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German Quality Tourist Gives Everything But Creates Boredom


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8 hours ago, Mekong said:


The American guy may be with her now, but he cannot take away what you had with Pam in the past, the memories will always be there.


Words of eternal wisdom, hitting the truth to it´s full extend in this particular case. Madame with 44 does not show great attraction on the local wedding market I suppose so I repeatedly suggested to take the chance in case some decent falang came round the corner. The number of my trips to Siam is somewhat limited anyway looking at maybe to another 3 years . I had in fact prepared a nice farewell-package for the day to come but now man Amelica takes over, I hope all goes well, really.

File closed, but who knows what the fark happens next. No promprem, hab lady too mut.

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finally cancelled my next week´s trip to Siam this minute. Basic reason is I have no plans to spend 10 days somewhere incarcerated due to a Covid infection following the 5-days test. With the lovely Pam I could have somewhat controlled personal contact-risk but how do you make sure nothing goes wrong with a mixture a ladyboys from Sukh , a bunch of hookers from the darkness of  Lumpini Park plus numerous ladies from the low end oil massage. Got to find a new longtime companion as it looks. Requirements are about 40 years, slim body a must, should speak some English. Plus the willingness to pass a HIV test at the red Cross Hospital once Bubi comes round the corner, jointly of course. Promise of true and eternal love an advantage, general circumstances with Bubi are usually most favorable I may confirm. Property under contruction up country benevolently considered, one gets used to it I may say. Marriage not possible due to bigamy legislation. Tattoes and piercings strictly not acceptable.

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