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All Samsung TVs have remote disabling functionality built in, company reveals


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Kong, I wasn't trying to say that they are actively up to no good, with the abilities they have, I was pointing out that they have these abilities.

Whether to not they use them, is up to untrustworthy folk, like marketing people.

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And like Apple the users have probably agreed to such insidious actions by company in accepting the T&C’s nobody ever reads. Accept, Accept,Next,Next.        New shiny toy hurry up and work scenario.

I had never read the Apple ones for iCloud until today, I was bored with time on my hands as you are aware, and wasn’t too surprised to find that you allow Apple access to all files on iCloud and can delete them.

I am not defending Samsung and their ilk, just pointing out the T&C’s that we are all guilty of accepting, myself included. If I didn’t agree with iCloud or another cloud providers T&C’s, I would not be able to use the service, if I did not agree with Samsung my TV would not work / limited functionality.

They are non negotiable, basically “if you don’t like it fuck off”, big business are not going to worry if a few hundred users do not accept T&C’s, and a refund based on not agreeing with T&C”s is not given according to such T&C’s.

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The image recognition software may be on the device but only scanning images stored in iCloud Also the reporting is only active in the USA on US registered phones, the rest of the world are not considered perverted as much as the US according to Apple. This is in Accordance with T&C’s.


Messages uses on-device machine learning to analyze image attachments and determine if a photo is sexually explicit. is part of “The Communication Safety is Messages” This is something that has to be set by user, Via “”Family Sharing” which is set up by an Adult “The Organiser”to protects minors, Apple has no way of knowing if a message or image is meant for an adult or minor. It is not forced on the user, it is an option for the user to enable is they so wish.

The Siri and Search function is merely a message, “You are in violation of CSAM, Seek Help” nothing more.

Perverts and Paedophiles have a simple way to bypass new Enabled Protection for Children, do t update to IOS 15 when it is released and wait for the Jailbreak which will disable these new functions, or to use a Cloud Host on the Dark Web rather than iCloud which most are probably already doing anyway.

As I said, running the Software on the device is different to scanning photos on the device.  To non Family Sharing non pervert Apple users the upgrade will be transparent. Perverts don’t use iCloud.

What a good name for a band “Perverts don’t use iCloud” 


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Why do you say “almost all iPhone users have back up to iCloud for photos?” Have you surveyed all iPhone users to ascertain this as a fact, or is it just an assumption on your behalf. You didn’t ask me, the wife, or Bro in Law and only one of us uses iCloud so 33% in my survey, far from most.

There is an option you know to back up, or not to, Photos, Mail, Contacts,  Calendar, Reminders, Notes, Messages etc. So in fact Apple is Checking the Photos which a user chooses to back up via iCloud and not what is on the users phone.

As stated earlier, I don’t use iCloud but use Dropbox, mainly for business purposes but also put my personal stuff on there. So if effect Apple is NOT checking my phone,  contrary to your statement. If Apple could check photos not uploaded to iCloud I would agree that Apple is checking im my phone, but it doesn’t so it isn’t.

Also as stated any Perv or Pedo will already be aware of Apples iCloud policy even prior to this update and either use an alternative cloud service or are in prison. All this scanning will catch is breast feeding mothers and family pictures of naked kids around the paddling pool.

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