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The Covid-19 thread


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So, how do you calculate the people on the sides? Using that picture, there would be 6 as each would be standing in the middle of the 6'
For there to be 7 people in one line, 2 would need to be stuck to the wall and then width definitely comes into play.



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...and then we have this....what to do???

Miami private school Centner Academy won’t employ vaccinated teachers, staff

A private school with two campuses in Miami has warned its staff against taking vaccines that prevent COVID-19, saying it will not employ anyone who has been inoculated and spreading misinformation about the potential risks of vaccination.

Centner Academy, with campuses in the Design District and Edgewater, informed parents of its policy for teachers and staff by email on Monday. The announcement, first reported by the New York Times, left some parents, teachers and medical experts aghast because it was presented as fact without citing any scientific evidence...

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7 hours ago, cavanami said:

...and then we have this....what to do???


I have studied this case and come to the following conclusion:


Quote: " Ms. Centner, who has frequently shared anti-vaccine posts on Facebook, claimed in the letter that “reports have surfaced recently of non-vaccinated people being negatively impacted by interacting with people who have been vaccinated.”

“Even among our own population, we have at least three women with menstrual cycles impacted after having spent time with a vaccinated person,"


Point is that after thorough sexual intercourse a possible impact on menstruation  is the temporary ending of it due to pregnancy. I do further appreciate Ms. Centner´s elegant ways wo to avoid the term " fuck " by using " spend time "  or " interacting" . Apart from this I may suggest after Cav´s question what to do now, to put Ms Centner into a helicopter and throw her into the sea about 50 miles off Miami Beach.


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Ladies, Gentlefolk, if I may take time away, from the distressing daily news items and the black humour,  that we have all been enjoying. A serious note, has interjected itself into my thinking machine.

Preamble: we've all noted Covid-19's,  inception into and spread amongst, the peoples of the world.

Initial commentary and observations, were chiefly, about how dangerous or harmless, the virus was and would become.

I think all, who've had some brain time applied, to the question, of the effect that this virus will have on the population of Homo Sapiens (various), will have come to a conclusion similar, to the one laid out hence:


It is becoming increasingly obvious, though the idea of vaccinating the population to a sufficient level of numbers,  will result in a conceptual 'herd immunity' that may protect the population at large, from the ongoing effects of the continual existence of this virus, that our (Humans various) ability, to carry out a vaccination programme of sufficient efficacy, is deficient.

I'm not talking about just the anti-vaxxers, or other holders of fallacious beliefs, I'm talking about the ability of the human race (various),  to get an effective vaccination, to an effective number, of the entirety of the population.

I don't think that's gonna happen.

This allows the virus to remain in the population, at levels that will provide, for a very effective transmission, of future mutations (Dr Anthony Stephen Fauci, say 'variations' because USA public will panic at sound of the word 'mutation').

I am not a great thinker of population dynamics, others may be better at this, than me.

We've sought to eradicate measles etc. I'm thinking that the current view, that Covid will go away if we 'get the jab' in enough citizens of 1st world countries, is short term thinking and will ultimately prove to be to our detriment.

If we can't vaccinate the near entirety of our population, this virus and it's progeny will do us in.


vis: India and SEA, and shortly Africa and South America.  

When was the last time Thailand was opening field hospitals?




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I don’t understand why it is at Thung Khru, surely Port FC Stadium (on the Southern edge of Klong Toey, is a far better location. 
Bangkok is in panic mode now as the “Klong Toey Cluster” is taking hold, could be a more mini India due to dense population. The problem being Klong Toey residents travel from/to the community daily to work all over Bangkok. 

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The Thai people not being the inventors of public discipline I have always been more than surprised to note the low level of nationwide infections. Still a mystery why this outbreak seems to be spreading right now. On a sidenote: the more than lovely Madame Pam currently positioned at her suburban estate in Vientiane/Lao did already receive two shots, origin China, factory Sinovac. Other than that, the city is in lockdown.

Did not see her by the way since December the 16th, 2019. Heart broken.

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