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A Way Of Winning: Fiery Jack's December Sojourn In Bangkok

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I am curious about that too. I live in Japan, so perhaps I feel some sense of being 'at home' in there, for better or for worse. I dunno. Where would you recommend?   Also, I'm almost always roister

A gallon of ale in the airport pub and onto the plane and up, up, and away: I'm on my way from misery to happiness today.   Touchdown. Taxi. Check In. Beer.   Across the noisy road, to the Plaza

Well done Jack!

Kii Beua = You would get bored of her easily, that was her concern and she was probably correct,


sir mekong - thank you. yeah and she was 100% correct. :)


i like to think i learned more than the average schmuck while here a year butless than anyone actually dedicated. unless they're incredibly stupid - but what are you gonna do? :)


so i tell my friends DO NOT think you're smarter than the thais --- it's an easy trap but not accurate - they have their own style. OTOH - in some ways their style is total bullshit - so go ahead and fucking stick with what you know.


i also tell my friends being here is LITERALLY like being in a gay bar for straight people. now i don't know if you've been in a gay bar - but i've been in plenty (used to work at Disney - the studio - go figure - and like every dude in my dept was gay except me - and they were all pretty cool - but these dudes were like mongers - and i thought somewhere hmmmmmm - there's actually more similarity between gay men and straight men in thailand than straight married men and dudes who fuck around (Me - guilty as charged - i'm fucking having sex like 2 or 3 times a day while here - and enjoying it.... a lot).


anyhooo... forgot what the fucking point is. so be it.


i think the point is - i need some fucking sleep.


fuck the rest na. :)

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indeed. did i mention how much i really love3 posting drunk. so MUCH MORE satisfaction than sober. ok - before i was drunk... now it's more like 40% drunk - kinda boring i know. i even thought about going back and correcting myself - fixing all those embarrassing errors - but....


i saw the elegance of your declaration sir. for emphasis.


i need a t-shirt with that shit on it no doubt.

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Correct dialects and regional do come into it one does tend to pick up phrases and sayings from ones partner, FFS years ago I thought I knew Thai but was speaking Laos / Issan but it was acceptable in the bar scene since everyone else spoke the same.




Hats off to you mate, you did what many people would wish to do and immersed oneself into a language course where as most of us pick it up on the fly, as long as I can order a beer, order a meal and get a taxi home I think I know enough 24 years and still learning.

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unfortunately i have a propensity towards exaggeration and aggrandizing when under the influence. Along with being cringeworthy.


Have made my own rules of behavior while here in thailand (and in general). These aren't applicable to my persona on this forum. On occasion all rules overwritten.


rule 1: don't be an idiot

2: be low key, softspoken

3: stick to the golden rule, treat others like you want to be treated

4: go slow, don't rush, chill

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Yeah, your report resonates… I don’t post around here much anymore but do occasionally lurk. You know, could be because the Gulliver meet-ups ceased a loooong time ago and the stories from back-in-the-day were more carnal and lively. Can we ever forget board members having their new digital cameras lifted (duh), the extremities of a NEP dance contests, the endless 32 days and counting threads, Mentors’ bizarre world of anything and everything, blow-up dolls named Yukie, the sadness of MaoMark? My Bangkok visits, although fun and frequent, have become drawn out, methodical - some would even use the word mundane. Cannot even remember when I spent more than an hour in the Nana Plaza and with good reason: it sucks in there. A midnight stroll down Soi 11 and its hangouts is more lively, interesting and rewarding. As for Cowboy – I drop into the no-name bar because, well, because it is in my DNA and I like the tunes. In fact… the last time I meandered through Cowboy was with my friend AND HIS JAPANESE WIFE. She didn’t even bat an eyelash, I think the watered-down Shinjuku is more in your face. :surprised:


But what has changed? Bangkok has. And we – many of us – have kinda moved on. Look at the common denominator of the majority in this thread – members since the get-go of the Nana Plaza Board circa 2001, 2002. That’s practically a decade and a half ago. Just under a third of my entire life or about half of my adulthood (I’m not quite 50 yet). A lot of shit has happened since the turn of the century but I think the flow of information to PCs, smart phones and tablets has made red light districts somewhat irrelevant and its female participants explicit damaged goods. It is soooo easy to hook up via technology nowadays. Plus the girls of the generation or two or three after mine, man, these chicks put out. I used to think it was just a Japanese thing having lived in Tokyo for so long and all. But it is everywhere. I don’t know when this happened but the girlies of today are downright freaky. :chili:


Back to Thailand. The outside world has discovered Bangkok and vice versa. I live in Hong Kong now, a complete fucking stinky shithole filled with bottom of the barrel Chinese who I place in the food chain somewhere between maggot and insect. That rant aside, there are no less than 15 flights a day to Bangkok from here with all types on the 777s, A330s and A380s. Plus, to be blunt, Bangkok is a world-class kick-ass city. That whole exotic, sex tourism beer garden thing is overshadowed and compromised by tall buildings, fancy condos, shiny infrastructure, corporate chains, blah blah blah. There used to be this stigma thingie when I mentioned I was off to the Big Mango or, even worse, I have an apartment there. Now the regular folk reach out to me for Bangkok eating, drinking and destination tips.


To the topic on hand, if there even is one at this point, I have been meeting non-working girls on my trips. That's my sexercise check the box. These girls are hot, fluent in English and pretty darn interesting. They don’t give a fuck that I am married and are pretty transparent about their economic situations which are not dictated by barfines and ladydrinks. Plus they are better looking and sporting hot bods – even the older babes. Yeah, I’ll go for the occasional massage or quickie suckie but I am more into chilling out with a buddy, hooking up with one or two in the Thai stable or just enjoying the plusses of the city which there are many. Is this maturity creeping in? Probably so on many levels but, then again, these days I do find the <ahem> old UAL875 when I am out and about in Tokyo. Immature drunkenness and random sexploits. Boom, for real.


Just an observation. Or maybe me being pedantic. Or just a ramble of sorts. I’ll go back to my cocoon. ;)

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