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12 hours ago, Mekong said:

How do you “.Accidentally Shoot oneself in the face”?

All I can think of is staring down the barrel of loaded gun and asking “Der! Why isn’t dis werking?” Boom

Not the sharpest tool in the shed.

yes, my point, and other's points too...  we having sharp points you see...

And why Donnie wasn't allowed to carry a 45 revolver on his hip, whilst President. (Unsubstantiated rumour)

however, on the theme of armed facists  ::




and what Snopes says about the image



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Alex Jones files for bankruptcy, owes almost $2.4b to Sandy Hook victims' families


Infowars host Alex Jones filed for personal bankruptcy protection in Texas, US on Friday (local time) as he faces nearly US$1.5 billion (NZ$2.4b) in court judgments over conspiracy theories he spread about the Sandy Hook school massacre.

Jones filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in bankruptcy court in Houston. His filing lists US$1 billion to US$10 billion in liabilities owed to 50 to 99 creditors and US$1 million to US$10 million in assets.

The bankruptcy filing comes as Jones faces court orders to pay nearly US$1.5 billion in damages to relatives of victims of the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting for calling the massacre a hoax.

An attorney representing Jones in the bankruptcy case did not immediately return a message seeking comment.

A Connecticut jury in October awarded the families US$965 million in compensatory damages, and a judge later tacked on another $473 million in punitive damages. Earlier in the year, a Texas jury awarded the parents of a child killed in the shooting US$49 million in damages.

In Connecticut, Jones also filed a notice Friday saying his bankruptcy filing halts all proceedings in that case.

A judge was scheduled to hear arguments Friday morning in the Connecticut case on a motion by the Sandy Hook families to attach the assets of Jones and his company to secure money for the damages awards.

The families’ motion to secure Jones’ assets also asks the Connecticut judge to bar Jones from transferring or disposing any of his assets without permission of the court.

Jones has laughed at the awards on his Infowars show, saying he has less than US$2 million to his name and won’t be able to pay such high amounts.

The comments contradicted the testimony of a forensic economist at the Texas trial, who said Jones and his company Free Speech Systems have a combined net worth as high as US$270 million. Free Speech Systems is also seeking bankruptcy protection.

In the Texas and Connecticut cases, some relatives of the 20 children and six adults killed in the 2012 school shooting testified that they were threatened and harassed for years by people who believed the lies told on Jones’ show.

One parent testified that conspiracy theorists urinated on his 7-year-old son's grave and threatened to dig up the coffin.

Erica Lafferty, the daughter of slain Sandy Hook principal Dawn Hochsprung, testified that people mailed rape threats to her house.

In documents filed in Free Speech Systems’ bankruptcy case in Texas, a budget for the company for October 29 to November 25 estimated product sales would total US$2.5 million, while operating expenses would be about $US740,000. Jones’ salary was listed at US$20,000 every two weeks.


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For all the "experts" here...you have been lied to, big media has consistently withheld and distorted information. Listen to this Judicial Watch video and get educated or don't and remain ignorant...

Judicial Watch President @TomFitton discusses the unprecedented raid on former President Trump's home at Mar-A-Lago, a cover-up over Hunter Biden's firearm reportedly being disposed-of in a dumpster, an important update on big tech censorship, and so much more!


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Judicial Watch is back here as is the leatherjacket-Jesus. Alex Jones sort of somewhat reduced in his possibilities but of Cavanami´s heroes I miss an overweight doctor talking drivel and a lady spitting nonstop on anything.

PS: I read somewhere that Trump calls for termination of the US constitution which would be a truely innovative idea. Would Cav please comment accordingly. I recommend to establish a new US capital by the name Trump-a-Lago, what do you think? All in gold including road surface.

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