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My Corona Diary December 2020 - 2021


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Or this one.

At that time the QUEEN of Soi 6 King Kong Bar, Pattaya.

She had a lot to offer.  1787349368_Fah-Soi6girlradiert-DSC04343.jpg.b2e4aa58dd106820ffc85eb41ba4d26f.jpg

This girl was as sweet and delicate as all my spring flowers of my garden put together!
My pansies, my hyacinths, crocuses, violets, primroses.
But she was also a very little bit poisoned.
Sweet memories to this girl with a little pinch of poison.

She was great fun. But time drags by so quckly. I hope she has a good time nowadays in her Isaan-town. Girl, sometimes I think of you.

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Some notes about this girl.

1. she wears braces. Braces are certainly not sexy.

2. on that day she was pretty dressed up: the reddish hair and a strong make-up.

In fact, on that day she did not look favourable.
I told her so; too much dolled up. Politely, of course.

A few days later.


Her knockers, boobies, mammaries, hooters were wonderful.

All real, all natural. No plastic, no silicone.

She was a bit shy and reserved.
But if you are polite and a bit charming to her, the ice breaks quickly.



She was also a bit more expensive than the other Soi 6 girls.
But it was money well spent. Sweet memories. My spring flower.




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May 2021 so far has been far too cold.
Right now on May 18, 2021 in the Hamburg area and in Düsseldorf we have just a ridiculous 14 degrees!
And occasional rain; 0.1 mm, 0.2 mm: that's nothing! and far too little!We need 20 mm and 30 mm and more!
The whole spring already since the beginning of March the northwest of Germany Hamburg, Bremen, the Ruhr area, the area of the Lower Rhine to south of Cologne has had much too little precipitation; but for that this area was a refrigerator.
Other areas of Germany, on the other hand, have literally been drowned in rain.
Our forests and agriculture in northwestern Germany urgently need penetrating rain and rising temperatures.

I have read today - 18.5.21 - in the newspapers that at the German North Sea coast and Baltic Sea coast the bathing season is opened.
This is a joke! Air temperature 13 degrees, water 10 degrees.
Does anyone feel like swimming? Where are the heroes?


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I was intrigued by the “Bathing Season’ and did a quick Google to see if UK has similar. I’ll be honest, I thought you were taking the piss 555. 

It began last Saturday 15.5.21 thru until 30.9.21.

In the UK it is “Bathing Water Season” as in the water quality is monitored at over 170 sites around the UK and classifying Poor, Sufficient, Good or Excellent. 


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Memories of Khun Fah

It is raining in my heart, and I have made my reservation at the Heartbreak Hotel.
No, I'm not alone and lonely. They are all there:
* my family, my daughter, all my friends; I am embedded in an intact social environment.
* there is my beloved Düsseldorf old town with its 150 pubs, bars, music clubs, discos, trendy locations etc..
* there's my beloved university library with its books,
* there's our garden where I work like a slave,
* and 18 m away there's the beer garden Stoffeln with host Joseph and his regular guests.
You can talk and discuss everything with them and drink a beer after work.

There is my regular Kneipe -  pub - in Düsseldorf
with its first-class dishes and large portions at a ridiculously low price.
With its simple but warm guests.
* the forklift driver who boasts with the stacking fork,
* the lady cashier who sits at the cash desk at Aldi.
* the receptionist girl at the doctor's practice around the corner,
* the salesman in a large store for bicycles and small motor scooters.
* the buddy at the saw in a large hardware store

or Hamburg:
there is Meyer-Lansky's in the centre of Hamburg, near Gänsemarkt - goose market.
with its snobbish Hamburg audience, guests and overpriced prices for various long drinks and cocktails.

And yet I am alone. There is no Khun Fah any more. I am living without her, and I am thinking of her.
We enjoyed a perfect dream in Jomtiem for three or four weeks.


The first day I saw her and met her. She charmed me from the first second.


I can't remember who took this picture. Was it Khun Phil? It can be.
At that time, Khun Fah was 38 years old; and she had received many a slap in the face from fate.
We had a lot in common.



Happy Bou - Soi Welcome, Jomtiem - together with my Thai friend, a former Phantom F5 - pilot.



A visit to the Big Buddha.


I go again and again to Hamburg Airport and Düsseldorf Airport watching the planes come in, but I cannot stand to see them land without her and sadness comes over me.
I am listening to blue songs, and these gloomy songs take me back to her. It is raining in my heart and now I know how Paul McCartney felt when he once sang: I wish it was Yesterday; you and me in Jomtiem. It is raining in my heart and now I know what Paul Simon meant by the words he found:
I wish I was Homeward Bound; back to Jomtiem and Khun Fah.

Here are the musical sources I drew from and got some inspiration from.

Have fun. Greetings from Deutschland


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