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Prices 2018


A poll for the option, I am most interested in.  

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  1. 1. Bkk GoGo LT

    • 1500bht or less
    • 2000bht
    • 2500bht
    • 3000bht
    • 3500bht
    • 4000bht
    • 4500bht
    • 5000bht
    • 5500bht
    • 6000bht and above

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I present a few examples of current prices on a German board.


Furthermore, I want to show that it is not only prices that are mentioned there, but also how prices, that are actually paid, are estimated, evaluated, commented.

All guys agree that the price situation is confusing and complex. Almost all of them have conflicting experiences. I have had the same experience in the last 4 years.


Only one example; one guy writes; I translate:

“Extreme price differences depend more on where you meet a lady and whether she is short of money.

So it is quite possible to take a stunner out of the IBAR for 1500-2000 Lt who before wanted 5000 in the gogo bar.â€


I repeat now, what I wrote before; in extended and improved form:

There are a number of factors that influence the price demanded by the girl; e.g.:

* the age of the man

* his looks, his charm and behaviour

* his communication skills

* his clothes, his personal individual habitus

* Does a little sympathy, affection develop between the potential partners?

* It is the "chemistry" that must be right between the bar guest and the bargirl.

* Does she need money urgently?

* Her current mood, her contemporary mental condition

And many other circumstances and coincidences. Sure, the list is certainly not complete


Here are a few examples of German boards.

Have fun and happy reading.

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Some samples; all examples are current; they date from April, May, June 2018.


I translate:

„April 2018, Pattaya, LT 1000, Barfine 400. In a bar in Naklua. Was great and good.â€


Another one writes analogously:

“Who wants to pay 4 times as much? In one of the expensive gogos on WS?

People! This is Thailand… Barfine + LT. 1400 Great price!! Bravo!!!

And we should all have these prices in mind. Because this is REALISTIC.â€


another voice:

“In normal bars I talked to girls who wanted between 2000-3000 THB lt.

And the barfine was between 300-600 THB depending on the bar.


In the GoGo Bars the girls first wanted between 4000-6000 THB lt.

And the BF is around 800-1000 THB.â€


My comment: “first†means that the guy got the girl normally for 1000 – 2000 less!

Not 4000 but 3000. Not 6000 but 4000.


next example:

“He paid his current companion 14000 for 10 days. He got her from a disco on Walking Street.â€


next German guy: all comments my translation


“I like girls up to 25 years of age without dyed hair and without tattoos, the typical "girl next door". The one in the black shirt (23) cost 2.000 Baht + 400 BF, the other (21) 2.500 Baht (maybe it would have been cheaper, but I didn't want to trade because I wanted her and only her) + 500 BF, both LT. Both of them were in the bar for about three weeks and hadn't been professionalized yet. The one in black I got for 1500 Baht from the Beachroad for a threesome. She works in one of those bars in the bigger complex to the left of Central. The other one in a bar around Central, I don't know what the street's called.

Another cute 23 year old girl I had in the street two to the left of the Central (seen from the Beachroad), of which I unfortunately have no picture. I was her second customer and she wanted 2,000 Baht lt, which she got.

At the Beachroad the pretty young girls also call for 2.000 Baht, over 30 --> 1.500 Baht.â€



Another guy tells the following story; my translation:


“I have another objection regarding age and prices.

In March I had a pretty girl (her age 35 years) from a gogo. She came with me for 2000 plus BF lt. We got on well together and started talking. When I asked her why she chose me "old crock, geezer" (unfortunately I am over 50; she came to me and offered herself, so to speak). She said she preferred older men. However, they should not be "mutants, monsters" and they should behave normally. As for the price, she told me that she was asking more of the younger ones. When I asked her why she told me that she had to work all night with the young savages and that's pretty exhausting. The older faction does one shag in the night and maybe also a quickie in the morning. It's an easy job for her and she gets to sleep... and she's also never had any troubles being payed by her older customers. Well, well, well.â€


Another on reflects the situation as follows:


“Well, in my opinion the prices for the girls can't be generalised. If someone here writes that he triggered a pretty girl from Windmill for 2000 plus BF, why not?

That's the sense, the purpose of this thread … to exchange ideas and, if necessary, to adjust its price ideas for the next trip.â€



Nasiadai - Bakwahn


Hamburg Bangkok Duesseldorf

live from the university library of Düsseldorf – 10. June 2018 – 9.20 pm local time


one more thing.

it's pretty hard to translate colloquial texts. Such texts are, as on the English boards, quickly written down, often grammatically and syntactically incorrect,

with many slang expressions and colloquial phrases.

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Thanks Nasiadai - invaluable information.


I judge only from your posts, you seem like you are recovering from your stroke.


My doctor says of me, after a year, is when you can see , how much of the damage is permanent.

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I judge only from your posts, you seem like you are recovering from your stroke.

On a sidenote a friend here in HH -63yo- felt unwell last month, had his wife drive him to the hospital.

The doctor on side recognised the signs immediately, headscan and surgery within the hour.....he had a stroke.

4 days hospital, 1 week rest at home, no flying or driving for 6 months.

No side effects whatsoever, he got VERY lucky !



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Where ist Stickman?

He asked the question that triggered my answers, and now he remains silent like a tomb.


Thanks Nasiadai - invaluable information.

I judge only from your posts, you seem like you are recovering from your stroke.

My doctor says of me, after a year, is when you can see , how much of the damage is permanent.



I am in the winter of my live. How long am I gonna live?


I will replenish my travel budget in December with an appropriate amount and will blow up the money in the 3 months January, February, March.

The last shirt has no pockets, you can't take anything to the afterlife. Because there are other things important than a few wretched dough.

So I take my fucking money and blow it with the girls from Pattaya, no matter how expensive the ladies are.




By the way, have a look at my avatar. That is my "younger brother". Me in my heyday.

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aaahh Woodstock, the cafe, bar, restaurant; on the first floor, back right.

aaaaah I remember the “old†Nana Plaza … beginning, middle of the 1990s.


When I was young, strong, healthy, powerful, with a trained washboard stomach – sixpack -, full of testosterone and READY to RUMBLE!


I remember all those great gogos like Hollywood Rock (now London calling), Vodoo, Playschool, Pretty Lady, Sexy Nights, Farlang Connections, Hogs Breath, Spiders Web,

DC-10 and so on … Hundreds of girls, a paradise for guys like me.

The girls were cheap and willing, inexpensive and ready, a wagonload lot with girlfriend sex and take-care-feeling; 1000 Baht long time, barfine 300 Baht, beer 50 or 60 baht.


In my healthy times and younger days, in my heyday I had many beautiful girls; ladies of all ages. Young ones between 19 and 29, and older ladies „thirty something“.

We celebrated a fuckfest till the next midday the room-service relentlessly and unmistakeably knocked at the hotel door, shouting:


“Stop fucking now. I must clean room!â€


I was in a paradise consisting of girlfriend-boyfriend-experience, mutual take care feeling, a sea of tenderly emotions and fucking good sex.

Yes, that have been my Nana Plaza girls.

I wrote this, I said this, I thought this ... well, I think 1000 times … Nana Plaza, my center of the universe.

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Where ist Stickman?

He asked the question that triggered my answers, and now he remains silent like a tomb.


Stickman ist hier.


I said what I had to say and have not changed my mind. I still think it's more an issue of service level and not knowing what you're going to get than price. No disrespect intended when I say this but that's what I believe and am very unlikely to change my mind hence there's no real reason for me to post any more about it.

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If you're 25 reasonable looking, speak Thai and are a generally fun person the girls will fall over themselves and it's not unknown for them to offer freebies if they think there might be more in it, and as a minimum they will discount heavily. Experiences to the contrary are less a fact of time than they are of the effects of time. Prices, for everything, have risen and maybe in the working girl sector more than most areas but a 25 y.o today is not necessarily paying that much more than a 25 y.o. was 10 years ago. In some ways the current 25 y.o. is better off, he has a much bigger pond to fish in. I'd say that goes for guys up until 30 something, then the prices start rising and possibly exponentially past 40's.

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