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The former president issued a bizarre, 400-word statement yesterday, which included some extraordinary claims. Trump wrote:

He only tapped Milley to serve as the chairman of the Joint Chiefs because his former Defense secretary, James Mattis, didn't like him. In other words, according to Trump, he made a mistake hiring Mattis, and then made another mistake by hiring Milley based on the opinions of his original mistake.

He expected Milley to "protect" him during the Lafayette Square fiasco.

He was offended by Milley's willingness to change the names of military bases that were named for those who fought against Americans.

"If I was going to do a coup, one of the last people I would want to do it with is General Mark Milley."

It's this last point that practically reads like a confession.

What's more, despite the public accounts about the Joint Chiefs chairman comparing Trump's rhetoric to Hitler's -- a point that's come to the fore more than once recently — the former president's pushback chose to ignore this entirely.

If Trump hoped his statement would make him look better and Milley look worse, he got this exactly backwards.





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3 hours ago, Coss said:

From the article

”The phone will come pre-loaded with apps apparently designed to appeal to supporters of former Celebrity Apprentice host Trump, with the official website showing the conservative Newsmax and One America News Network prominently on the phone.”

At last they get his title right. 

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"The county has, for whatever reason, also refused to produce the network routers. We want the routers, Sonny, Wendy, we got to get those routers, please. The routers. Come on, Kelly, we can get those routers. Those routers. You know what? We're so beyond the routers, there's so many fraudulent votes without the routers. But if you got those routers, what that will show, and they don't want to give up the routers. They don't want to give them. They are fighting like hell. Why are these commissioners fighting not to give the routers?"

Donald Trump. July 2021

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I saw some of the, Jan 6 inquiry, police officer witness testimony, yesterday, very disturbing. 



Cav! I bet you're too ashamed to answer this: 

Trump-backed candidate loses Texas House race in test of his power over GOP.

Why did the former carnival barker Trump's strategy, in the special election in Texas' 6th district fail, after the candidate he endorsed, lost?


...The victory by Texas state legislator Jake Ellzey makes Trump's endorsement look something like a new smartphone in a world of rapidly evolving technology, analysts said.

"Yeah, it’ll still do stuff for you, and you’d rather have it than nothing, but it’s becoming more obsolete by the day," said Republican strategist  Liz Mair. "And its firepower looks increasingly weak when contrasted with newer models."...

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I would be surprised if the America as we know it today is still the same America by the end of the decade. Definitely won't be by the end of the decade after that. 

Economically America will implode. There are systemic and endemic financial issues that will not be addressed because both parties will not agree on necessary things. Case in point, the present infrastructure bill. The Republicans know its desperately needed but won't support a Democratic run government for fear Dems will get the credit and secondly (and to some extent legitimately) Dems will add in things that they couldn't get passed with a straight vote such as things related to climate change. 

When the Republicans are in power and try and pass an infrastructure bill they throw in things that counter Dem ideologies, tax cuts for the wealthy, big oil, big pharma, type of goodies. 

Another main reason is that about 45% of the country no longer are willing to support the constitution, rule of law, fairness. America is a center left country. Gen Z and Gen Y are farther left, and so the future of America is leftist. Republicans know in a fair election they will not win. So, they want to pick up the ball and kick it out the yard. They see cheating as the only way to win elections. 

Furthermore, by 2040 and definitely by 2050, America will not look like them. So, they want either a coup, a separate nation or something where they can rule themselves or rule the masses if they can. They are desperate and reactionary and more fascist as a result. Texas and other states are now trying to rewrite history books that label the KKK as bad. Literally. And depicting slaves as 'foreign or imported workers'. This would also include how the Civil War is depicted. 

When the Republican party can't even bring itself to criticize the January 6th insurrection, its basically an admission they no longer have any iota of morality left. That they are more than willing to go on with a sham of being a Republic and since they practice the art of politics much better than the Dems, they are also more than willing to get in the mud and shit if thats what it takes to win. 

They often support hypocritical point of views and issues because when you are trying to lead with no regard to ethics or morals you are forced to contradict yourself. BLM marchers should have been shot, but the January 6 invaders were tourists. No supreme court justices in the final year of a presidency when a Dem is in charge but we will do our duty and confirm a justice close to the election when its our guy and we'll do so unashamedly, open and make no apologies for the hypocrisy. 

America is done. How will it likely look after? Still a power, still relevant but visibly no longer the global power it once was I'd somewhat like the UK in 1945 and 1965. By that time India, Palestine, and the colonies in Africa and the Caribbean lost to independence. And what is left of the commonwealth act far, far more independent of the UK. 

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Wot you said...

from the glass half full end though, now it seems that 'merica has had it's flirtation with lunacy.

I would not be surprised if the good 'ol USA, rears it's progressive head once again, with the caveat, that it will take a decade or more, to undo the current damage. It seems that sane people are driving the bus now and the passengers are increasingly supportive of the drivers, (see the next, but one, paragraph).

And whilst I have a growing, lack of interest in the actual politics, I do still have a desire, to get my daily dose of Schadenfreude vis a vis the Drumpfs.

I note this following news, to comment on why it's suddenly OK to push this infrastructure bill forward, even McConnell !

The White House and a bipartisan group of senators agreed on Wednesday on a far-reaching $1 trillion infrastructure bill.  Democrats set an evening vote to advance it, paving the way for action on a crucial piece of President Biden’s agenda. According to a fact sheet released Wednesday afternoon by the White House, the resulting bill would provide about $550 billion in new federal money for roads, bridges, rail, transit, water and other physical infrastructure programs. (New York Times / CNN / NPR)

Trump tried and failed to sabotage the Biden infrastructure deal. Those close to the former president say he remains miffed that Senate Republicans didn’t move a bill when he was in office. Though he has increasingly sought to undermine negotiations, Trump’s efforts to derail any infrastructure package have, so far, mostly been met with a shrug on Capitol Hill. (Politico)

Coss Comment - the Dems must have some very, very, heavy evidence, that they are withholding for the moment, that will completely excoriate Trump, as I am expecting, and thereto undo the political futures, of any GOP that still do Trumps bidding. The fact that 17 Republicans did a hard U turn, in a matter of hours, including McConnell, says to me that the Dems said, "hey have look at this" whilst opening a video on a cellphone.


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