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Apparently that's his "Winston Churchill" look.

When he was newly elected and they were doing  a photoshoot, so they'd have enough various photos of the new President, he tried this one out and told them why.

Courtesy of an ex-staffer.

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You know when you're at a zoo and you're watching a turtle, or a tortoise and it freezes, and you wonder, if it's alive?


...US Senate Minority leader Mitch McConnell has appeared to freeze again while answering questions from reporters.

The 81-year-old was speaking to reporters in Kentucky today when he bizarrely stopped speaking and didn’t respond for 30 seconds when asked whether he would seek re-election...



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One of the major down-sides to, listening to and then believing, a grifter, is that more often than not, one is being lied to.


...the judge calledNavarro's argument "weak sauce," given the former Trump official's lack of sufficient evidence put forth to support his claim that Trump invoked privilege. Navarro would have needed to make a specific showing, that Trump actually invoked the privilege, but Navarro failed to do so...


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