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Bitcoin In Thailand


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And now there's NFTs - non fungible tokens.

When people such as the inestimable, awesome, "Ye" (Kanye West)  "drop" a picture of a hand-written note - “Do not ask me to do a (expletive) NFT.”    yo no that something is pointless.  LINK

Yes even though people have paid in the millions for NFTs, that's just FSA - "first sucker advantage". 

On this very page there is a pixel that is an NFT and only viewable by you. I will sell it to you for USD 250,000,000

For details on it's precise location, send money to my account.

Clue: it's Hexadecimal colour is either #f0f1f5 or #ffffff

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OH WAIT....    I've just invented an entity that is so rare, so individual, so inexhaustibly excellent and thanks to differences in spatial frequency perception, it will never lose value, ever.

One is available.

It is number three of a series of five, and all five must be present in the same room to be viewable.

Send money etc....

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Sorry but I do get NFT


In the arts similar "products" already exist and are in use.


Not forgeries, but works of art that can easily be forged.


Photographs can be copied reasonably easily, when I was very involved with a photographic gallery this was often a subject. Most of the artists hand printed, but some used lab photos.


What made them unique was a simple issue number


Video work, even online art is essentially a easily copied work of art, and a NFT


NFT's are being seen within the art world as a legitimate viable solution and apparatus of art.


So while many new things may seem stupid to old grumpy white men, they do have legitimate uses,


The providence of artwork is a huge issue, so NFT is a great solution for some artworks

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From the link


In theory, blockchain technology was supposed to make it easier for digital artists to sell unique tokens of ownership, offering buyers a permanent record of ownership linked to the work.

For some artists, the technology opened up a new way to earn money : Kenny Schachter, a New York-based video artist and art writer, embraced NFTs early and said he has made hundreds of thousands of dollars in the past year, after three decades working within an art world in which video art rarely sold.

“We’re in an incredible mushrooming of opportunity for digital artists,” said Schachter. “It’s 1,000% better than a year ago, two years ago, when there was no marketplace for any of this art.”


As usual you'd expect a news article to take the angle they did


Farnkly though, and I do know, live with have best mates with many artists, they all seem to like the basic idea


Like I mentioned, many genres are open to copying.


What fails here is people not checking on if the real artist is the one selling the work.


As with all counterfeits it's the first step in providence



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