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  • 2 weeks later...

Secret Service won't ask for anything out of the ordinary

The United States Secret Service "will not seek any special accommodations outside of what would be required to ensure the former Presidents continued safety" on Tuesday, (court appearance) according to spokesperson Anthony Guglielmi.

There will be agents with the former president the whole time, and there will be a motorcade to the courthouse.

Law enforcement will also work to shorten Trump's movements and travel time to ensure his safety._


Who is going to protect the public, from Trump and his rabid supporters?

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It's not just the Trumpanzees that are pulling apart the Fabric of America.

It seems that now it's fair play, to follow people around (who presumably you don't like for their sexual or political views or race), and try and provoke them, to doing something in public, and then film them, to use as your  "See I told you so" bull shit media presence.



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Hang on Coss I can understand why someone would give Britney Griner a bit of stick.

The Bring Our Families Home Campaign, an advocacy group that works to bring home Americans who are held hostage or detained in foreign countries, issued a statement condemning the incident. 

“Accosting a recently returned hostage like this is unacceptable, and we urge social media companies to prohibit the monetization of any resulting content. Our Campaign stands with Brittney, her teammates, and the Phoenix Mercury," the organization said.

But she wasn’t a hostage but a prisoner in breach of another countries laws. Griner was sentenced to 9½ years in a Russian prison after pleading guilty to bringing vape cartridges with cannabis oil into the country. Griner was released in December and returned to the United States in a prisoner exchange for arms dealer Viktor Bout, who is known as the “merchant of death.”

For reference In 2011 Bout was convicted by a jury at a federal court in Manhattan, of conspiracy to kill American citizens and officials, delivery of anti-aircraft missiles, and providing aid to a terrorist organization; he was sentenced to the minimum 25 years' imprisonment.

So obviously people are highly pissed of that an international terrorist and arms dealer was involved in prisoner exchange for someone who broke the laws in another sovereign nation.

The argument “Cannabis Vapes are legal i the US” do t hold, It I went to America with a Kinder surprise or a Haggis I would be arrested, a mate of mine was arrested and fined once for having a half eaten ham sandwich in his hand luggage when he disembarked in the States.

Wy was Prince Andrew pursued for alleged sexual activities with an “underage” Virginia Roberts? The age on consent is 16 in the UK. We were told UK laws aren’t applicable in the USA just like USA laws are not applicable in Russia.

So you see the disparity between an International arms dealer and a convicted drug smuggler. Sorry the USA Government caved in to that one to get some 

  • Black.    (Ticks the Box)
  • Female  (Ticks the Box)
  • Lesbian (Ticks the Box)

released. Talk about liberal virtue signaling 

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All a valid argument.

My post however, was aimed at trolls, running around with cameras trying to provoke a "Situation" so as to go "Viral" and then make the troll, famous for being a feckless you tuber.

Lots of people now refer to them selves as being a Youtuber.

a tangent:

I saw a head line the other day, "Reality Coach sees prices peak..."

I thought that this  "Reality Coach" was some sort of new "Influencer" title.

Turns out that the article the headline referenced, was about Real Estate Agents and prices.  So much for Ai generated headlines.

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