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Bitcoin In Thailand


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I collect old coins, my favourite is one of Alexander the Great about 320 BC which is rare as it does show his effigy which is unusual in that the coins of that period usually showed a previous gods effigy. 


My other favourite is a "pirate" coin struck around late 1600's and shipped on a vessel that sank during the golden age of the pirate republic. 


Doesn't actually mean the ship was sunk by pirates, but who knows.


I've a. Number of Roman coins also.


Interesting that all of these don't always cost a lot of money.


I've been bidding on a Lydian electrim coin for a while but hard to get a good price and Providence


Getting Providence is important as so many fakes out there


I use a website that can give Providence where available, añd also lists fake coins being sold 




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Bitcoin/crypto adoption is a largely generational thing. I first heard about it from a 20 something year old about a half dozen years ago and the only reason I looked at it seriously was because he was one of the most mature, level headed and smart young people I've met. I did research into it and liked the ideology behind it, saw a potential future in it. It turned out to be a fantastic thing and wish I had gotten way more obviously. 

Hedge funds, Wall Street, etc are heavily into it so the argument of it being another 'tulip' lessens. It's an over 500 billion dollar market and approaching a trillion. 

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I don't think of it has having tulip problems, I think of it as someone giving you a digital number that is after all, a series of 0s an 1s and telling you that you should pay  $27k US to him.

Here's one i'll sell you for $25k US   

6843150821433556552019091168808695342130285641998761957332054476234951941846285315082143355655201909116880869534213028564199876195733205447623495194184628531508214335565520190911688086953421302856419987619573320544762349519418462853150821433556552019091168808695342130285641998761957332054476234951941846285315082143355655201909116880869534213028564199876195733205447623495194184628531508214335565520190911688086953421302856419987619573320544762349519418462853150821433556552019091168808695342130285641998761957332054476234951941846285315082143355655201909116880869534213028564199876195733205447623495194184628531508214335565520190911688086953421302856419987619573320544762349519418462853150821433556552019091168808695342130285641998761957332054476234951941846285315082143355655201909116880869534213028564199876195733205447623495194184628531508214335565520190911688086953421302856419987619573320544762349519418462853150821433556552019091168808695342130285641998761957332054476234951941846285315082143355655201909116880869534213028564199876195733205447623495194184628531508214335565520190911688086953421302856419987619573320544762349519418462853... and so on




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On 12/21/2020 at 4:00 AM, khunsanuk said:


Don't have anything that fancy. I do have ~40 different kinds of 10 Baht coins though,

I may point out that to my best knowledge a couple of different coins probably does not make a bitcoin. I have no idea though what bitcoin is and don´t want to know.

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