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Prices 2018


A poll for the option, I am most interested in.  

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  1. 1. Bkk GoGo LT

    • 1500bht or less
    • 2000bht
    • 2500bht
    • 3000bht
    • 3500bht
    • 4000bht
    • 4500bht
    • 5000bht
    • 5500bht
    • 6000bht and above

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As a sidenote, BB sorry to hear you got a stroke, luckily you are still alive and kicking.



IMO it depends on (in whatever order):

How you look: Not 140kg, ugly like a street dog = more chances.

How you are dressed: Always had better service when dressed with a rajawongse shirt + pants and decent shoes.

How well you behave: Rude, gropping right from the start and so on.

If you smell good: Shower (several times a day for me) + decent perfurme always worked wonder for me.

If you look a tad bit wealthy: If one is looking like a backpacker this might lower your chances.

If you speak passable Thai: My Thai is not even passable but it helped break the glass a few times.

If you are sober: Always helps except if you prefer to see the girls in a different way thanks to alcohol.

If the girl is sober: Some can turn into dragons when drunk + lack a bit of energy may I say so.

If the girl is not high on drugs: Never tried one.

The time of the day: If she is hungry?

The day of the month: End of the month usually gave me better results (time to pay the landlord + send money for the buffalo)

If there are any celebrations coming: Gifts for the family are expensive.

If this is low or high season: Enough said.

If she got bored having only Japanse customers: Happened to me everytime I went to Japanse places (replace Japanse with Koreans if you wish).

Then you have plenty more reasons, is the moon full? Is she having her periods? Did she just break up? Did her sponsors just dropped her? And so on....

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Stickman, we're closer than you think.


1. The first problem we have is prices.


Once again; you write:

“If a lady charged you 5,000 baht for long-time and you had a couple of outstanding sexual experiences, she was sweet and tender with you, stayed all night and she did not hurry to leave in the morning,

is that not worth 5,000 baht? Personally, I think that's more than fair value.â€


My answer was:

“It may be that 5000 Baht is a reasonable price for a wonderful longtime with girlfriend sex and take-care-feeling in view of the increased incomes and the growing prosperity in this country.

I have no plausible answer to this; an answer that I could justify with many good facts and arguments.

My very personal reply, and I hope it is also a Solomonic response, the “fair value†for a lt. With girlfriend sex and take-care-feeling nowadays is 4000 Baht.â€


Stickman, we are very close in our view of what a fair price is, aren't we?



Le us have a short look back.

But first a few remarks for a better understanding:


* the prices I'm quoting are for LT and for girls from Nana Plaza, not Pattaya.

* my price considerations refer to the years from the beginning of the 1990s to 2009. 2009 was my last vacation in Siam before my stroke, which I suffered in 2012. I couldn't come in 2010 and 2011 for professional reasons.

* In all these years I always payed the normal going rate, which about 70 to 80 % of all other sanukers, mongers paid too.


Now I start:

From the beginning to mid 90s the standard price was 1000 Bath for lt.

From the mid-1990s to the turn of the millennium it was 1500 baths.

For stunners and superstars the price rose in the last years of the 90s to 2000 Bath, sometimes 2500 Bath.

These prices were still maintained in the first years of the new millennium.

Prices gradually increased in 2004, 2005 and 2006. Normal and older girls wanted 2000 and stunners 3000.

Prices nowadays (2015 – 2018) 3000 to 5000. Some superstars and stunners – slim and stacked - want up to 10.000 Baht.

That is the new reality of Nana Plaza.


I came back in December 2014 and the following years. But now under completely different conditions. The strong, healthy, powerful man with a well trained body has become a handful of misery.

The stroke had made me an old man with a paralyzed right side. Besides, I was limping on a cane, a walking aid.

I had one girl from Nana and one from Soi Cowboy (Crazy House), I think for 3000. I cannot remember.


In March 2017 I asked, I discussed a few times with younger men at the NEP. What do you usually pay for a long time?

Their answer: 3000 for older ladies (35 plus), 4000, 5000, 6000 for younger ones.

All men - they were in their late 30s to early 50s - complained about the high prices. Everyone knew it was much cheaper a few years ago.


This is, what I have to say about prices and Nana Plaza.

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2. Our second problem is the service, the attitude of the girls


Stickman writes:

“I really think the issue is less the amount of money the ladies charge these days, but more the crap service and the false promises and being let down by a really poor experience that is the issue.â€


Stickman, this question is misleading because you don't explain what you're referring to; relate to what?


I think you mean the decline of the P4P scene as a whole. There are fewer and fewer men, mongers coming to Nana and Soi Cowboy. Above all, there are fewer and fewer younger men. The offspring is missing.

You think, your opinion is, you are now claiming, that the reason for the decline of men, of mongers is mainly due to the fact that the service, the attitude of many girls has become very bad, has worsened considerably.


Yes, I think so too. But in my opinion, and considering my wide-ranging experience, the deterioration in the girls' attitude and service is not quite as dramatic.

The decline in the number of men, mongers cannot be explained solely by the deterioration in the girls' service.

My proposal for a compromise is:

Both factors combined - high prices and poorer service - are the cause of the decline in men, mongers.


I repeat what I wrote above:

“But thank God: You can find girls providing the good old girlfriend experience and the take-care-feeling, ladies with a good heart, but they get rarer, less often.

Even I, me being a man of advancing years now, an ageing boy, and handicapped by a stroke with devastating consequences, even I have had great women with wonderful attitudes

in Bangkok and especially in Pattaya in the past years. I switched to older women (36 - 42). But I also had 2, 3 younger girls (20 - 28).â€


The older ladies wanted 2000 Baht and the younger ones 3000 Baht.



post-140-0-43860600-1528833022_thumb.jpg post-140-0-47669100-1528833444_thumb.jpg

Some months before my stroke -----------------------------------------------------------> here after; a heap of misery

strong, trained, powerful, healthy -----------------------------------------------------------------you can see my paralyzed right arm


Now the decisive, important addition:

I did not barfine young stunners, superstars and younger girls who are slim and stacked. Read my reports of the last years.

I had my fun with these girls, laughing, talking, drinking, enjoying the time together. But I didn’t barfine them.


As the man that I am now,

a. I should have made a fool of myself

b. I can only fuck lying on my back

c. I can only enjoy her wonderful sexy body with my left hand.


In my heyday:

I fucked such girls 6 to 7 times in a longtime.

I enjoyed her body, her feelings, her emotions. We kissed and hugged. Total sex.


I can't do all that anymore. The damage caused by the stroke is simply too great.

if I had such a superstar - slim and stacked - in my bed, then I couldn't enjoy this super girl as much as a few years ago.

That would be horrible tantalus tormenting, torments of Tantalus.


ok. Enough for one go.

I stop here.

Nasiadai - Bakwahn

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If you look a tad bit wealthy: If one is looking like a backpacker this might lower your chances.



How does one look wealthy, Walk around with your bank statement(s) stuck to ones forehead?


Most people never become wealthy because they waste too much money on buying symbols of success that depreciate. They are more focused on looking rich instead of becoming rich.


The rich stay rich because they spend like they are poor. The poor stay poor because they spend like they are rich. Living below your means and investing your extra income is how you build wealth. No matter how much money you make, you must spend less than you earn.


Don’t fall into the trap of pretending to be rich. A rich person can pretend to be poor forever, but a poor person cannot pretend to be rich for long.

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"The decline in the number of men, mongers cannot be explained solely by the deterioration in the girls' service."


Very true, but the internet in large measure maybe can, or at least in part.


I have a friend, he's mid 70's, looks a bit younger but nonetheless he has some mobility issues, couple of other irritable medical conditions but still gets about okay. He visits Thailand typically 2 weeks every couple of months together with a few days in HCM and Manila. He never goes to bars or takes girls from any of the working areas. In large measure his action comes from regular women who just want to hook up and fuck for the most part. Yes they often are looking for some old guy to pay their way but he usually doesn't go beyond the research and FFF (First few fucks) stage This is done through online research, everything from facebook to fuckbook from tarts-web to tinder.He must be active on every "friendly" site in the region. This guy has typically 3-5 girls per visit, some get to repeat, others not. He has the money, always 5 star hotels, yet he pays essentially nothing for these women if we discount the dinners and the odd in-expensive gift here and there. I know from other guys he connects with that he is not alone. I've met some of these women and he will often send a picture or two. Some I wouldn't get near with yours but others could easily wipe the floor with anything in a top line go-go. Several fantastic wife material, those have been mostly Filipino and Vietnamese rather than Thai though. SO he does spend some time upfront identifying the women he wants to meet and some time chatting to them online, then he arranges "interviews" and very often it's off to the races in short order.


I'm not sure this explains the current prices or the people in the bars but when a 70 y.o. guy, who by his own admission would say he's not exactly a whizz with gadgets or technology is making use of them to such advantage then think what the under 40's are doing!

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and you still have the same reading abilities as before 555555555


And you are still as nice as before as I can see.


Yes, indeed, I did misinterpret the post.


-> but FYI a 43yo developer of my team passed away a few weeks ago due to a stroke hence the reason why I felt glad you avoided a supposed stroke....

but I suppose some humans can laugh at someone who genuinely worries about one's health.

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