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what an economical nonsense that Brexit is. Now they put together a so called treaty that leaves eveything open just to keep things going somehow. 2 weeks ago they showed 4 patrol boats in the papers that would drive illegal fishing boats away, now the deal is that within 5 years continental boats have to reduce the volume by 25 % , after that period new negotiations to start. We buy autoparts from the UK , all made in China. Because they do not meet the 45 % UK-content we would have to pay import duty. Filling out forms, send somebody to the customs office, wait for clearance?  No way. Get back control, oh yes.

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Actually BS (British Standards) are more strict than European Standards and most of EU Standards (IEC, IEEE etc) are an adaption of BS.   The UK did quite OK before we joined “Johnny Foreigner†w

I, Donald Trump, look forward to not meeting anyone in Britain, England   I’d like to start by thanking myself bigly for finding the time to talk to you at this press conference. As many of you wi

Just a small point guys, but it's not England who are leaving the EU (they can't as they are not a member of the EU) it's the UK that is leaving!

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As per today 11:17 AM we have ceased trading with the UK. Which shall neither ruin the kingdom nor myself but there are many. A man from Surrey ordered parts for his car, value  56 €. For this we would have to print a VAT form and somehow prove that we have exported the goods. The man in Surrey then would have to fill another form and pay his VAT. Congratulation for having back control.

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"somehow prove that we have exported the goods"

Bubi, it is unfortunate that you are not millennial.

If you were, a proof of export would be a jesus phone photo,  of the empty spot on the shelf,  where the parts once sat, this being posted on a 'youtwitface' page, or similar.

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