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Brit Awards announced Monday they are scrapping separate male and female artist categories



Undoubtedly a win for the gender inclusive, but a shot in the foot for the music industry.

Half the amount of awards,

half the exposure,

now the success is purely on merit (sales)

no more huge marketing campaigns., based on how hard it was to succeed in a male dominated.... blah...

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The Brits used to be the BPI’s (British Phonograph Industry) awards and were only introduced in 1977 and become the Brits in 1989. 
They were a pathetic attempt to have a UK version of the Grammy’s (Phonographic v Gramophone) and failed miserably. Also I was of the opinion that the Grammy’s do not have separated male and female categories.

I pay more atta toon to the Mercury Prize nominations and winners, one category “Best Album by Brit Artist” it is the most prestigious, and the one which all artist want to be nominated for let alone winning.

 Basically the Brits are for Children and the Mercury is for Grown Up’s, the fact Tharp most of todays Children don’t show any maturity until mid 30’s is not my problem.




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