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Bitcoin In Thailand


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I can’t find the link now, but another article said the Bitcoin Harvesting facility busted in the UK used £16,000 worth of stolen Electricity to harvest £8,000 worth of Bitcoin. 

No wonder they didn’t do it from home hehe. 

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Bitcoin retreated price wise for a few months and is now coming back. Mining uses up a lot of power. My guess is that technology will fix that issue if it grows. Solar? Wind? whatever. It's a problem waiting to be solved. 

Be that as it may, those that bought cryptos anytime before January is making out like a bandit and even if you bought at the previous run up (December 2017) at almost 20k and held it you are still well over 100%. 

If Stone soup kept even 1 of his coins judging from 2014 prices he's made out very good. No one is talking about that. He was right. And I hope he posts. Anyone know his whereabouts?

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Whilst I accept the cost of Wind and Solar is slightly less than fossil fuels and is still falling I bet you haven’t seen a reduction is your utilities bills.

Domt hold your breath waiting for prices to fall, more than likely to rise due to the “Green Turriff” 

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You know I'm a sceptic, on any kind of bitcoin, and whilst you fellows are correct when you say, they've taken off and there's money to be made, this is also the rationale behind stocks.

At least in the old days you got a bit of paper, with some printed words on it, to signify that the stock was 'something'.

The derivatives market, that let to the last economic crash was people selling debt. I got no debt :: I have no worth.

Now we also see NFTs and like the influencers, if one or three people, can persuade someone to part with a huge sum of money for an NFT, everyone will say 'see? value! true!'

Now that I've had more thoughts on this general topic, the 'tell' I feel, is that all of these things are measured in money. Not anything else.

Whilst some have managed to almost, mainstream, the 'coins', when the world's financial systems, finally get around to disavowing the coins, there'll be a lot of money lost and the establishment will be able to say,  'see - criminals, not good honest banks...'

Now if these 'coins' were measured in, lithesome nubile ladies, there might be some interest from this quarter.

There following NFT is for sale at $23,580,350.00 USD





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