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Infuriating Western Women, Ha Haaaah!!!!!!


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Hi Guys,

Yeah, I got my idea for this post from Stump_Dog, I quote him as follows!!!


Relax and enjoy and then ifuriate westen women on your return. I did a classic at work and told them that Thai women were the most beautiful in the world.

Oh how silent the canteen fell and I knew as I left the room the daggers would be drawn but who cares I am away from that place now.




Oh, how I wish I'd been there to see it!!!! laugh.gif" border="0 Good on ya, Stump_Dog!!!

As to me, I was in a small bit of a bind- I was in Phnom Penh, and it was time to pay the lady. My cash was in the safe deposit at the front desk downstairs, all US $ cash, a thick wad, being mostly $1's, $5's, $10's and $20's. I didn't want the people lounging around downstairs *or* the lady waiting in my room to see this thick wad of cash, 'cause I didn't think it prudent (it's a hell of a lot of $$$ to them!!).

Anyway, I take the elevator up to my floor, get off, and a fat white fat-assed backpacking bitch gets on. Stabs her finger on the 'door open' button and holds the door open LT, waiting for someone, obviously doesn't care who she's inconveniencing by doing so- one look at her face (if you dare look!!) will tell you that.

So, inspiration strikes!!! Right in front of our aforementioned backpackers face, I whip out the wad of cash, slam it down with a thump on a handy table, wet my thumb, peel off the lady's fee, put away the wad and with fee in hand, proceed to my room, giving the backpacker an ear to ear grin as I go!!!!! laugh.gif" border="0laugh.gif" border="0


I think 'she' had it figured.... and I sure think so!!!! laugh.gif" border="0laugh.gif" border="0

It was an excellent start to the day!!!!

Has anyone had similar fun???? If not, and if it's possible, I recommend it!!! laugh.gif" border="0

I was told a long time ago 'If God had intended us to fuck those white bitches, he never would have invented Thailand!!' laugh.gif" border="0laugh.gif" border="0

Now, that's not PC, and personally, I DON'T CARE HAHAH!!!



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I love it Savittre! Yeah, you can't beat that feeling. laugh.gif" border="0

Farang women in Thailand/Cambodia have it about as bad as Farang men in the US or UK. Paybacks are a bitch, and so are farang women.

Thanks for sharing. cool.gif" border="0

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I had a wonderful and satisfying experience with a farang girl upon arrival here. I'm a bit past my prime at 53, and was sitting behind a beautiful young girl in the first class section of the plane(me courtesy of frequent flyer mileage, her courtesy of rich parents).

We never spoke on the plane, but after we landed I noticed her looking a bit lost and confused trying to find a way from the airport to her hotel. I offered to share a cab with her to my hotel, and then see to it that she got a cab to hers. When I got to my hotel, Nana Inn, she went upstairs to use the bathroom before I put her in a cab to, where else but Kao san rd. I wrote my room number down on a Nana Inn card and told her that she could give me a call if she needed any assistance.

She was a runway model from Minnesota, and a definite stunner. She was 22, and was planning a 6 month trip through Asia. Bangkok was her first stop, and it was her first trip here.

About 4 days later, she called. She said she was a bit bored already, and wasn't having as great a time as she expected. She said she found the folks on Kao San Rd. a bit pretentious.

I told her that if she promised not to get her panties in a bunch I would let her go out with me one night and show her what makes Bangkok nightlife tick.

She had never heard of Sukumvit Rd., and was under the impression that the girls in the nightlife areas were all there against their will, indentured into sordid and desperate lives by unscrupoulous pimps and that it was all a dirty ugly scene promoted by perverts for perverts.

We wound up spending 2 nights because she had so much fun on the first. We hit the pong, Soi cowboy, Nana plaza, and a few discos. She saw more pussy than she had ever seen in her life. She even got hit by a stray dart. She saw it all with a look of awe on her face. A number of girls I know would run up to me when we entered and give me a big hug, often while topless.

I told her a punter like me wouldn't stand a snowballs chance in hell with a girl like her back in the states, but that here it was my world. I said that if she got dead drunk I wouldn't even consider taking advantage of her because there was an endless sea of gorgeous girls here that were mine for the asking. Bangkok for me is role-reversal at its best.

This could be the only place in the world where a guy like me can look a beautiful young farang girl in the eyes and honestly say "I'm just not interested." I'd fuck her , of course, but only if she didn't give me too much shit. To her credit, she started compiling a list of guys she knows back home that really need to get their asses over here.

When she left, she told me that I was the coolest old-fuck she ever met. I took that as a compliment on behalf of all of us.

[ November 03, 2001: Message edited by: kohchaiBKK ]

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I was having dinner with my BG in the restaurant of the Century Park hotel (no guests allowed, was not sleeping there)

2 farang couples next table were talking loudly in French. Their blabla got very disturbing after some time. After turning my head several times to them with a bad look to make them understand they were disturbing other customers they noticed me, but just kept on talking. I noticed the jealous looks in the eyes of the men.

There blabla just went on. I got up, walked to their table, asked them in French if they enjoyed their meal and politely asked if they could reduce the noise they were making. That kept them quite until they left the restaurant. One of the "ladies" could not resist to shoot her thunder and lightning upon me and said "idiot" when passing by.

I had this biggggg smile on my face whilst the men devoured my BG with their looks.

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Last year in the weekend market, I was getting evil looks from a fat 40+American bitch, who made the comment to the BG "surely you aren't that desparate..." The BG says something to me in Thai (which I didn't get) and I just look at her and say"...honey, I am not paying you to talk, and I certainly didn't give you permission to speak..." Which drew the usual "mai Kow Jai" from the BG. I said "don't worry, just stand there and look pretty" The farang bitch says quite loudly "you disgust me!" and storms off. The man she was with just smiled at me and followed her. I think I really ruined her day! and hopefully her whole trip!

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Last Time in Bangkok in the elevator with my BG and 2 farang couples from Holland....

Ladies were saying in Dutch that it was such a shame for those lovely young Thai ladies to go with those old farts....Meanwhile the 2 guys are ogling my date and have to support their jaw from falling down.

I replied ( in Dutch ) that when going to the pub, did they bring their own beer ? No !

So why did they bring their ladies with them if they were looking at mine ??

Never got and answer... smile.gif" border="0smile.gif" border="0smile.gif" border="0

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My MOTHER finally had her say in this whole "Thailand-thing" (as she calls it)...

She said to me "I didn't understand why you wasted so much time with girls that just were never your type. You and XXX (name of past farang GF) were always at odds over every damn thing! mad.gif" border="0 My god! Plus, I think she would be a rather poor motherly-type. frown.gif" border="0 Go find a sweet asian lady, quickly please!"

Yeah mom! way to go! laugh.gif" border="0laugh.gif" border="0

--UPSer laugh.gif" border="0laugh.gif" border="0

PS: This is not to say that mom is always right, but in my travels over great time and distance I've found that she isn't wrong too often! Plus it helps to have her "seal of approval" I can shop this feature around to a perspective TGF.. "...You'll have MY mothers blessings!.." Good selling point! LOL

[ November 03, 2001: Message edited by: UPSer ]

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to Farangbaa:

It aint too tough to be a "cool old-fuck" in LOS. After a year of chasing women in the U.S. and dealing with the baggage, attitudes, and bullshit of women my own age, the begging, groveling, wining, dining, and forced promises give way to the pleasures of living out the fantasy. Being surrounded by beautiful women that can be had by eye-contact who can't speak english well enough to tell you what a complete asshole all men are wipes out all desperation. ie "cool"

Living here, I can't help but remember the famous philosophical question that haunts my friends back home. "If a man speaks in the forest and there is no woman there to hear him, is he still wrong?"

Did I screw her? nope. Did I try? nope. It's my nature to try, and I honestly thought I had a chance, but I just wasn't up to the effort. I think the only reason I did have a chance with her was because we both knew it just wasn't all that important to me. Maybe thats why she thought I was cool.

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I totally side with KOHCHAIBKK on this one. Even if some farang women are fair game because of their prejudiced attitude, I do not share the constant white-woman bashing on this list, especially as concerns the ones travelling to LOS. A lot of them are of course on vacation like most of us, and are ready to enjoy themselves if given the occasion, and i found more than a few of them do not harbor the 100% PC attitude that some allot to them. On the contrary...

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