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So few remain - however remain emotionally attached to thai360.com.


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On 12/6/2021 at 4:17 AM, My Penis is hungry said:

Decades ago there used to be gatherings of a large group of mongers,


Meet up at a place near cowboy, usually one with great burgers or a midget at the  door run by Santos,


Then off to all the bars as a large group, numbers fluctuating depending where someone dropped of or rejoined the mob.


And the great joy was a post on Monday or Sunday about the bar crawl.


Who got drunk, was the most handsome man, an online debate would follow on line defending oneself from disappearing so soon, and your opinion of that great bar sucks.


For those living overseas it was a great way to remember what you might be missing


In Oz we'd have our own get together, sitting at a mates place, now passed on, getting Thai food and beer, if lucky even Thai beer, and talking about past bar crawls.


Ahhh the mamories!



I remember many of them! Where absolutely, nothing gay ever happened…just a bunch of guys all enjoying each other’s company and nothing of a homosexual nature ever occurring…EVER..!

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Remarkable to see so many names from the old days.  Never met up with the board members - at least not knowingly - but retain fond memories of the peak board days.  The sheer profundity!  And those were good days in LOS, though of course we bitched about whatever the complaint of the day was, end of the world nigh - in retrospect I'd love those days back, 98 to around 05, good times.  Been moving around alot but for the first time in well over a decade I'm back in (northeast) Asia. Hope to make regular LOS trips, though the magic is not what it was (nor am I what i was) these days - still work reconnecting my batteries to the Thai charge for sure.  

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20 hours ago, Mekong said:

98 when the GBP was 91.7 THB those were the days, don’t get half of that now.

Yeah, like 57+/1USD in 97-98?? And no price adjustments, hotels were $15 for a good room, $5 for ok room on “the tunnel of love,” beer about $.50 or less and girls were like $10…great times…a total free for all!!! I remember staying there for 2+ months and spending very little money…sadly those days and exchange rates fell away…now $36/1USD if lucky and everything is more money…I blame the internet and wreckless punters for driving up “basic costs” and corporate greed for the rest…

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