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The Covid-19 thread


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Yes I think we're all numerate enough, to know that per 100 is just a way of comparing  two or more different, total numbers, i.e. ::

17 cases in a 1,000  total population

is exactly the same as 34 cases in a 2,000 total population and

also exactly the same as 1.7 per 100, 170 per 10,000, 1,700 per 100,000 and 10,700 per 1,000,000.

Gee, I'm surprised you thought I didn't understand that.

I'm not from 'merica.



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Now the news that the U.K has one in 50 infected with Covid, should give us all pause, 

That's big numbers.


'Rocketing case rates from the new virus strain mean one person in every 50 in England now has Covid-19, while in London one in 30 is infected, official survey results showed.'

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Stupid way to quote figures, apples and bananas. 

Should be 3 in 150 and 5 in 150 for easy of comparison, i.e. Same Denominator, with 150 being the smallest whole number divisible by 30 and 50.  Using this method the numerators, 3 and 5 are instantly comparable 

Maths made easy 101

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On 1/3/2021 at 9:53 PM, zzzz said:


Patient safety researchers at John Hopkins University have found “10 percent of all U.S. deaths are now due to medical error,” making it the third leading cause of death in the United States.Jun 27, 2019
Center for Justice & Democracy › sp...

You do realize that the paper I linked to referred to the Johns Hopkins paper. :tophat:



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Gentlemen, I take no position on "medical errors being the 3rd leading cause of death" as being accurate or not, even considering the foibles of reporting nomenclature. The following is by way of discussion:

An anecdote. I was having a wine or 3 with my mate and his colleague a few years back , both of them Intensive care specialists, at the top end of the pyramid.  Part of the discussion was of a patient, they both had seen, then in the last days/hours of his life. Their major concern was who was going to sign off, on the cessation of care, which is what happens when they can see death, in the very near future but can do nothing about it. It was a matter of, who would be the guy, who had the death "on his watch". Unlike Spitfire pilots these guys are not keen to post little "kill" symbols on the side of their vehicles. Their thoughts were, that too many deaths don't look as good on the record, as against very few deaths on the record, difficult situation when all you do, is preside over dying people.

Another point: "medical errors being the 3rd leading cause of death" is a misleading phrase by it's very construction.  

Think of this, if one dies of gunshot to the head, it can reasonably be assumed that without the gunshot to the head, the person would have lived.

Same same, massive heart attack, if no heart attack, prolly still alive.

But with medical errors, there is almost always something going on, that is killing the patient. But if an error is the cause of death, it is reported as 'the' cause.

i.e. massive heart attack, open heart surgery, nurse puts hydroxychloroquinine in the anaesthetic tube,  and he's dead, medical error is the cause, heart attack upset, that it got pipped at the post.


Mind you, the USA having such high numbers of Medical Errors, and Covid deaths, and reports of being overwhelmed and setting up field hospitals,  is indicative of a failing health system.



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