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Prices 2018


A poll for the option, I am most interested in.  

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  1. 1. Bkk GoGo LT

    • 1500bht or less
    • 2000bht
    • 2500bht
    • 3000bht
    • 3500bht
    • 4000bht
    • 4500bht
    • 5000bht
    • 5500bht
    • 6000bht and above

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I cant abide tattoos, maybe a small rose on an ankle, but these current plethoric artworks, make me avoid 'em.


I suppose the next fashion will be no tattoos, great!



Oh I'm sorry....









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Do you really think the issue is the money or the poor levels of service? I think it is the latter.

If a lady charged you 5,000 baht for long-time and you had a couple of outstanding sexual experiences, she was sweet and tender with you, stayed all night and she did not hurry to leave in the morning, is that not worth 5,000 baht? Personally, I think that's more than fair value.

I really think the issue is less the amount of money the ladies charge these days, but more the crap service and the false promises and being let down by a really poor experience that is the issue.


Hello, Stickman, hi, Paul,

how can I answer such questions?

I'll try in two steps.


1. To your first question about the tension between high price and poor service.


You realize that nowadays a lot of girls demand a very high price but offer bad service. Not all ladies, but unfortunately many. "... but more the crap service and the false promises".


In fact, in recent years, the service of girls and their attitude towards the customers, the men, has changed in the sense of worsening.

We all know what it was like before. Of 10 girls, 8 were top class in service and attitude, one was "so lala", mediocre, and 1 turned out to be starfish. Right?

I think we can all agree with that. Something like that, approximately.

But not only the attitude of the girls has worsened, but also the prices have risen extremely. From 1000 Baht longtime in the early 90s to over 5000, 6000, 7000 Baht longtime today.


Thailand from the late 80s and early 90s (I was there for the first time in 1992, I think) no longer exists any more. Over the past 30, 25 years, the country has become a modern society;

almost comparable to the western industrialized countries.

There has been a positive economic development in the last decades, more jobs, more well paid jobs, the industrialization of the old rural Siam, the modernization, the transition

to a modern industrial and service economy, the westernization - in the context of globalization - all these modify, change or even destroy the old traditional structures. The old traditional norms, values, principles of thinking, feeling and acting, that have been taught and handed down by Buddhism for centuries, get replaced by Western, market-based values and behavior.

Ancient Siam, as a Third World country based on agriculture and fisheries, has transformed into a modern westernised, secularised, market-based society. Thailand is slowly but surely becoming a prosperous society. In this changing society, people's consciousness also mutates; it adapts, albeit very slowly, Western norms of thinking and acting.


Being determines consciousness, according to Karl Marx.

The girls we meet today in the bars at Nana and SC are no longer the same as those who once populated the bars 25, 30 years ago. Their consciousness has changed. The formerly friendly girls, who fulfilled every wish of the Farlang for pocket money, have become precisely calculated businesswomen. The attitude of girls has deteriorated in the recent past. Many of them - thank God, not all - are money-oriented, more businesswoman, commercialized. They act distant and cool.

I could write a whole long essay on the subject, but I'll stop here. The crux of the matter is clear.


But thank God: You can find girls providing the good old girlfriend experience and the take-care-feeling, ladies with a good heart, but they get rarer, less often.

Even I, me being a man of advancing years now, an ageing boy, and handicapped by a stroke with devastating consequences, even I have had great women

with wonderful attitudes in Bangkok and especially in Pattaya in the past years. I switched to older women (36 - 42). But I also had 2, 3 younger girls (20 - 28).

The older ladies wanted 2000 Baht and the younger ones 3000 Baht.

Read my reports of the last years on various boards, also German boards.



Nasiadai alias Bakwahn

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2. The second question, whether 5000 Baht are a reasonable price for a fulfilling longtime with intense fucking and many climaxes and cummings?


It may be that 5000 Baht is a reasonable price for a wonderful longtime with girlfriend sex and take-care-feeling in view of the increased incomes and the growing prosperity in this country. I have no plausible answer to this; an answer that I could justify with many good facts and arguments.

My very personal reply, and I hope it is also a Solomonic response, the “fair value†for a lt. With girlfriend sex and take-care-feeling nowadays is 4000 Baht.


But I can give, can make a few thoughts, a few considerations: A longtime price of 5000 Baht.


The price has thus increased fivefold within approx. 25 years. Whether the income levels of the lower classes of Thai society (e.g. the rural population of Isaan) have also increased fivefold in the past 25 years, I dare to doubt. My personal assessment: the incomes of this very large population group of the lower classes and lower middle classes of Thailand has roughly tripled in this period.


5000 Baht is a heavy price for average earning western sanuk tourists.

On top of that comes the barfine as well as a few drinks and at least one ladydrink.

Today barfine in Nana bars are 800, right? 1600 in gogos of Pattaya.


Stickman, guys, that means that the total price (girls, barfine, drinks) for a lt. is over 6000 at Nana and over 7000 in Pattaya.


Western currencies have depreciated sharply against the Baht in recent years. For example at the beginning of the Euro you got 50 - 52 Baht; today 36 - 37, which is about 30% less.

In the course of globalisation, Western workers have hardly had any significant wage and salary increases in the last 12 - 15 years.


Finally, it can be stated cool, sober and factual:

The Sanuk in Bangkok (and also partly already in Pattaya) has become too expensive for many Western men.

Prices exploded, went through the roof; for beer, beverages, barfines, girls. Nana Plaza has changed into a place for “2-weeks-millionairesâ€.


Sorry for my limited English.

Nasiadai alias Bakwahn

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Nasiadai, thank you for your considered thoughts.


Even though I'd like to fly off to LOS and partake of the Cowboy/Pattaya scene, the reports from people I know and trust, have put me off planning to do so.


Primarily because of the girl's attitudes, and rip offs, but also prices.


But a big consideration for me is, I've been married to MLG for 4 years now and have sexy times for free. I am also too bereft of shekels now to consider a night out in LOS.

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Tilac ladies still generally ask 3k for LT. Had a couple Vietnamese-American mates in town a couple weeks ago and they have no interest in LT whatsoever. Every night it's the same - Baccara and Shark Gogo Bars on cowboy. Went to chill with them one evening at Baccara and had a gorgeous cutie eyeballing me, bought her a drink and she got down to buiness with a quickness. "You want to go with me?" I didn't - but was curious - how much for ST, LT? "I don't do Long Time" she replied. "OK, how much for Short Time," she had a sly smile and said "usually the man gives me 5 thousand baht." Holy shit, I raised my eyebrows and she came back with "but 4 thousand ok." haha. I went back to chatting with my friends and saw her exit with a gentlemen shortly after.


Not too long passed and she was back at the bar dancing. And then she left again with an older dude. Then shortly later she was back again. And I thought - wow. WTF. I actually despise the place but the business there - my god.


Anyway - Everything certainly is more mercenary and Nana Plaza seems to be having an obesity epidemic. And yet... Bangkok still has that allure.


So be it.


Ps. Love the Sak Yant tattoos on the back. But full bore chest or stomach tattoos... why dear Buddha why???? Ugh.

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