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7 hours ago, Coss said:

BLM are involved because the protests were about the shooting of a black man.


Protest, is that a polite way of saying a Riot with armed protesters on both sides, a protest involving BLM Marxist who cause civil unrest at the drop of a hat.

It is easy to find a connection to something and twist it, in 1929 Frigyes Karinthy coined the concept of “Six Degrees of Separation”  nearly a century later with social media it is more than likely three degrees ( not the American Female vocal group) of separation 

Kyle Riittenhouse was found “Not Guilty” by a jury of his peers, which in the USA is a right covered by the Seventh Amendment.

What gives you, or anyone for that matter, to question the decision of the jury, Rittenhouse is not exactly a Mafioso figure could intimidate members of said jury or even witnesses. 
By questioning the outcome, you are questioning the whole US Judicial System


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I'm not questioning the verdict, or the outcome or the system.

I'm suggesting that this decision might inflame a country, already primed to riot, in places..

So yes nothing gives me the right to question the verdict, or the outcome or the system.

If I see a hammer, about to hit the thumb of a man, and I say "that might hurt"  I'm not questioning the hammer or the thumb or the man.

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14 hours ago, Coss said:


I can explain it to you, but I can’t understand it for you.

The judge threw the case, he was working for the defense. He went there, with his mother's help (who should be in jail) to kill blacks or anyone helping blacks. He got it accomplished and he got off for it. Its that simple. I don't care to debate the obvious. Those who want to believe otherwise are obviously free to do so. 

We are at a state in America where primarily the right (although a few on the far left as well but vast majority on the right) no longer have faith in the constitution or laws because they are losing power (in their minds). So, all bets are off. Morals, ethics, the law, decency is out the window. 

The end game? Their own country or be like the Kurds in Iraq, unofficially autonomous rule in red states. For those outside America who may not be fully aware. The vast majority of those under 30 are far left. Socialism is good word to them. They are for the environment, gay rights, democratic socialism. Kyle Rittenhouse is just the latest salvo in what they deem an existential threat. For them, equal rights, equal treatment under the law, upholding the true meaning of the constitution is no good because it will render them on equal par with those they considered to be below their station/status in America. 

That's the white power sign our mischievous little Kyle is flashing for the domestic terrorits group, The Proud Boys. 







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Is there any evidence that the jury has been put together in an unlawful way, deliberate advantage for Rittenhouse?  Just a question, I don´t even know how they find their juries.

In case nothing went wrong the verdict has to be accepted and end of story.

What I find most disturbing is that a half grown 17 year old boy of obviously limited intellect can legally carry a semi automatic gun through the roads and the State of Wisconsin thinks that is his right as a citizen. I am glad I m not living there .

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Steve, personally I agree with you, objectively, I'm on the wagon of people who think that the justice system is, what it is, in 'merica, and that this verdict is a torch in the fireworks storeroom.

vis: https://www.stuff.co.nz/world/americas/300459369/windows-smashed-urine-thrown-at-police-in-downtown-portland-kyle-rittenhouse-protest


Bubi, "half grown 17 year old boy of obviously limited intellect can legally carry a semi automatic gun"

you should see his mum, described as single mother of three...






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I assume young Rittenhouse might now become a hero of the right wing militia, who would not understand what this verdict is all about and take it as an encouragement to defend the eternal values of (white) America.

As it is Sunday today I took the time to read various pieces about this case and the result is that the jury has done what had to be done . Even Steve should agree in the end .

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On the civil lawlessness aspect:


Swarmed robbery: Up to 80 thieves ransack department store near San Francisco

About 80 people, some wearing ski masks and wielding crow bars, ransacked a high-end department store in the San Francisco Bay Area, stealing merchandise before fleeing in cars waiting outside, police and witnesses said.

Three people were arrested while the majority got away after the large-scale theft Saturday night shocked shoppers at the Nordstrom in Walnut Creek, police said.

NBC Bay Area reporter Jodi Hernandez tweeted that she saw the thieves rush into the store in the downtown shopping district in the city some 32km northeast of San Francisco.

"About 25 cars just blocked the street and rushed into the Walnut Creek Nordstrom, making off with goods before getting in cars and speeding away," Hernandez said on Twitter.

Video from the scene shows masked people streaming out of the store, carrying bags and boxes, jumping into the cars and speeding away.

Brett Barrette, the manager of a nearby PF Chang's restaurant, began locking doors at his establishment while watching the chaos unfold.

"We probably saw 50 to 80 people in ski masks, crowbars, a bunch of weapons," Barrette told ABC 7 News.

The Walnut Creek Police Department said a firearm was recovered from one of the three arrested suspects, ABC 7 reported.

The incident was first reported around 8.45pm while the store was still open. Police officials couldn't immediately be reached Sunday morning, but a dispatcher said the department was preparing a news release.

No injuries were reported. Nobody answered the phone at the Nordstrom Sunday morning.

The incident came a day after several high-end stores in San Francisco's Union Square were broken into by a large group of people who smashed windows, stole merchandise, and then ran to waiting cars, police said.

Louis Vuitton, Fendi, Yves Saint Laurent, Burberry, and Dolce & Gabbana were all targeted Friday night, Fox 2 News reported.

San Francisco Police Officer Robert Rueca said in a statement posted on social media that officers responded to reports of possible looting and vandalism at Union Square stores Friday night and arrested several people.

Stores in Union Square, a posh shopping district popular with tourists, have been targeted for years by well-organised thieves who at times have rammed vehicles into storefronts to break glass doors and windows and enter the buildings during non-business hours.

In July, Governor Gavin Newsom signed a law that allows prosecutors to charge those who work with others to steal merchandise.


They need a new law? where have these people been living?  1650?

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