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Minnesota reports 89 COVID-19 cases in vaccinated individuals

Minnesota has identified 89 "breakthrough" cases of COVID-19 in which people contracted the infectious disease after being fully vaccinated.

None of these cases are among Minnesota's 6,798 COVID-19 deaths, including nine deaths reported Wednesday, and doctors said even those that were hospitalized had milder illness.

While he didn't have trend data yet, Dr. Andrew Olson said, "It's more than an anecdotal observation at this point" that the breakthrough cases treated at M Health Fairview hospitals in the Twin Cities area have had better outcomes....


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There seem to be myriads of misunderstandings regarding the term " Efficiency of a vaccine" . It is like follows:

We have a group of X people 

50 % get the vaccine, the other 50 % a placebo

Of the vaccinated 6 will catch the virus

Of the placebogroup 94

Which results in an efficiency of 94 %  ( Biontech)



Efficiency only considers the infected people and is not the percentage of the whole group. The more important aspect is that both protect you very safely from serious developments ending in the mortuary.

Esteemed members of the board wishing to do their own maths may use this formula:

Number of of infected in the vaccine-group divided by the number of infected in the not vaccinated

12    ./.   76   =   0,1578


minus 1  =  0,84


X 100 =  84 % efficiency





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With greatest pleasure I wish to inform the esteemed community about a vaccination that has taken place in the Federal Republic only yesterday. Material called Biontec has been injected into the body of member BuBi at 05:30 PM central European time. Second one scheduled for May the 20that the very same hour. Arm hurts but that is it. Velly goos. For once I enjoy to belong to the eldery people.

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