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Covid - your thoughts please


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Covid: President Macron warns he will 'hassle' France's unvaccinated

French President Emmanuel Macron has warned he intends to make life difficult for people in France who have not been vaccinated against Covid-19.

"I really want to hassle them, and we will continue to do this - to the end," he told France's Le Parisien newspaper.

But political opponents said the strong language he used in the interview was not worthy of a president.

His comments prompted MPs to suspend debate on a law barring the unvaccinated from much of public life.


I don’t often agree with Macron, but on this one I do. The first world leader to state / impose what many of us have been thinking, 

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We're doing it bit here with unvaxed having to be vetted before entering nightclubs and such, but as usual, all the young and millennials are ignoring it.

On Anti vaxxers comparing lockdowns etc, to Nazis and Hitler: "because that's what Nazis were known for isn't it, mild inconvenience" - Bill Bailey.



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Gents, Ladies, all...

the world has changed in my humble opinion.

I argue that:

As we get older we start to see a larger picture and gain the ability to cogently, link all the bits together.

My observations are that:

For the last 5 or 6 years, the Mango Mussolini problem, was just a, quick first adopter grifter, taking advantage of a gaping tear of an opportunity, in the fabric of society.

The continuing Pandemic (getting more, or less, serious in terms of effect on life) is doing what leaders of men cannot. It is separating the wheat from the chaff, and the pile of chaff threatens to overwhelm, the much smaller pile of wheat.

It may be that history has the playbook, for us to glean predictions from.

In the news today:

Kazakhstan protests: President's home ablaze as fuel price outrage escalates.  People have had enough. Look a little further and there are numerous parts of the world where people are very close to revolution, including China and recently and possibly still, the USA.

The unvaxed and the elite are getting shorter thrift: 

'Slap in the face': Canadian PM lashes out at party flight to Mexico.

Also -  Covid: President Macron warns he will 'hassle' France's unvaccinated ( from Kong's post above ).

And Novak Djokovic: Visa and exemption evidence concerns delay tennis ace's entry into Australia.

The formerly elite Trump clan, are facing reckonings in the US.

UK Royalty are "confined to quarters" (voluntarily) in the face of Andrew's tribulations and many of that tribe, will be ducking for cover. 

North Korea fired a suspected ballistic missile into the sea on Wednesday.

Russia - a renewed conflict in Ukraine is still possible.

Here's a good one - Taliban orders shop owners to remove heads of mannequins

Maybe I'm overly pessimistic.

Consider what happens when the electricity fails.


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6 hours ago, Coss said:

Gents, Ladies, all...

Consider what happens when the electricity fails.


We are closer than you think, all this “Net Zero” bollox, the lights will start going out,

Electricity will be a commodity affordable only to the rich, use mere mortals will be forced to live in a Mad Max style enforced dystopia.

Fortunately I will be passed by the time this happens but the fucking Millennials will deserve their inheritance of their own making, they are architects of their own destruction. Humanity will kill itself.


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