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Thailand Pass set to replace CoE


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Absolutely no issue with the whole process. Thailand Pass application took less than 24 hours. I had prepared all the paperwork ahead of doing the online submission, including the cropped QR codes from my vaccination certificate as jpg files.

At check-in in Doha the Qatar Airways staff wanted to see 4 documents:


Thailand Pass QR code

Hotel reservation

Insurance cert.

All were checked that they had my name associated with them. The flight was full but non-eventful.

The flight touched down at 06:30 and on arrival there were a lot of blue chairs arranged at the point where the concourse splits into the different arms. The wait here was a couple of minutes while the checked I had the TP paper. Then proceed to the desk where the TP QR code is scanned and confirmed against passport. Then on to immigration which was very smooth, no queue. A short wait for the bag then out to the arrival hall. Here the very efficient and smooth air-side process takes a dive. Very chaotic with half a dozen desks supporting a hundred hotels and several hundred people milling about in a small space, everyone looking for there hotel.

I had booked at the Hyatt Regency on Soi 13. Not the cheapest but I felt re-assured that I might be getting a halfway decent service. They use Bumrungrad hospital which is barely a block away. At the airport the rep swiftly directed me to a black Toyota Camry outside and within a minute or two I was on my way into town. Friday morning traffic was much as I remember and it took a little while to reach the tollway exit adjacent to Sukhumvit Soi 1. From there it was straight to the pcr test at Bumrungrad, a drive through service that was complete in less that 2-3 minutes. and from there straight to the hotel on Soi 13. Check-in was nothing more than to check my name on the list and from there I was escorted to the room. Vey nice and the reason I chose the Hyatt. Being locked in a room for possibly 24 hours I wanted it to be at least pleasant. Other than being devoid of the usual room amenities it was very much as expected. I was in the room by 08:20.

I settled in to do some work, watch a bit of tv and wait for the next day but the phone rang at around 5pm to say my test was negative and the result sent to my registered e-mail address. I phoned a friend and by 6:30pm we were downing cold ones at Viva on soi 8. So 12 hours from touchdown to beers on Sukhumvit, not too bad considering the state of play. It was a pretty wild night, lots of booze and lots of entertainment that lasted well into the next day, Seems Bangkok is developing a lot of hidden backroom speakeasy style joints to get around the 11pm lock down..

I had arranged for my daughter and son to drive into town the next day and fetch me and after lunch in Terminal 21 we made our way out of town and back home.

It's been a year and 5 months that I've been away, I'm fortunate to have a well paid contract at the moment and in a way have taken advantage of the difficult travel situation to get my head down and crack on with work. That and knowing that I could not manage another 14 days in quarantine which has kept me away from home for so long. So home for a month I plan a lot of catching up at home as well as fun evenings out in town.






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Only now, Thailand Pass tells me I need a hotel reservation (which I have) with a covid test AT THE HOTEL...hello, I get a covid test before I leave the USA, my transfer flight at Narita Japan wants to see my covid test plus they do a full on security check now...WTF...I get off one plane and on to another and need a full security check???

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The Novotel airport hotel couldn't find my reservation with the reservation number that they gave me,,,WTF

So go online, make another reservation and request a letter for Thailand Pass that states I will have a covid test at the hotel. The letter they originally sent me did not state anything about the covid test so I was rejected for the Thailand Pass...errrrrr does the left hand know what the right hand is doing????

I fly out on Monday and still dealing with all the BS...

Plan B, fly to Malaysia and take the train to Bangkok!!!

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What the hotels do is not the problem...the problem is that Thailand Pass wants to see a covid test included in the hotel reservation!

Stilll no Thailand Pass and I fly out of here Monday....if they let me on the plane without the Thailand Pass...

No stress here 55555555555555555555555

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14 hours ago, khunsanuk said:


The Thailand Pass is not necessary to fly out.

I used this site to get an ASQ hotel: https://asq.in.th/
All of these offer covid tests when checking in.


...but the people at Thailand Pass seem to not know about the ASQ hotels as they rejected my Thailand Pass because my hotel confirmation did not say, covid test included...

I'm still waiting and even have my people in Thailand calling Thailand Pass but nothing!!!

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