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Christmas dinner!


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I wouldn't bring my missus to Bourbon street' date=' especially for christmas...


And I suspect that you too Faustian would think the same as I do....[/quote']

Why not? It is very proper and family friendly -- moreso on holidays. I've even seen the #3 Princess eating there, seems she loves the crawfish.


Of course it is not fancy at all. Just good food, friendly staff and a homey feel. It is hard for me to keep Ms Vampirella outta the place, what with the fresh oysters, decent Thai food, and Bananas Foster LOL.









My wife loves their Thai food and comes with me for her Thai foods breakfast the majority of days we are in BKK (and she is very picky about her Thai food!). She loves the crawfish, is especially fond of the Bourbon Street redfish in white sauce with crabmeat, as well as a few other dishes I have turned her on to. It is a respectable restaurant with many American tourists, expats, and Thais, Germans, Japn, etc eating there and drinking there at night. They have a nice choice of ales, beers, wines, and liqours. It is a landmark American restaurant in Bangkok and has been there for many years now. And as SD points out, if the royal family can dine there with no qualms I am certain most other Thai women should feel comfortable to go there.



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Yes I saw numerous families with kids and the food is quite good......must be my tastes and the ones of the missus I suppose.




silver dollar might be a bit over the top for the missus






I take it to mean that what you are saying is that you prefer a more intimate and classy setting to dine out for Xmas with your lady? Then yes, Bourbon Street is not an intimate, romantic setting... I agree there with you. It is more like an American family 'southern' style dining experience. Comfortable, affordable, with decent portions and a homey ambiance. While the staff is good it is not a high end dining experience with classy waiters at your beck and call, linen tableclothes, and linen napkins folded to look like oragami birds with fancy silverware and candles on the table.


So I think I get what you are expressing here Droggie. :thumbup: :)


But really, buy your lady a kilo of the BB Street crawdads and watch her face light up after she tries one. :smirk: I bet you'll have to fight her for the last one left. 555555!

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I think he did read that, note the '1K for the "normal" buffet'.


Agree with you though that the price is outrageous. For 2 that would end up costing ~6,500 Baht (I assume the 2800 is ++, right?), which would also buy about a month's worth of groceries for me.





When it comes to food, my wife likes my cooking. Our Thanksgiving turkey was a cheapo turkey ($.45 a pound) but when it was done, the legs, wings, breast, etc. all felled off trying to get it out of the pan. Oh by the way, the meat was nok sticking to the pan.



The Bourbon place does seem like it has a nice menu. If it had some cramberries it sounds like it would be perfect.

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Thanks Cent: Exactly what I mean -> we both prefer a more intimate setting (and not classy at all)


and yes...the missus and I would prefer to spend christmas together eating a good som tam...


Yes Bourbon street is more the American family style setting and I did say the food was good.


jxxxl: I didn't mean to criticize your tastes.


I don't understand why you call me "high roller"

as I am just stating the obvious, call Sukhotai, banyan tree, the oriental or any 5 stars hotel in BKK and I am pretty sure the price will be more or less the same....


Tuna salad? Because there is no "food by phone" here except pizza hut, telepizza (pizza hut but more crappy).

Not even BK or Mcdo delivering at home....

So for people who don't know how to cook it is a bit of a pain in the butt here.


So yes, I am right now preparing my tuna salad as at least I have the chance to have some good tuna here, premium quality olive oil, xeres vinegar, capers, very good anchovies and onions.


Merry christmas to all, wherever and whatever you will eat.




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Well 2,800 seems cheap all of a sudden.........


Banyan tree river cruise 3,500 Baht...nice but outside my time schedule.


Shangri-la buffet 3,500 Baht per person.


And the killer...yep it's the freakin Oriental, 4,800 Baht per person...buffet of course. You do get fireworks though. Wow!


Curiously the Peninsula is a snip at 2,500 Baht!


My problem is..........which is going to be good? My lady has to be home probably before 9pm. So river boat out of the question. Would any of these options be worth the money??????




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Peninsula is cheap as they watch the Oriental firework free of charge! :neener:


i never go for those christmas or new year hotel packages as prices are going up while quality of food is going into opposite directions!

there are many thai restaurants in nice and romantic settings where you can eat for less than 1000 THB beer included.

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Faustian, did you have a look at Bourbon street?


And yes I was pretty sure to be right...

-> what did board members expect from 4-5 stars hotels in bkk (back here a christmas dinner at one of the 5 stars is "only" 15-20k bht...)


Faustian: Really I wouldn't go to any of the 4-5 stars hotel christmas dinner...not worth the money IMO because in my experience christmas/new year dinners in big hotels are more like a big party -> so much for "intimate dinner"


It might be too late but if I was you I would choose a nice small restaurant (plenty of French-Italian-Thais) offering a set menu for christmas -> try calling some maybe?

(a place looking like "le café Siam" is a nice setting IMHO and probably not more expensive than 5 stars hotels for a mor private dinner)


Good luck, I can't help you not being in BKK so I am not "up to date" about restaurants.


PS: Samak posted before me and he seems to have the same suggestion as I do.


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