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The free speech argument works best for public funded libraries. The public tax dollars. Same for school lessons, school libraries. Facebook and Twitter are not paid for with tax dollars. The stockholders in Facebook have the say. Just like how liberals can't tell Rupert Murdoch to be fair and balanced. 

I'm not a fan of Youtube's, Facebook's filtering but at the end of the day I can start my own platform. Because its so widely used, FB, Youtube and Twitter are seen as public utilities. They aren't. 

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Tucker Carlson is possibly the most dangerous man in America. He's smarter, savvier than Trump. He's a white nationalist. He says just enough populism to fool people. He will say the Capital building is wrong because by not doing so, he can be attacked. He loved it. 75 million Americans loved seeing the Capital building stormed. 

Tucker is a hypocrite. He was calling for police and government crackdown on the BLM protests, not just in the streets but in the media. But its different when its 'his side'. It is the right  wing groups and individuals that has done almost all the threatening of politicians with bodily harm, ,made plots, went to state houses with guns, etc. 

Trump's own Justice Department and FBI have found organized Antifa and BLM plots to do anyone any harm. There is also plenty of evidence of undercover cops and right wing groups infiltrating protests and damaging property in order to derail protests. 

Is the left morally and ethically pristine. No, no movement of any scale ever is. But its not even deemed a threat to the public's safety by the opposition party's own law enforcement agency. 

This is not even a debate anymore. The majority of Americans, The ones that outvoted the right, has deemed it so by the facts. Bitch and complain about it but there will be a (well needed) crackdown. I have posted links that showed the government has said police departments nationally and the military has been infiltrated by white supremacists. 3 administrations (Bush, Obama and Trump) ignored it and did nothing. Now its coming home to roost. 

The fact is this for you non Americans on here. The right knows it has lost the ideological fight. They voted in record turnout and lost all 3 branches. They know the young people, the Gen Y and Gen Z are even farther left than anyone else. The future of America is going from center left to far left. The right wants to destroy that America and either rebuild it in its image or fight for a free state by dividing up the country. They discuss this in secret chatrooms, private conversations. Plenty of dog whistling people out there. They have convinced themselves the most American and patriotic thing they can do is destroy the present America, ignore its constitution and laws. 

The establishment right, even McConnell doesn't want this. Why? There goes their power. In the 2016 primaries there were other Republicans with a better business record (Herman Can, Carly Fiorina). There candidates who were far more ideologically conservative. There were other candidates, all of them actually, far more moral and ethical. Why did Trump emerge the winner? The ONLY difference between Trump and the rest was he was far, far more bigoted. He was the only one who was publicly bigoted. That was what won him the election because the right wing, not all, but too many are bigoted and xenophobic. 

America promotes itself as a land of diversity, because it is.  America's very wealth was built on the backs of slave and cheap labor from all across the world. Now, some of them want to remake it with only a segment. Its too late. You can't put the toothpaste back in the tube. America invited the worlds poor or stole them to build itself and now wants to renege on that promise. 

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1 hour ago, My Penis is hungry said:

Problem is other platforms do exist and deleted by Apple and Google

That's stifling the competition


I'd stifle any platform that provided the kind of extremism that has brought us to this discussion.

Commercial competition does not trump reasoned and civil behaviour.

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Tucker Carlson former (because he was fired by Fox NOT by Tucker). said blatantly racist things using an anonymous name online. There was no wiggle room. There was no coded speech that could have been misinterpreted. He dropped more N bombs than an NWA record. Among other things. Tucker responded on his show, not bay saying he was outraged but by how the guy's life is now ruined. 
He and Tucker are (not were) very good friends. Tucker knew this guys personal views and had no issue with him co-writing the copy that was said on air. 


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