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Bitcoin In Thailand


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  • 2 weeks later...

Tesla has invested US$1.5 billion ($2b) in bitcoin and plans to start accepting the cryptocurrency as payment "in the near future," the electric automaker said Monday in a Securities and Exchange Commission filing.

The move is a major sign of support for bitcoin and could encourage other major companies to follow suit in accepting the world's most popular cryptocurrency.


It must be good, I didn't buy it so it'll keep rising.


My thoughtful take, on Tesla buying bitcoin, is that the medium term outlook for the Currencies like USD and all the others, is poor.

Ergo , put some money in bitcoin and sell, when it gets high enough.


A bit of a bitcoin


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  • 3 months later...

Now they don't wanna play bitcoin any more...


"Tesla CEO Elon Musk has announced the company is suspending the ability to purchase cars using cryptocurrency bitcoin, citing environmental concerns.

The move comes just a day after he appeared to support the use of another cryptocurrency, dogecoin, to purchase a vehicle. Tesla only started accepting bitcoin at the end of March. "

blah blah blah... leaving aside the well crafted PR talk and Dogecoin for a moment...

Q: what happens when lots of people, think these crypto currencies are worthless, as I do?

I know that folk who have thrown real money, into the crypto money pit, will always say they are worth something, but if they are not worth something, is it time to get into NFTs ?


Heres one you can have for $1,000,000 US.  = 💵  digitally signed by the author

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And: follow the money, or in this case, Gold. ~ further comment would be redundant...

Record volumes of gold moved to NZ as investors seek haven

Risk-averse international investors are thought to be flying in their gold to stash it in a discreet, high-security vault near Auckland's international airport.

Customs figures reveal an unprecedented $242 million in gold was imported to NZ in the past 12 months, as the world's wealthy seek the security of the world's oldest investment product...



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  • 2 weeks later...

I just saw a docco on Al Jazeera -  Cryptopia 

Whilst it confirmed my view that  Blockchain as a concept is a good idea, it also showed that as I suspected, the "BitCoin" world, is full of scams and grifters and established interests, trying to carve out a new way, of getting my dollars...

I'll rest on this one for a decade and re-look at it, then.

Subsequent offer: I have Bearer Bonds in the value of 25,000 Pounds Sterling, if anyone wants them, at a 50% discount. P.M. me for details.

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A suspected Bitcoin "mining" operation illegally stealing electricity has been found by police who were searching for a cannabis farm.

Officers had been tipped off about the site on the Great Bridge Industrial Estate, Sandwell, and raided it on 18 May, West Midlands Police said.

Instead of cannabis plants they found a bank of about 100 computer units.


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Yes, as a side effect of all this "mining" that's going on, computer graphics cards, even 2nd hand,  for gaming, are horrendously expensive. They're used to do the "mining" calculations...

Over the years I've been watching "DCS World" from a distance, as they don't do a Mac version.

Recently I noticed that high end Mac Pros, of the 2009 vintage were going very cheap, i.e. $200.

Back in the day, these machines, when properly specced, would run a whole 50 person pre-press unit and cost up to $20K. And being Macs running on intel, they'd do Windows inside BOOTCAMP > yay.

So I got one and proceeded to run up DS world and three monitors and now I'm learning how to fly Spitfires and Hornets and Russian Jets and so on.

But to get good frame rates I had to buy a 2nd hand graphics card that a few years ago would run out at ~$80, now they are rare as hens teeth and cost ~$500.  People are selling room size "mining" set ups for $50k.

mmm  ...  stampede behaviour? Bubbles anyone?

*note: if you're interested in DCS World

watch this vid - https://player.vimeo.com/video/297267218?api=1&dnt=1&player_id=player-id-4

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"Yes, as a side effect of all this "mining" that's going on, computer graphics cards, even 2nd hand,  for gaming, are horrendously expensive. "

Not to mention the huge amounts of electricity wasted on this. Apparently bitcoin mining uses more electricity per year than Argentina.


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