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Agree 100%

According to your political persuasion we normally dislike the leader of the opposition purely by tradition.

I would consider myself centre/left with a touch of green thrown in with a firm belief independents have a place in representing the social conscience of the country.

But when neither appear fit to represent us that's a concern. The fact we also have dictators masquerading as leaders with your Putins and Netanyahus of the world is worrying.

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On 6/29/2024 at 8:17 PM, bust said:

Something Trump referred to throughout the debate however he seems to miss the point he and Biden are the embarrassment to the rest of the world. As a non-amerikan it's difficult to comprehend how people could support Trump.

Trump or Biden for that matter…there are people I’d rather see, but they aren’t running…I liked Bernie Sanders, but Hillary and her ego driven shenanigans got in the way…and she ran a poor/arrogant campaign… When Trump got elected, there was a billboard with George Bush 2 that read “…miss me yet..?” In short, as bad as he was, Trump was actually a bigger embarrassment…

     People back trump because he is a master manipulator. He tells these rubes what they want to hear. Dave Chappelle did a bit about how the poor white trash felt Trump was going to Washington to represent them…Chappelle, who is black and rich, said “…no, he is going to Washington to represent me…”  Biden is a corrupt toss bag and Harris is awful herself. Her career got a boost because she was banging the married mayor of San Francisco, even he thinks she is a hypocrite and a liar…mark my words, *IF* Biden runs and wins, he will not finish the term and Harris will appoint Gavin Newsome, her old boss, as her VP…all a game…


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Trump runs a fear based campaign with lies and people buy into it.

Just out of curiosity, did Dr Phil blow Trump before or after the interview?

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Ahhh... and now the endless argument begins:

...the majority opinion by Chief Justice John Roberts, the court said former presidents are entitled to "absolute immunity" from criminal prosecution for actions within their "conclusive and preclusive" constitutional authority. Former presidents, Roberts wrote, are entitled to at least presumptive immunity from prosecution for all their official acts. There is no immunity for unofficial acts, the court said.

The court sent the case back to the trial court to determine whether some of Trump’s alleged conduct is official or unofficial, which will likely at least add further delay to the case, making it even more unlikely to go to trial before the November election.

More specifically, Roberts wrote:

Certain allegations — such as those involving Trump’s discussions with the Acting Attorney General — are readily categorized in light of the nature of the President’s official relationship to the office held by that individual. Other allegations — such as those involving Trump’s interactions with the Vice President, state officials, and certain private parties, and his comments to the general public — present more difficult questions. Although we identify several considerations pertinent to classifying those allegations and determining whether they are subject to immunity, that analysis ultimately is best left to the lower courts to perform in the first instance...



Worth noting is that official acts can be defined (e.g.invading a country) but does ordering an assassination, on one's opponents also fit?

And this decision leaves it up to the lower courts to sort out a lot of the questions around the SCOTUS opinion.

For a read from someone I reckon has his head screwed on properly, see Neal Katyal - 




So not cut and dried, plenty of wiggle room for Fox and friends and also a plenty of avenues to tar and feather Trump.

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7 hours ago, Mekong said:

If Presidential immunity stands why doesn’t Biden just execute Trump then and put us all out of our misery 

What a great idea :applause:

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