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Burma Coup (I refuse to call it Myanmar)


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Yangon: Crowds demonstrating against the military takeover in Myanmar again defied a ban on protests on Wednesday, even after security forces ratcheted up the use of force against them and raided the headquarters of the political party of ousted leader Aung San Suu Kyi.



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Fucktards, why not look at the history of the name


Britain copied the Portuguese and called it Burma


1190 they used Mirmar which became Mnmar, then Mranmar (Still spelt that way in Myanmar, but pronounced Myanmar)


The arsehole Brits called it Burma after the Portuguese cunts called the region Barma (Indian word - more cultural arse ripping of the people of Myanmar)


Bama also refers to just one mob of elets, Myanmar was considered by the early independence movements who wanted to cut off the imperialist British shit head


So if think this is someway of protesting against the fucked up military, your dumb,


Learn your history


Support the Myanmar people,


Not continue the colonialist farts

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8 hours ago, My Penis is hungry said:

"Fucking colonialist  idiots. If people want to call their country what they want, that's their perogavtive"

Those people do not accept the legitimacy of the un-elected military regime to change the official name of the country.




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So coz the commies changed the name of Peking we can't use it either?


The military are fucking idiots, but they chose a name that was the original name not some colonialists cunts name.


The original Burmese  (oddly you can use that) independence group Aung Sang etc, chose Myanmar as a name too, but then, they must be fucktards yeah? 

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6 hours ago, Coss said:

Girl down the road from me, Burmese, married a local chap. She's glad to be out of there, thinks that the military changing the name to Myanmar, sucks.

Military have totally fucked Myanmar for the Burmese people. They are so much more dedicated people towards education, work ethics etc.


If not for the military they'd be way ahead of Thailand, who by the way want to be like Myanmar



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Agree  -


An old friend was the CEO of a very high tech factory in Bangkok, as I went to Vietnam for my first trip he said rather cryptically, "Tell me what you think of them when you get back"


Wasn't really sure what he meant


After a week I knew exactly what he meant,


I'd never seen more industrious people.


What I thought was garbage collectors picking up paper was people making paper-mache note books for tourists


Tiny metal shops would collect iron filling and go next door and smelt them down again

I cam back and met my friend and spoke about what I thought


His comment


"If not for the Vietnam War - Vietnam would  have been the leading economy from the 70's till now and beyond, and Thailand, well Thailand would have been without all the main infrastructure the war brought them and worse perhaps than Myanmar


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