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The Covid-19 thread


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Okay, I'm trying to understand this. Supporters of Trump say Fauci is corrupt. Trump chose Fauci and Trump kept Fauci , Trump trusts Fauci and Trump knows all these allegations about Fauci, who is corrupt. But still support Trump who supports Fauci but don't support Fauci because he's corrupt? 

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The jury is still out on much of this. Who can really say what President Trump knows or doesn't know. 

One thing, me thinks we need President Trump more then ever to get the economy going and the USA moving again. 

Mistakes are being made and will be made but we must soldier ahead. 

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10 minutes ago, baa99 said:

Please point out any errors in the Snopes article on Judy Mikovits. Judy Mikovits is hardly credible.

She was never arrested. 

She was illegally held for five days. 

She has never been convicted much less served time in prison. 

Listen to the podcast and learn. 

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This is new territory. No one knows what to do. There is history of getting an economy out of a recession or even a depression. Both parties have their own view of how to do it but there is a playbook. 

Fact is, Trump doesn't know jack schitt about getting us out of a pandemic induced economic downturn. Neither would Obama or any other president. So, to assume he knows how is logically not true, especially given his own personal record of running companies. Especially losing money and going bankrupt in real estate when his peers were making money hand over fist. And yes, I'm not accepting his economic record as president as being some mastermind. There is a unbroken decline in unemployment from Obama. He or Hillary or any of us elected would have enjoyed that same downward trend. 

And Obama was breaking records in the stock market as well. Trump's record was interrupted, with sporadic 'flash crashes' one or two days sharp declines that didn't happen under Obama. Obama had one bad year and that was the year Greece imploded and no one blames him for that. The global markets all took a hit because Greece, being part of the EU, had a snowball effect to the global economy. I could name a few other things that suggest the economy was just as fragile, if not moreso under Trump as it was with Obama. The recovery was not strong under Obama. But it did recover from the biggest economic, GOP induced downturn since the Great Depression. 

Trump didn't change anything endemic or systemic to reverse that. He used the same exact stats and numbers he called false (rightfully so) that Obama had. 

We are all playing it as we go along. Both in dealing with a pandemic and economically trying to get back to some semblance of normalcy. What can be controlled and reconciled is how both parties work together. That won't happen. Trump has simply been too caustic. Removing all sense of cordiality and such. The whole argument on the right of the Dems have been against him from the start is laughable. Of course they are! Just like EVERY opposition party prior. I never blamed the Republicans when they wanted Obama to fail and I never blamed the Dems for doing so with Bush. That's politics. What opposition party wants the current administrations ideology to succeed and prove them wrong? Am I missing something? What is morally and ethically wrong is what they do. Just opposing an ideological way of running the government isn't wrong. It's logical. Using unfair and unethical means is wrong. Mitch McConnell wouldn't work with Obama on mutually agreed items. Pelosi, believe it or not, is hated by the far left because of how many times she has 'caved in' to Trump (using their words). She and Schumer have worked with Trump far, far more than McConnell and than Boehner did, that can be factually proven. 

Understandable in some sense being the smaller party in terms of numbers, you tend to fight dirtier. 

Anyway, around the globe everyone is figuring this all out as we go along. Leaders want to sound reassuring to their country but in reality they don't know what the fuck to do. I say that as reality not as a criticism. Nobody does and if any one says they know how to get out of a pandemic they are lying or a fool or both. I have ideas but its a guess. Anyone can have ideas and such but its all supposition. 

Anyway, I apologize to all for making this thread a version of the USA thread. 

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53 minutes ago, khunsanuk said:


"Snopes is hardly credible."

As opposed to some random Youtube video :D

Just because Snopes discredits all the conspiracy crap does not make it untrustworthy. Rather the opposite I would say.


Snopes has been proven wrong many, many times. 

Listen to the podcast and then weigh in. 

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8 minutes ago, bust said:

Has anyone been watching the Lyrid meteor shower?

No, but my heart is broken because I had definitely planned to visit the 2020 Isaan Rocket Festival early May. This must be about the craziest phenomenon on earth. Apart from Trump managing the Corona problem.


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