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The Covid-19 thread


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12 hours ago, zzzz said:

There was something in the news recently about whether or not web sites should be held responsible for the truthfulness of their contents. Google determines what pops up during a search.  They aren’t suppose to mislead people.

If yo Google “Is Google Accurate” the result is “Google can be wrong, it’s important to understand why” Google is only 97.4% accurate.

Those search results were determined by Google, therefore Google itself is saying Google is inaccurate. 

Quod Erat Demonstrandum! 

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Patient safety researchers at John Hopkins University have found “10 percent of all U.S. deaths are now due to medical error,” making it the third leading cause of death in the United States.Jun 27, 2019
Center for Justice & Democracy › sp...
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Why are you using a Law Website (Centre for Justice and Democracy at New York Law School) to try to demonstrate Medical facts.

According to you Gospel” Google” 

Globally, it is estimated that 142,000 people died in 2013 from adverse effects of medical treatment; in 1990, the number was 94,000.[1] According to recent medical malpractice statistics, in the United States, at least 250,000 people have died annually of medical errors and negligence

So the US has 2.1 Times the global estimate of deaths, 1) The Maths do no work out and 2) Is this a reflection of how bad American healthcare is?

The 250,000 /10% figure is based on malpractice cases (hence the reason quote is from a law website) how many of these cases were actually proven to be due to medical negligence?

IMHO the figures are a reflection of USA Sue, Sue, Sue culture rather than actual medical facts.

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Here’s the link to this info at Johns Hopkins website https://www.hopkinsmedicine.org/news/media/releases/study_suggests_medical_errors_now_third_leading_cause_of_death_in_the_us

The 10% corresponds to the dead.  For the living,  the odds are 0.1% because only 1% of the population die yearly.  So, a better comparison should be 0.1% dead from medical errors vs. 3% dead from Covid.  My previous comparison above is not correct based on this logic.   A  person with Covid appears more likely to die from Covid than medical errors with this approach.

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9 minutes ago, Coss said:

As kong noted, does this mean that the USA health system really is f**ked?

I said it rather more solicitously than that haha!

Zzzz I wasn’t having a dig at you, questioning the source and reliability of your data. When someone makes a statement based on Data Analytics I always question it, Lies, Dam Lies and Statistics is my mantra. 

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4 hours ago, Coss said:

Thanks for that link, good info.  As kong noted, does this mean that the USA health system really is f**ked?

Money first.

If you compare the number of Covid deaths per 100 confirmed cases (observed case-fatality ratio, Johns Hopkins University https://coronavirus.jhu.edu/data/mortality),  US healthcare looks better than Canada, Great Britain, or Germany.  

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In the spirit of reasoned discussion, I would prefer to look at those numbers in the "per 100,000 population" view, as we can be fairy certain, of the population of each country and also fairly certain, of the number of deaths from Covid, as we are looking at these closely.

"Covid deaths per 100 confirmed cases " on the other hand, is difficult to have faith in, as there is large variance in the number of tests, being conducted. Trump was right when he said “Think of this, if we didn’t do testing, instead of testing over 40 million people, if we did half the testing we would have half the cases,”.

And,  even with the 'per 100,000 population' lens,  the variance amongst countries could be due to a population's genetic strength against this particular virus, or even, the amount (volume) of virus initially infected with. 

Italians being famous for smothering anyone they meet, even strangers,  with kisses and hands all over the faces, ergo, making a solid and virulent transmission, with each contact.

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