Bangkok police chief caught with gun at Narita airport https://www.bangkokpost.com/learning/learning-news/602584/ex-bangkok-police-chief-caught-with-gun-at-narita-airport
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    As an American and Texas resident, I can attest that bullets are about as common as Tic-Tacs these days, and easier to purchase -- losing track of a couple of rounds in your carry on is about as unusual as finding an old mint in the bottom of your bag, or an orphaned sock in the dryer... Suvarnabhumi should be more understanding!
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    This is going to sound petty, but countries that have been targeted by similar type of terrorists attacks give each other intel if it may affect their country. Its the norm. Russia would do it for us and we for them despite ideological and other differences. Some things are above that. Had it been Obama, Putin would not have made a public thanks. He may convey it privately but it wouldn't have been something out of the ordinary. So, Putin has done that publicly for ulterior motives for doing so. I know how it sounds to point that out but we are talking Putin here. Things like that are private. I recall Obama on a hot mic he was not aware of telling Medvedev "This is my last election after it I will have more flexibility"
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    Any reaction of people joining white supremacist groups other than critical of such people is always an eye raiser. Same as it would be for ISIS, etc. All these groups have one thing in common, they target innocent people.
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    Note: This little story is about 23 years old. I posted that little story on this board at that time. So ir is a kind of "repost". Nevertheless, have fun. A phone call from Bangkok My phone is ringing. The secretary tells me there is a call from Bangkok. A woman wants to speak to Mr. Charly, and that could only mean me. Yes, indeed, it's my girl from Bangkok-Thonburi. I hear her voice, and her image immediately appears in my memory with her shoulder-length shining black hair, her almond-shaped, dark eyes that are always laughing, her dreamlike, finely cut face with the slender pointed nose that betrays her Malaysian origin, with her exuberant female forms that always, only when I think of her, take my breath away. "Charly, can you come back in February as you promised? "I am waiting for you. "I miss you." "Yes," I answer, "I bought the ticket already." "Oh, Charly, that's great!“ "Please come quickly, I want you back," and she continues: "Do you remember the Sunday afternoon we spent together on the banks of Chayo Praya and on the grass of Sanam Luang?" You bet I remember! I see us both lying on the lawn of Sanam Luang. Not far from us two teams are playing football in the already low sun. We got a hot Som Tam with Kauniau from a flying trader and enjoy our togetherness. Before us the impressive scenery of Wat Phra Kaeo, the king's palace with the golden Chedi, the red-green stepped roofs of the temple buildings, the multicoloured decorated Prangs whose sight becomes an unforgettable experience by the shine of the gradually sinking sun. A truly royal place for lovers. "Charly, are you still there?" Yes, I listen to her chatter and my soul, thirsting for her, sucks like a dry sponge every word she says into itself. Is there anything more tormenting than this terrible distance that separates us? Is there anything more tormenting than this tribulation that rises up within me and mixes cruelly with lust? That bittersweet feeling that makes me melancholic many a night and robs me of sleep. Even modern media such as telephone and email are of little help, and I am forced to practice humility and wait for the next holiday. Khun Sanuk, this picture is about 23 years old, so I think it is allowed to present it. A visit to the Bayoke Tower. It's a digitized slide! Khun Maeo, my beautiful Lady. We're in analog time. Here is a digitized slide, on which I - the photographer - am pictured 555555 A little later I leave my office and approach the secretary's desk. She looks at me with a sneering, spiteful grin. "Charly, you told me you were on the Tunisian island of Djerba, but now I think you were faking, you were in Thailand instead!" and with sparkling curiosity on her face. she asks: "So, tell me, who is she, what's her name and what is she like?" A touch of blush covers my face, and I look a little embarrassed because I feel like I've been caught cheating. But after only a few seconds, I grasp myself and begin to compare the two women. In the distance my dreamlike female being in Bangkok-Thonburi with her charm, her smile, her pleasure and joy of life and in front of me this ugly, masculinized woman in a grey pantsuit, who in a grandiose misjudgement considers herself attractive, with greasy brunette strands of hair, wrapped in a repulsive smell of perfume and cigarette smoke. She seems to me like a Katoey, a ladyboy, during whose operation the surgeon's scalpel slipped a few times. Without answering her, and without appreciating her even one more look, I walk past her with a quiet and superior smile and head held high with pride. ========== Khun Maeo was a great Lady Nasiadai - Bakwahn Happy, healthy and successful new year 2020!
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    The Democrats don't know economics and politics. People are hurting, I see it every day while here visiting LA and its the same back east The economy is great for a very small few at the top. https://www.yahoo.com/news/stock-market-booming-democrats-look-130310254.html
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    Just a small point guys, but it's not England who are leaving the EU (they can't as they are not a member of the EU) it's the UK that is leaving!
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    New Yers Resolutions, I will Exercise more, I Will Drink Less I will stop Smoking, why do people make false promises to themselves which no chance of keeping? Why presure oneself just because it is New Year? One has another 364 days of the year to make a lifestyle change. Look at me, self confessed heavy smoker, smoking for about 40 years now at th last count on over 2 packs per day, you won’t hear me say “I will stop smoking for New Year” Why? I chose to give up 1 Month ago that’s why, It was a Saturday Morning, no stress from work and an easy date to remember 1 December, I have been threatening to stop just just said “Kong Stop ya fool” no time like the present. So as people are waking up tomorrow and struggling with their resolutions, especially smoking, I can have a wee smile to myself and think, “I know th hell you ar going through, been there” stick in there those who are trying it does get easier if I can do it so can anyone. My NY Resolution 2019 is to continue what I refrained form in 2018, no pressure since I am already not doing it
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    Midnight Run is a 1988 American buddy cop action comedy film directed by Martin Brest and starring Robert De Niro and Charles Grodin. Yaphet Kotto, John Ashton, Dennis Farina, Joe Pantoliano, and Philip Baker Hall An oldie but a goodie, much better than it first appears - 4.8 out a 5 stars
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    Interesting. Obama a wee bit into himself but he's correct about a lot of things.
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    Merry Xmas 🎄 🎄 🎄 🎅🏾 🎅 🎅🏻 And happy times to you all and yours
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    I met a girl once who said that was one of her kinks. And not, I'm not going to admit to whether or not I obliged. I may run for President one day.
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    A word about FISA warrants. I think I made a post about it but if not, I will again and if I did, a reminder. FISA warrants have always been a rubber stamp on warrants that pretty much no judge would ever grant a warrant on in regular municipal courts around the country. Any judge would see the FISA requests if they were in their chambers as something easily overturned on appeal. And judges hate being overturned on appeal. FISA judges are picked because they are rubber stamps and there is no court of appeals. Both parties know this. The FISA warrants are tools of both parties and accepted as a rubber stamp by both parties because their use were almost always exclusively for crimes that both parties want investigated. Until it happened to one of them. The Republicans know this. Republican administrations, specifically the Bush administration especially during the post 9/11 world and Homeland Security given near dictatorial powers used FISA warrants as a hammer. The Democrats don't point this out because Clinton and Obama made use of them as well. The Democrats are too inept at politics to navigate around that. It's all bullshit as usual. A GOP Knowing and benefiting from a corrupt FISA system and Democrats not wanting to expose the reasons FISA is set up because they have benefited from it and want to still do so. If the result of all this is that FISA warrants fall more in line with the legal standards and threshold of the traditional court system, then I applaud the Republicans exposing it.
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    Here ya go, Cav. Merry Christmas!
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    Wishing everyone the best
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    Best wishes, from BrisVegas, was hit by an amazing electrical storm last night, but the rain was very welcome. Some how seemed quite appropriate, 'specially after Barnaby Joyce's mad rant about the sky (he's really looking quite rough these days, mind you he never looked much better than that. The beetroot never stops giving.) And I might talk, but that guy should really lay off the grog, at least for a while. Cheers! Merry Christmas!!!
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    I left America in 2009. I recall at the time, being alarmed that rental prices in south Central, the worse area of Los Angeles being around $800 a month for a one bedroom apartment. Now? It's about $1,200. The working class and poor would need a 50% increase in wages from salaries that were barely getting by from in the first place. This isn't Trump's fault. The point being is that there aren't jobs that are paying a livable wage in most areas of the country. Furthermore, companies have stopped providing the same quality benefits like medical and dental, etc. The job I had when I left the company didn't replace. They split the functions to other employees and hired someone at a much lower pay. There are jobs that pay 60k and higher. Lots of them actually but the competition for those jobs are fierce. More and more experience and education are needed for jobs that took less credentials prior. These days a master's degree is almost like a Bachelors's degree 25 years ago. Everyone has a degree. Customer service jobs that didn't require a college degree now have mostly college educated workers. What I realize is that the Dems have no idea about the economy. They are so far removed from the lives of Americans they have no clue. None. If they did they'd be challenging this 'greatest economy mantra, Trump and the Republicans say every time you critique him. I think the Republicans, at the top level, do know it sucks. They know it and are wiping their brow the Dems are poor at politics. Their voters are hurting but their voters figure they will be hurting financially no matter who is in the White House so they may as well have their own in there. The few Trump supporters I know complain about their job and life. They are bitter. They take it out on 'liberals' and others but they are hurting. One guy I worked with overseas and is now back in Louisiana eats up the economic data we send each other and the data is the same ones I post here and he has a confederate flag on his shoulder and is a rabid Trump supporter. He knows the economy sucks. And the few that have decent jobs live in morbid fear that it will be gone with a downturn. They have mortgages, car loans, kids who need tuition, etc.
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    Blatantly disrespecting the process by showing zero integrity and fairness by openly saying you will coordinate the indictment with the defense as you are overseeing the trial is should have McConnell censured at the very least. It won't happen but he should be. One could even with a bit more of a stretch say the same about Pelosi delaying giving the articles to the Senate but its more of a stretch. Unchartered territory.
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    The days are short and the nights long in Germany. The sun is moving towards its southern turning point, the Tropic of Capricorn. This dark and cold time of the year is the time of Christmas. In Germany there is an ancient tradition of the so-called Christmas markets. The lights and the Christmas trees with electric candles drive away the darkness a little with the lighting in this season. The Christmas markets go back to late medieval sales fairs and - often one-day markets - which gave the citizens the opportunity to buy meat and winter supplies at the beginning of the cold season. In the 14th century it became customary to allow craftsmen such as toy makers, basket makers or confectioners to set up stalls at the market to sell the little things given to the children for Christmas; stalls with roasted chestnuts, nuts and almonds also existed at that time. In the year 1310 a Nikolausmarkt in Munich was mentioned for the first time in a document. In the course of time, a tradition spread throughout the entire German-speaking area. Since about the first half of the 20th century, the markets have become a fixed element of pre-Christmas customs. I invite you to a stroll through the Christmas markets in Buxtehude and Hamburg. A few glasses of mulled wine, a bag of roasted almonds and French fries with a Bratwurst -- sausage. The mulled wine stands are always surrounded by a lot of people. Christmas trees and many lights that drive away the darkness. Bratwurst, sausage, and French fries. They always taste good. There's a cabin here with pastries and sweets. What's that? This is a heart of gingerbread and honey cake. A really big one. Ich liebe Dich 55555 hahaha A big heart for a beautiful lady. All those hearts are for the girls of Pattaya - from good old Charly - Hamburg - Bangkok - Duesseldorf Bakwahn - early morning 5.30 am local time - Hamburg
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    "Does it spark joy?" It does, and so let's keep it.
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    Quick update 6 weeks off them now, they say it gets easier with time. Bollox haha does it fuck. Have I been tempted to smoke? Sure every waking minute, but I won’t, It is not the wife, family Doctor etc telling me to stop it is myself telling me to stop and if I was to start again I would be letting myself down .. I am bett r than that’s!
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    ... Clearly posted by hapless folks who'd booked the joint blissfully unaware that it's a glorified (and not all that glorified) knocking shop. There are some corkers. Trip Advisor's the best. These are from there: Poor old Sebastian got a shock... But, wait a minute, Karen from Gillingham, UK, has got the right idea! (Oh, she's being ironic? ) A "girl from Finland" didn't get the holiday she bargained for... Mr Peter Winn from Seamer gives the Nana a one star rating: But Colin E. from Aberdeen gives a glowing recommendation. When can I go? Taxi! Guarisharma from New Dheli had a brief but memorable stay: H. Shah, from Chichester UK, even made friends with the gentleman in the room next to hers. I just booked a room there. Can't wait. jack
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    Hey Jack - You must have overlooked this one: LvCornwallis wrote: “Redlight Hotel†Reviewed July 12, 2014 First of all, every square inch of this hotel is most likely covered in sperm dating back to the 1970's. The hotel is filthy, but I guess it does not matter because I was up to filthy activities anyway. Great location for picking up third world hookers, I even saw a ladyboy knife fight in front of the hotel.
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    Two things. Evangelicals are NOT Christians. They use religion as a facade for the same old bigotry. Second, this is also why I feel no guilt about the truth about Melania https://www.rightwingwatch.org/post/intercessor-prays-that-michelle-obama-will-be-exposed-as-a-man/
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    This is interesting. I have ZERO sympathy for this guy. To be fair (and I really do try to be). The Democrats aren't exempt either. One only has to recall the party sabotaging Bernie in 2016 and have since threatened to ostracize any strategist that helps dethrone an incumbent. They are trying to stop any more AOCs. https://www.yahoo.com/news/cruising-gop-primary-then-trump-164206928.html He Was Cruising in a GOP Primary. Then Trump Endorsed an Ex-Democrat.
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    This photo is from 3 in the arvo, in Auckland NZ, smoke from Oz, no smell, just colour.
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