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When Queen Victoria sent her Soldiers to New Zealand and "Conquered/Colonised/Came to a Treaty Agreement" all those year ago, she must have done it for some sort of wealth aggregation. I wonder what the financial benefit, to her pile of money was. Even though NZ has since become somewhat independent, I would not be surprised if NZ is still sending some sort of payment or wink wink "royalty" to her descendants.

And then I came across the following story:

Bona Vacantia. In which people, who die intestate, in some parts of Britain have their assets, given to the Royals. By sleight of hand and describing such, as something else, Charles makes a lot of "private income".

Excerpt - "...Almost half of bona vacantia revenues – £29.5m over the last decade – have been spent by the duchy on what it calls “costs of palatinate administration and historical obligations”. The administrative costs are understood to be a reference to the operation of the bona vacantia system, including solicitors’ fees.

The reference to “historical obligations” is more opaque. It includes the Savoy chapel but appears in large part to be spent on “upkeep of castles and historic monuments”... "

Well worth the read: https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2023/nov/24/kings-estate-facing-questions-over-14m-in-bona-vacantia-not-donated-to-charity

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