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    ...or cut to the chase... Charles Ortel is CLOSING IN with Special Guest George Neumayr The Biden Deception
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    ...want to know the truth and facts about Biden? read this book!!! Biden is an absolute POS his entire political career!!! Wake the FUC# UP!!!! The Biden Deception: Moderate, Opportunist, or the Democrats' Crypto-Socialist? by George Neumayr A Socialist in Sheep's Clothing That's what Joe Biden is. "Ordinary Joe" bills himself as a unifying "moderate," but he's far more dangerous than many realize. In fact, he's on board with the extreme Left on every vital issue—from the "Green New Deal," to trampling on the constitutional rights of gun owners and Christians, to socialist schemes that threaten to turn the United States into Venezuela. George Neumayr, a savvy and seasoned reporter, exposes Biden's radicalism and proves—often with the candidate's own words—why his presidency would be a disaster for America. In The Biden Deception, you’ll learn how and why a Biden administration would: Undercut law and order Erase our national borders Insist on abortion on demand across the country Repeal the Trump tax cuts Treat Communist China as an ally rather than a dangerous foe Pick up where Obama left off in “remaking” America—but far more aggressively Be the stepping-stone to power for an even more leftist Democratic Party that takes its cue from “AOC and the Squad” All elections are important, but 2020 will determine whether the U.S. becomes a socialist state—modeled on “lockdown America”—or renews its commitment to freedom and capitalism. Read The Biden Deception and don’t be fooled.
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    No one has ever confirmed the JFK planned that. But no, there was no such executive order. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_executive_actions_by_John_F._Kennedy I think I'd put Afghanistan ahead of the VN War as the biggest mistake. Just what the hell are we doing there, if not defending the opium fields, the way the conspiracy folks insist? US troops have been there 19 years, FFS! The Brits tried in Afghanistan - and failed. Russia tried in Afghanistan - and failed. And the US? I don't know one Soldier or Marine who has been there and doesn't think we should get out. They all tell me that as soon as we leave, the Taliban will take over again. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-47391821 As to the US participation in the VN War achieving nothing, one can make a good case that if it hadn't done so, the communists would have conquered Thailand as well. I remember when when the Thai military was engaged with communist ":insurgents" at Khao Kor and other places. Malaysia was also very worried and openly supported South VIetnam. When the communists ruled Laos and Cambodia, the domestic communists would have been a serious threat. Thailand had a military government at the time, which was not necessarily very popular outside of Bangkok. Yes, the Thais were overall contented with their government, but so were most South Vietnamese with theirs. The communists didn't care in either country. They wanted power. In the 1970s my university students were donating blood and contributing money to help the Thai soldiers fighting against the communists at Khao Kor, while the commies had support from Hanoi and Beijing. NVA soldiers had been killed on several occasions inside of Thailand. http://outbackthailand.com/khao-kho-thailands-forgotten-war/ https://www.cia.gov/library/readingroom/docs/DOC_0000012498.pdf p.s. In the 1970s I had a nodding acquaintanceship with the Thai commander at Khao Kor, while today I know several Thai ex-communists. They've said to me, "I made a mistake."
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    I've talked to vets who actually knew McCain, and they didn't share your high opinion of him. One USAF colonel told me that McCain was shot down when he returned to do a victory loop ovr the target he'd just attacked. True or not? How should I know, but the Col was a pilot who flew missions over NVN himself. Trump and McCain never got along. There's a difference between calling one man a loser and saying he called all veterans and war dead losers. There is ample evidence tht he did not. p.s. I voted for McCain.
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    Seems like conservative women are often more attractive and smarter than the opposition
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    He does not say he is happy, more like sad about all the dead babies this woman helped facilitate. Woman's right to chose is if she has sex or not with contraception or not. Killing babies is nobody's right. What do you expect from Yahoo, 100% anti Trump and of course they rope him into this report as well, they are not a news service they are activists for the Democrats
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    So ideologies cannot be organized? Terrorist ideology seems pretty organized when they turn up in mobs to intimidate, attack, loot and burn. Like hair splitting over Islamic jihad being an ideology and not an organization, does not make much difference to the outcome.
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    Good analysis of the CNN jokers
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    Amy Coney Batshit, Republicans repeatedly nominate Catholics to the high court because Catholics are the most vehemently against abortion. About 4 or 5 of the high court are catholic or catholic schooled. I grew up in a Catholic heavy city and while they all thought abortion was technically wrong, they weren't going to go to war over it .Boston, LA, Philadelphia and other catholic heavy cities have had abortion clinics for decades and have never batted an eye. Protests in front of them are always from out of town evangelical nutters. Being the son of a baptist Deacon, I'm not big fan of abortion truthfully. I'm uncomfortable with its roots. Planned Parenthood, the largest such clinics was started by a eugenicist. But I fully allow its practice because its not my body. I know my history and know how far the state will go to control your body and rights. Finally, this particular pick, is not just your run of the mill Catholic. She belongs to an off shoot that are..hmm...'scientologists' of Catholics. They believe in speaking in tongues, visions from God, etc. They are a sect. In other words, she's a fringe religious nutcase. By definition, she will not be able to reconcile her faith and the law. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Catholic_charismatic_renewal Catholics who practice charismatic worship usually hold prayer meetings outside of Mass and feature such gifts as prophecy, faith healing, and glossolalia. In Ann Arbor, Michigan, a Catholic church describes charismatic worship as "uplifted hands during songs and audible praying in tongues." It further distinguishes a charismatic congregation as one that emphasises complete surrender to Jesus in all parts of life, obedience to both the Gospel and Catholic teaching, as well as Christ-centered friendships
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    The thriller movie side of me has a morbid curiosity if tRump loses and how he gets kicked out of office. Re-enactment video of tRump being removed from Air Force One
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    Pence for 2024 then after hopefully another 4 years of President Trump
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    Never in the history of the country and probably any other country has so many people of his or hers own party endorse the opposition that they have almost no ideological similarity with. This number of people supporting the opposition in which they don't agree with is ONLY because their own party's leader is an existential threat to the Republic.
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    ANYTHING is better than Trump and his gang. Once he looses his presidential immunity I bet he will end in jail due to his dubious past. Biden could pardon him.
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    Obviously you have ZERO knowledge of the real Biden! Biden was the MBNA (large USA credit card company) Senator, meaning he pushed thru massive legislation for the benefit of the credit card companies, screwing the middle class! Biden has always worked to screw the middle class, Please study Biden BEFORE you make stupid comments!!!
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    Well what do you expect, the first republican President set the precedent by ignoring the law and the constitution he swore to uphold. Trump will of course accept the result, unlike Hillary who is still crying over 2016 🥶
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    Interesting that Yahoo suspended it's comments section on it's propaganda, they just could not stand what most people were saying about their biased Trump hate, so much for free speech.
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    some people don't want to acknowledge them no, black lives only seem to matter when white people are involved
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    The Devil All The Time [2020] A Netflix offering worth a look presents a top cast in a routine style dark drama set in a 50's backwater American religious belt, where several unrelated dodgy characters get tied up in sexual and killing frenzies whilst a young lad grows up trying to protect those hes close to.
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    The second amendment will never be repealed or the age of consent lowered. There have always been restrictions though, mad people and criminals do not have the right to own and bear arms, so that should exclude Antifa, the BLM Marxists and a much smaller number of rightist nutters.
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    Oh don't use facebook, it gets people in a lot of trouble, Mrs uses it to post pics of her food 🙄
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    From reports provided me from people that attended the protest, appears that over 200,000 were in attendance. There was a full military and police presence there complete with water and sound cannons. The protest was quite peaceful and last night, the main stream Thai media started to cover the event. Main theme of the protest continued with, "Prayuth get out"! The photo shown in the article was very early in to the protest... Thailand protests: Thousands join huge rally demanding reforms Thousands of people have protested in the Thai capital Bangkok calling for reform of the political system, including the role of the monarchy. It was one of the biggest protests in years with at least 15,000 people, police said. "Down with feudalism, long live the people," chanted some. There were no reports of violence. Since July, rallies have called for the resignation of Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha who took power in a 2014 coup and won disputed elections last year. Saturday's student-led demonstration moved from the campus of Thammasat University to a park next to a grand palace used for royal ceremonies. Demonstrators say they plan to stay overnight and march to the offices of the prime minister on Sunday morning... https://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-54217284
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    Nothing to do with a dying woman who is appointed and when, hopefully it's not another socialist like her
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    I hope KIm gets elected she would wipe the floor with those squad idiots
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    Mmm read that three times now and cannot make any sense out of it
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    The real world where things like the economy, immigration, defense and social justice are more important than fake racism, transgender nonsense and all the woke issues the left throw about. He's pretty popular in Israel of course being the only president with the guts to recognize Jerusalem as the capital and do something about it, despite the previous 4 presidents saying it was, but then doing nothing and running scared of the middle eastern bullies. Biden is pathetically weak compared to Trump, Trump is not a very nice person but a great president.
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    Looking forward to the Tv debates, can Biden stand on his own for 2 hours? should be a scream, as long as they don't just throw Biden soft questions.
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    First, Tet in 1968 was a VC operation, not an NVA operation. It was a "last gasp", intended to convince the US that the war was unwinnable. IT DIDN'T WORK, and it finished the VC. They were never again a factor in "the" war. The US kept right on going, chewing the NVA into little tiny pieces. Second, the US wound down its involvement, and withdrew, in 1972. South Vietnam did not fall until 1974. In the 1972-1974 period, with heavy backing from the USSR and the PRC, the NVA built TWO of the largest mechanized armies ever seen on the planet, larger than anything Hitler ever fielded in World War II. (That's saying something. Germany fielded some BIG mechanized armies.) The ARVN, with US air support, reduced the first one to Brillo (tm) pads, and sent what was left (NOT MUCH) back to Hanoi. When the second one headed south, in 1974, the Democrat-controlled Congress voted the equivalent of ten rounds of ammunition and two hand grenades per ARVN soldier, which was not remotely enough. It should be mentioned. That was one of the most expensive Brillo pad orders the Soviets ever placed, and it was a chunk of why the Soviet Union fell some years later.
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    0,50,100,150,200,250 I think you mean what is the axis title.
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    Some data, as of a few days ago. The first chart is day-to-day new cases, 7-day moving average, for the US. The second chart is day-to-day deaths, 7-day moving average, for the US. Bluntly, the pandemic is dying out.
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    FALSE, and badly so, but you have to read the history and look at the actual timeline. Full Disclosure: I am cribbing heavily from Jerry Pournelle's writings in this. First, it is necessary to recognize that there were in fact THREE wars being fought in Vietnam in the 1960s and early 1970s. The first was a revolt-from-within in South Vietnam, by the Viet Cong. The Viet Cong LOST that war in 1968: the Tet Offensive was their absolute last gasp. They were losing, they knew it, and the went for broke. They threw everything they had, including every kitchen sink and chamber pot they could find, at the US Army. The Army took it all, soaked it up, shook it off, and said, essentially "Is that the best you can do?" The VC were never a factor again in the hostilities after Tet. They were done. The second was a conventional land grab from North Vietnam, that had been flaring up periodically for some two thousand years, that usually fought itself to a standstill at about the DMZ. The VC made common cause with the North Vietnamese Army, who saw a chance to use a proxy to weaken the Army of the Republic of (South) Vietnam. Once the VC were off the board, the NVA continued the fight. The US essentially won that war, and withdrew from Vietnam in 1972, leaving only a commitment to provide air cover when needed. With air cover, the ARVN was quite capable of handling the NVA, and did so, handily. This included making Brillo (Tm) pads out of a larger mechanized army than Hitler's Germany ever fielded. Two years later, while hounding Richard Nixon out of the White House, the Democratic Party reneged on the air cover pledge, and South Vietnam fell. The US didn't lose; the Democrats THREW THE VICTORY AWAY. The third war is the interesting one. Vietnam was not just a stand-alone war: it was a critical campaign of attrition in the Seventy Years War between the United States of America and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. In such a campaign, the trick is NOT TO WIN OUTRIGHT, but rather to keep the other guy thinking that he can win it if just commits some more resources to the meatgrinder. The object is to cost the other guy a lot more than he costs you, and, in this regard, the US was howlingly successful in Vietnam. When Vietnam finally fell, the next campaign was in Afghanistan, where all the US did was supply Stinger SAMs to the Afghans, depriving the Soviets of their air cover assets, and letting them learn why nobody in their right minds EVER gets into a serious fight with the Afghans. Bluntly, the US did not "lose" the Vietnam War. By any sensible set of victory conditions, the US won. The problem is that the Democrats then betrayed South Vietnam, and let them fall.
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    False. Private citizens can own selective fire weapons (i.e., fully automatic), although the hoops are difficult to jump through. They can also own artillery pieces, and even fully operational tanks. There are "license fees", that are quite high, that being the closest the government can actually get to outlawing them. The M-16 and AK-47 are full auto. The AR-15 is the semiautomatic version of the M-16. As you correctly observe, it is quite easy to convert to full auto. The AR-15 is not popular because it is an "assault weapon" (There is NO SUCH THING as an "assault weapon" or "assault rifle".) It is popular because it is an extremely well-designed weapon, with a great deal of flexibility, that was designed with mission adaptation (adding gadgets as needed for special tasks) specifically in mind. It is in part popular because of the very unusual straight-line design, which eliminates muzzle climb. Flash, the Second Amendment was never about hunting. It was never about personal home defense. It was ALWAYS about ensuring that, when and if it became necessary for the people of the United States of America to overthrow the government AGAIN (recall that they'd just had to do that very thing!), they would have the weapons to do it. The other pieces are secondary, albeit absolutely necessary in some areas. (This is precisely why the Supreme Court ruled for Heller against the District of Columbia, and then for McDonald against Chicago.) It is also why the Ninth Circus Court of Appeals just threw out California's attempt to ban "large capacity" magazines.
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    Is this a court of law now?
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    This guy is pretty cool, not the hair sniffer obviously!
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    As in somebody whose opinions you don't like, yeah we heard that whine before pal
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    How about this guy I kinda imagine he's a bit like you
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    The stock market hit an all time high (S&P 500 that is. DJIA almost got there) but has been falling lately. Don't be surprised of a crash later this month or more likely in October. The stock market has gone up in spite of all economic data saying it shouldn't. Which supports what many of us have said for a while. It's being arbitrarily propped up. The central bank has been propping it up for a while, pre Trump. Trump knows this. He spoke about it during his first campaign and it resonated with the masses because it made sense. Once in he not only let it happen, he would complain the Fed chief isn't doing enough of it. You an only blow up a balloon so far until it pops.
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    People still watch CNN as a reliable, truthful and impartial source? It's crude anti Trump propaganda, they are political activists not journalists.
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    Obama was poor? In what context? Name all the presidents overall better than Obama in the last 50 years? Agree that Biden is not a great choice. You are being a bit hyperbolic on his mental capabilities. But be that as it may, okay, Biden is not a great candidate, who is better and why?
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    LOL...1. I didn't bring up Candace Owens. 2. Race is topical in America right now, and I'm not the only one posting on it. 3. Your opinion. I never said the N word you are (gladly misspelled as a country in Africa) using it on this forum. Shows how you feel about race. 4. And this is the most important. Try actually using facts and reasoned debate. Generalizations and vapid opinions show you have no counter argument so go to the old and tired 'personal attack'. Thanks for proving my point.
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    Fascinating, not sure about the excessive grovelling and the short hair, but the betel nut, reminds me of grandma and her mates, when me and the boys drink the beer in Laos.
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    The economy, before the Chinese virus, employment including the lowest black unemployment for decades, strengthening the military, executing a couple of major Jihadists who deserved it, building the wall to keep out illegal immigrants, cutting the price of medicines, getting people out of prison and giving them another chance, especially blacks. Not a nice bloke but doing the job.
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    Hope Gap [2020] A couple's visit with their son takes a dramatic turn when the father tells him he plans on leaving his mother after 29 years of marriage. An otherwise grim drama set on the scenic southern English coast.
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    Becoming a Man in Thailand by C. J. Fawcett Nathan Foster was a coward. Kicked out of Marine boot camp and afraid to face his high-ranking Marine father, he stole his father's frequent flyer miles to run away to Thailand until he could figure out what to do with his wreck of a life. Socially inept, Nathan quickly gravitated to the bars where, for once in his life, women seemed to like him. And at 19 years old, he liked them right back. Between bargirls to university girls interested in farangs, Nate is able to forget his failures back in the States. With expats from around the world, he finds an interesting mix of men trying to find a new life. But has he really changed? When he's faced with a dangerous situation with someone in the Russian mafia, would he simply run away again, or could he actually take a stand for the first time in his life and become a man? About C. J. Fawcett Not too much to say about me. I'm ex-Army, ex-Marine, ex-married, now living my retirement in Thailand. I'm a whale reader, constantly in a book, and I wanted to see if I could write a novel. They say write what you know, so I wrote BECOMING A MAN IN THAILAND. The book contains some nightlife scenes, and the Thai government doesn't always take kindly to that, so to protect my retirement visa, I chose a pen name. I'm also a beta reader for several other authors, and that opened up the chance for me to write with Michael Anderle and Jonathon Brazee in THE BOHICA CHRONICLES. Fun read...progresses nicely...so many memories! A quick read.
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    I just saw a meme that said Why is murder an appropriate response to property damage but property damage isn't an appropriate response to murder?
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    Open carry is nutty. Its insane. Even concealed carry should be difficult to permit. As a society we give people who want to be police a battery of psychological tests, months of training to know how to dispense a firearm in public when called for, they often get it wrong but some 20 year old can buy the same gun, walk around, and who knows what may trigger him to fire it at someone. Its a completely insane thing. I'm not saying one can't own a gun to protect their home. Trusting anyone to have the frame of mind not to fire a gun openly is completely batshit crazy for a society to do. The person gets fired? The person gets into an argument with someone over a parking space? The person has personal bigotry seeing 2 men as a couple, mixed race couple, arabs, and gets triggered.
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    The FBI and J. Edgar Hoover: The History and Legacy of the Federal Bureau of Investigation Under Its First Director No single figure in 20th century American history inspires such opposing opinions as J. Edgar Hoover, the iconic first Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. In his time, he was arguably the most powerful non-elected figure in the federal government. Serving under eight presidents (and outliving two of them), he remains the longest-serving head of a major government office, and Hoover died as he began: a civil servant, having been appointed by the Attorney General and serving at the pleasure of the president. That said, no civil servant had ever accrued to themselves the power and public attention that Hoover did. Interesting. Worth a read. ****
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