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The Anything Goes Youtubery Thread

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Blonde woman tries to fill up a Tesla Model S with gas

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Mildly funny but rather true to life. Mrs has a relative with an air pilot bf who she claims gets 200k a month off him and has bought her a Merc, house in Bkk and a Sathorn condo as well as land up country, Seen the car and condo, currently on sale for 6.5 mil- he does not even live here! On Fri SIL came round with her friend wanting advice on her visa for Belgium- can't remember the guys age or even his name, but arrives in an 800k new Mitsu car he just bought her He's known her a few weeks, never met her and Thaifriendly meet up.

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The reason it is funny is because it is very close to life for many. I have seen it time and time again, in fact 20 years ago I came close  to being skint (last 500, 000 in bank) and having to leave but I got my act together quite sharpish  …. Haha, so bad I did an 18 contract in Saudi, what we have to go through.

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