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26 minutes ago, Dumsoda said:

Would love to have an old time (r's) reunion in Bangers some time. Still remember the last one at Det 5.... Don't think I've seen you or Mekong since.

Getting old by the day...my first 69 in December.....can't wait


Cheers DS / DC

DET 5 was about 6 years ago, I have been working in Vietnam for 5 years now

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Whilst I am pretty sure I was not involved in the continuing festivities, I do remember being in the same establishment and wondering how the bar would remain upright, after Dumsoda and Kong were finished holding it up....

Those were the days, I could drink almost continuously, now I'm lucky to have a few beers or a bottle o' wine once a month, my liver is just not interested anymore.

Wistful memories, and then there's this http://www.mangozeen.com/2013/01/13/bangkok/sleaze-ala-bangkok-past-and-present.htm

So for us irregular visitors, can someone provide an update on the Thermae?

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