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The Covid-19 thread


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Yes same same NZ. All this social distancing and hand washing has knocked the Flu for a six. So as populations, we're not getting the Flu in anything like normal numbers.

Covid is a virus, as is the Flu, (there are several different Flu viruses) but Covid and the Flu are different enough, to be not  similar.

Like man-eating predators, include Lions, Wolves and Big Bear. They are all mammals, but they're not similar.

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Covid response Thai style...Samut Sakhon...

Example: Kasikorn bank has 10 branches in the Samut Sakhon area. Kasikorn has closed 9 of the branches. If each branch was servicing 30 customers a day, now the one branch
that is open services 300 customers a day...packed in to the bank, hordes waiting outside to get in...nothing like setting up the conditions to further spread the covid...TIT

(numbers not exact but all the banks have closed most of their branches causing the customer to get packed in to the open branches....true story!!!)

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Probably trying to save costs :(

Similar moronic tactics at the subway stations as well. Force people to queue up before entering the platform, so instead of people walking down when they arrive, they instead end up getting bunched up together for a while, then en masse walk to the next stop (think 80 people all trying to get onto 1 escalator).


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